“Fear the Walking Dead,” Season 3, Episode 5, “Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame”

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After last week’s excellent episode Fear the Walking Dead continues with another excellent episode. It’s almost looking as if all the meandering done in Season 2 was a set up to this season—


No, but what does it buy us? More questions, more theories, no answers.


Since there were a number of stories going on at the same time, I put them all together and try to make them as nice and neat as possible.


Going Out Together:

Before we get to the main story there was the teaser before the title, and it was a good one. The Walking Dead is known for doing some great teasers, and this one would stand with any of those—

We see the old couple that Nick saw dancing at the end of the last episode, Russell and Martha Brown (Worth Howe and Heather Wynters). Russell has awakened and discovered Martha is not in bed. She is, however, standing off to one side of the cabin in which they live. As he gets out of bed it becomes apparent that she died in her sleep and has now turned. He takes her in his arms as she tries to bite his neck, which she is unable to do as she has no teeth. He holds her tight for a moment then retrieves a large pistol, puts it to his head, and fires a round that kills them both. As they fall over a knock over a lantern which sets their abode of fire and brings out everyone who attempt to put out the fire before Jeremiah (Dayton Callie) tells everyone to let it burn.

The teaser was quiet and effective, showing that even at the end of the world love still does exists.


Mama’s Got Errands:

Madison (Kim Dickens) is getting ready to go out with Troy (Daniel Sharman) and his band of merry assholes. Nick (Frank Dillane) is there to see her off, as is Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey), who is all trashed out from having partied all night. But sun lights burning and Troy ain’t waiting, and it’s time for Madison to go.

On the way to the chopper crash site they come across an overturned bus full of prisoners who have turned. Of course Troy wants to smoke them all, so they go down, hack some zombies, and get nice and bloody. Not long after that they arrive at the crash site—only one problem: the wreckage is gone. And there are spent ammo casings all over the ground. The outpost people who were sent to check on the crash site apparently got into a firefight with whom ever took the chopper wreckage.

They had to the outpost and discover everyone dead except for one person who’s had most of the back of his skull removed and has a crow picking away at his exposed brain. Almost as soon as kills this person, Walker (Michael Greyeyes), a Native American, shows up with his band of merry assholes. He takes their guns, their supplies, and their boots, and tells Troy to inform his father that Walker and his people are reclaiming their land and Jeremiah and the others need to clear out—or else.

It’s a tense walk all the way back to the ranch in Madison finally has to intervene to get Troy to let everyone rest. This doesn’t set well with him and in the middle of the night he holds a knife to Madison’s throat as if he wishes to kill her. Madison’s already figured out that Troy has tons of mommy issues and she uses that logic to get him to back off.


Stuck Between Two Worlds:

After Madison leaves Nick is pressed by Lucinda (Danay Garcia) on when they’ll be leaving. Nick tells her soon, but you can see in the excise the idea of leaving a safe haven no longer sits well with him.

Jeremiah find Nick later at the wreckage of the burned out house cleaning the walls; he says it gives him something to do and allows him to be seen as a productive member of the ranch. They make small talk for a while and Nick comes in the understanding that at one time Jeremiah hit rock bottom with his addictions just as Nick hit rock bottom with his. They talk a little bit about the pistol Russell use to kill Martha and him. Jeremiah admires it in the craftsmanship that built made it, while Nick, being a city boy, is likely seen the end result of what that craftsmanship can do. He finally asked Jeremiah why he gave up drinking and the answer is simple: Jeremiah damn near shot is Dick off while drunk one day. Yeah, that’ll get a guy to stop drinking.

Later that night Nick brings Lucinda up to the burned out house, which he is cleaned up and where he is laid out food and sleeping bags. He tries to convince her that if they put a roof on the place it would make a nice place to live. When he wakes up in the morning, however, Lucinda is gone, and at the end of the episode we see her at the wall on the US-Mexico border, looking for a way through so she can go home.


Road Trip From Hell:

Strand (Colman Domingo) and Daniel (Ruben Blades) are in the Jag waiting for zombies to cross the road. Strand is taking Daniel back to the hotel so we can meet with Ofelia (Mercedes Mason). We know this is bullshit, and the look Daniel keeps giving Strand sort of tells us he knows it’s bullshit as well. He finally tells Strand the drive through the zombies. He doesn’t want to because he doesn’t want to mess up the Jag, but Daniels got to piss so Strand better hit the gas.

Daniel keeps giving Strand so much shit, in fact, that a one point during a stop Strand just flat out tells Daniel to go ahead and kill him because he’s tired of Daniel playing the heavy bad ass all the time. Daniel doesn’t do that, mainly because he doesn’t know how to get to this hotel where his daughter is supposedly hold up.

They eventually get to the hotel and things don’t look good. The gate is wide open, there are no guards present, and the place is dark. They go inside and there’s no sound at all. Daniel starts asking about Ofelia and Strand says that she was here but it’s possible she may have left. Daniels had enough bullshit and just for the fuck of it he taps the bell at the front desk. This brings out the zombies who begin converging on the two men. Strand runs off leaving Daniel behind, and we have no idea what is happened to either of them.


Matt Who?

Suffering from a hangover Alicia has a few words with Gretchen (Rae Gray) before getting offered a cup of coffee from Jake (Sam Underwood). He’s trying to be nice to her but Alicia’s head is probably flopping around like a dead fish at this moment due to the homemade hooch and zombie weed consumed during “bible studies”.

Later she heads up to Jake’s place to apologize for being a bitch. One thing leads to another and before you know it, his penis is inside her vagina, because of course it is! Fear the Walking Dead has been trying to set Alicia up with someone since the beginning of the program, and finally, at least a month after LA was burned to the ground, she gets laid. Doesn’t mean there’s anything serious between Jake and her, but at least she’s gotten laid.

While she’s getting dressed she discovers Jake’s collection of books by Charles Bukowski, among them the collection of poems titled Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame, which is the title of this episode. She can’t believe he actually has this crap, while he says it’s important that they hold onto these things from the old world. Alicia doesn’t know if she could ever hold on anything from the old world, as this new one has changed her too much.

He later takes her down to a large lake which is on the ranch property. He tries to explain that even though the world is changed in the dead have risen, they still have to hold onto the things that were important like art and writing and poems, particularly if they want to rebuild society. She says she thought that’s what his father was trying to do, but Jake knows his father too well and confides that deep down inside, Jeremiah is still a conservative racist wingnut whose idea of “society” is far different than Jake’s.

At the very end of the episode Alicia walks out on a cliff and it appears that she may be considering jumping to her death. She does jump, but we discover a few seconds later she is leapt into the lake where Jacob taken her. When she surfaces she has a smile on her face for the first time since the start of the episode. Perhaps she starting to believe that Jake could be right…



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Madison Clark — Kim Dickens
Alicia Clark — Alycia Debnam-Carey

Nick Clark — Frank Dillane
Lucinda Galvez — Danay Garcia

Troy Otto — Daniel Sharman
Jake Otto — Sam Underwood
Jeremiah Otto — Dayton Callie
Gretchen Trimbol — Rae Gray

Qaletqa Walker — Michael Greyeyes

Russell Brown — Worth Howe
Martha Brown — Heather Wynters

Victor Strand — Colman Domingo
Daniel Salazar— Ruben Blades

Ofelia Salazar (MIA) — Mercedes Mason


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Fear the Walking Dead airs in the US on AMC at 9 PM EDT.



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