“Fear the Walking Dead” Season 4, Episode 9, “People Like Us”

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After a quiet summer off, Fear the Walking Dead returns with all the changes in place from the start of Season 4.  If you were expecting a flurry of activity, well–you’re gonna have to wait.

Or will you?


The Storm Before the Calm:

Fear the Walking Dead has been teasing the shit out of the fact that this part of Season 4 was gonna see Texas getting hit with a big storm, probably a hurricane. And they deliver with a cold opening that shows a lot of rain and wind on empty roads and zombies getting blown to hell and gone.  Oh, yeah: and the SWAT Wagon sitting off to one side riding the storm out.

The Calm Before the Storm:

It’s obvious some time has passed since end of the events of Episode 8.  June (Jenna Elfman), John (Garret Dillahunt), and Charlie (Alexa Nisenson) are living in a bus on a bridge; while Victor (Colman Domingo) is living in a big house with Lucinda (Danay Garcia).  And what of Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey), Althea (Maggie Grace), and Morgan (Lennie James)?  Alicia isn’t around, Althea is working on the SWAT Wagon, and Morgan–well, he’s doing what he does best, which is finding stuff to take with him so he can return to Alexandria.  No shit.  He’s been in Texas only a short while and now he wants to go back to Virginia and tell Rick he was right.  Yeah, good luck with that, Morgan.

RT: When Morgan announced he was going back to Team Rick I was not impressed. What was even the point of sending him across just so he can return? And, seriously Morgan, can you say “Stockholm Syndrome”? Because you have it in spades.

CF: Given that the last two episodes of S4 are “I Lose People…” and “… I Lose Myself”, I fear the worst for those around Morgan.

Of course, Morgan wants Althea to drive his ass back to Alexandria and he’s inviting everyone to come along on this magical, mystical road trip.  Only Althea’s not that hip, John is talking about returning to his cabin with June when he’s all healed up, Charlie isn’t saying a word–literally, she doesn’t say much of anything the whole episode–Victor is busy getting shit-faced on a cellar full of wine, and Lucinda is emoing out to country music, the music of pain.  I guess that leaves Alicia–why don’t you see what she’s up to, Morgan?  If you can find her.

RT: As I said in my Facebook post, AMC missed the perfect opportunity to use “It’s Raining Men” in either the opening sequence or while Luciana is emoing out to her country music.

CF: AMC won’t cut loose with the cash unless they can somehow get money back on the deal.

Let’s Break Up the Band:

While Morgan is trying to drum up support for his road trip Charlie is almost eaten by a zombie because she wandered down to the river without telling anyone.  Damn, that sounds familiar.  Let’s get it out in the open right now:


RT: Can we now start referring to Charlie as Carl-ie? Or Carl 2.0?

CF: Seriously, I’m done with her ass and with this stupid trope.  I can’t see how AMC can continue using it knowing how much TWD is lampooned for this very shit.

RT: And yet, the clips for Episode 10 show the episode will focus on Alicia and Charlie being trapped in a house together. Oh, goody! *sarcasm*

Althea saves the day and in speaking with June and John they all see zombies floating downstream, which is never good.  So Althea and June take off to find the problem while John stays with Charlie.

Meanwhile, Morgan finds Alicia, who is more or less herding zombies to their death because she’s finding notes on their bodies–notes from someone asking for help.  And she kinda knows where they are, so she gets Morgan to help her help this person. And he does help, because if there’s one thing Morgan knows, it’s crazy.  And it’s apparent Alicia’s bathing in it.

Time For the Talky-Feely Stuff:

June has issues.  Althea wants to interview her because she’s only now hearing about June and finding out that she’s also Laura/Naomi. June doesn’t want to talk on the record, but when the camera’s off she’s chatty as fuck. She’s come to the realization that she cares for John and really does want to go back to his cabin with him, but… back at that cabin, John fell in love with Laura and what’s he gonna do when he realizes she’s not that woman, she’s June?  Althea tells her not to worry because she’s spent all this time caring for John, so he knows the sort of person she is.

