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Cassidy Frazee

Cassidy Frazee author picHi there!  I’m a long time reader, short time writer and blogger, and I’ve been reading/watching Science Fiction and Horror for what seems like forever.  My day job consists of writing code for computers; my other job involves writing stories for the masses.

I am the author of Kuntilanak and Her Demonic Majesty, which are found on Amazon.  I also have my own blog, Wide Awake But Dreaming, where I talk about, well, writing and various other things.

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Rachel Tsoumbakos

Rachel TsoumbakosRachel Tsoumbakos is a stay home mother of two.

Her main passions are writing, reading and organic gardening. Rachel lives with her husband, two kids, three cats and eight chickens in the hills surrounding Melbourne, Australia. When she is not tending to her organic veggie garden, she is working on her cardio as she trains for the zombie apocalypse.

While she has had several articles published through mainstream magazines, she has also written extensively for The Inquisitr and True Blood Net .

Emeline and the Mutants is her first published novel and available now on Amazon. The Ring of Lost Souls, set in an abandoned mental institute on the outskirts of Melbourne. Metanoia is her newly released zombie novel set in the Australian outback.

Her latest novel is titled Unremembered Things. It is an edgy paranormal tale and is Book #1 in the Wood Nymph Chronicles.

Zombie Apocalypse Now! is a zombie apocalypse serial written entirely from a female perspective – and these gals know how to kick some butt!

Her newest endeavor is a historical series that delves into the truth behind the Viking Sagas. The Truth Behind series will look at key historical Vikings and determine the truth from the myths and legends. The first book in the series, The Truth About Lagertha and Ragnar is currently being edited.

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