“Fear the Waking Dead” Renewed for Season 5

[Image via AMC]

We’re not even back to watching the remainder of the Clark family suffer and probably go all Crazy Rick on us we learn that Fear the Walking Dead was renewed for a fifth season, as confirmed yesterday at the Television Critic’s Association Summer Press tour.

During San Diego Comic Con Scott Gimple hinted that there could be future crossovers between Fear and The Walking Dead. His comment, ““It’s a shared universe, so it’s possible. I would never tell you at this moment but I want to,” makes me wonder just what crazy-ass fever dreams Scott’s had of late.  Maybe Alicia will be haunted by Rick’s ghost?

And speaking the return of Fear, a trailer for the second half of Season 4 dropped at SDCC. Not only is Alicia getting warm and fuzzy with her sharpened machinegun barrel, but the gang survive Zombnado and meet new people, including one shotgun-totting dude in a wheelchair.


Fear the Walking Dead returns 12 August, with Season 5 premiering sometime in 2019.

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