Alicia has problems. She wants to rescue whomever is sending out notes and she doesn’t give a shit if Morgan thinks they’re on a fool’s mission or not.  They find the place where they believe the person in trouble is hold up and they manage to clear the place of zombies by getting them outside and dropping a shit-ton of logs on them.  They get the office open–the place where the person they’ve come to help is staying–but guess what?  He’s a zombie!  Alicia puts him down as Morgan realizes the dude probably died a few days ago and it didn’t matter what they did, they couldn’t help him.  Alicia’s all like “Mom would have saved him” and yes: we’re about to enter Crazy Alicia Territory because that’s where she’s at.  As they’re leaving Morgan tries to convince her to come with him ’cause she could do a lot of good in Alexandria.  She counters by saying he could do a lot of good here, but no, you’re gonna leave, so fuck off. And she walks away, saying she wants to be left alone.

Charlie has problems.  She isn’t talking.  She’s shutting down. John makes a Scrabble board and tries to get her to play a game, but when he goes to handle a zombie problem on the fence, she grabs some books, fills her backpack, and hits the road.  You know what this means, don’t you?  “Charlie’s not in the bus: do you know where she is?” Yes: she’s RUN THE FUCK OFF!

Lucinda and Strand have problems. Strand just wants to stay drunk and Lucinda is all emo and depressed because there’s nowhere left for her. A zombie gets into the house and almost eats her, but Strand puts it down with a broken wine glass, uttering one of the two best lines of the night: “These grapes were not meant for wrath.” They fix a hole in the fence and Lucinda doesn’t really see the point of anything anymore, so it’s back to her Emo Cave and some Roy Orbison while Strand gets rid of the zombie in the house.  He meets John at the front door and John’s in Search Mode, looking for Charlie and asking for help.  After Strand delivers the other best line of the night–“You do know who you’re speaking to, don’t you?”–he heads off with John, riding shotgun and drinking.

The Gathering Storm:

No bullshit, either. We saw back at Casa Emo that the barometer was dropping through the floor, and during her talk with Althea June takes the sign of zombies floating downstream and birds getting the fuck out of Dodge as an indication a big storm is coming. And it hits: Morgan and Alicia are walking as it rains, John and Strand are doing a house-to-house looking for Charlie, and Lucinda is just chillin’ when she sees Charlie in the house, who runs away into the storm when she approaches.  She notices that Charlie brought back the book she’d given her, so Lucinda throws on her jacket and runs after the kid, because why the fuck not?

And Althea and June need to stop the SWAT Wagon because when Althea put the guns on the roof it made the crate top-heavy, and driving around in 100 mph winds just ain’t gonna work. So they hold up as zombies bounce off the wagon while they ride out the storm at the same place we’d seen during the teaser…

RT: Is it wrong that I want to see a flying SWAT vehicle?

CF: I love the wagon, but seeing it flying around would be pretty epic.


Personal Note: Okay AMC, enough. Being a Free-Range Kid wore out its welcome with Carl Grimes, so why do this shit AGAIN with Charlie?  I had my hand over my face when she was backing away from the river zombie because I knew what was coming, but when she took off I groaned, I really did, ’cause having people put themselves in danger by running after this fucking kid is old, it’s worn out, and the Fear writers can do better.  Seriously AMC, if John dies trying to save this kid, you will find yourself getting ripped a couple of new assholes.  If Alicia dies because of Charlie, I will go Liam Neeson in Taken-levels of crazy on your asses.  Don’t let anyone die over this Worn-Out-In-Season-2-Of-The-Walking-Dead bullshit. It’s time for Charlie to look at the flowers. Just do it. No one will give a shit. Really.

RT: I totally agree, Cassidy. Charlie is dead weight and needs to go. AMC paved the way with Crazy Lizzie, this one will be easy.

CF: I see Charlie dying, but I fear she’s gonna take someone with her when she goes.


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Alicia Clark — Alycia Debnam-Carey
Victor Strand — Colman Domingo
Lucinda Galvez — Danay Garcia

Morgan Jones — Lennie James
Althea — Maggie Grace
June —  Jenna Elfman
John Dorie — Garret Dillahunt
Charlie — Alexa Nisenson


Fear the Walking Dead airs Sunday on AMC, 9 PM EDT.

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