“Fear the Walking Dead” New Season 3 Teaser

It seems like only yesterday that the dead were walking the earth, but that was on the east coast of the U.S., where women with beach ball sized lady nuts had to compete with emo dumpster divers.  Over on the west coast it’s a different story–

Fear the Walk Dead is starting in two weeks (4 June with two episodes) and the AMC hype machine is in gear.  Another promo dropped and this may be the last, though I can imagine AMC putting another together for next week because that hype machine gotta roll.  We see all our favorite people, as well as the new survivalists who seem to be living on a farm that probably doesn’t have zombies in the barn (AMC, will you please get the fuck away from these farms?), and something else–well, you’ll see in a bit.

Here’s the newest promo:

Now, as for this special something…

Near the end of the promo Strand (Colman Domingo) is reminding someone that they are in the apocalypse, which may be one of the first times that term has been used in either of TWD shows.  The interesting thing, however, is that while the person he’s speaking to is closer to the camera and out of focus, there is something of a resemblance to Rubén Blades’ character Daniel Salazar, who was last seen burning shit to the ground.

[Image via AMC]

 It is generally accepted that Daniel never made it out of the fire he started at Casa Abigail, so we have three possibilities here:


  1.  This is someone who looks like Daniel.
  2.  Daniel did make it out and found Strand.
  3.  Strand is losing his mind and talking to ghosts, which is what Danial was doing right before he offed himself.


So what do we have?  I guess we’ll start getting answers in a couple of weeks, maybe as soon as Episode 3, Teotwawki (The End of the World As We Know It).

The first two episodes of Fear the Walking Dead air 4 June, 2017, on AMC.

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