UPDATED! ‘American Horror Story: Apocalypse’ Gets Two New Trailers Ahead Of Its Season 8 Premiere

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UPDATE! FX has released a SECOND new trailer for AHS: Apocalypse! you can also view it below 😉

Now, you know I have a particular love/hate relationship with American Horror Story. Season 1, Murder House, was an absolute delight. Asylum was visually stunning as well as deeply disturbing. Coven turned out to be one of my favourite seasons. Freak Show was, well, freaky. Hotel, I am still yet to see. Roanoke was a red hot mess that incited rage-capping from me. Finally, Cult was so bad that I never even finished watching the season. And, unlike Hotel, I never plan to.

However, FX has just released a new trailer for Season 8 of AHS and I am suddenly intrigued by the latest season, subtitled Apocalypse.

While I wasn’t really keeping an ear out for the upcoming season of American Horror Story, I had heard, thanks to Cassidy, that Season 8 would be a merger of Murder House and Coven, my two favourite seasons. So, at some point, I was planning to watch AHS Apocalypse, to see just how badly they could screw them up.

Now, though, I think I might actually tune into Apocalypse. And, if this is the case, I will certainly be recapping it. Here’s hoping it will be recapping, though, and not rage-capping 😉

You can watch the new trailer for American Horror Story: Apocalypse below.

So, what do we know so far about American Horror Story: Apocalypse?

You can not only expect a merger between Murder House and Coven, but some actors from these previous seasons will actually be reprising both roles — and additional new roles — in Season 8! You can read more about which characters will be reprised in Season 8 in this Inquisitr article I wrote about AHS Apocalypse.

In addition, Joan Collins will be joining the cast! I have no idea whether she will appear beyond the one opening scene shown in the above trailer, and neither does anyone else except for those working on the show. So, it seems like you will all just have to tune into the premiere on September 12 to find out.

As for the synopsis, there is barely anything to tell other than it will begin “18 months in the future from today,” according to the show’s creator, Ryan Murphy.


I woke up this morning (which is still nighttime in the U.S., to find out FX has released the second trailer for Apocalypse. This one looks more at what will actually happen in Season 8 of American Horror Story. You can view the new trailer below. If you want a more in-depth description of what is going on, you can check out my latest Inquisitr article 😉


Make sure to let us know if you will be watching — or whether you will be relying on my recaps to find out more about the latest season of AHS!


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