“Fear the Walking Dead”, Season 3, Episode 10, “The Diviner”

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Right behind the first episode of the second half of Season 3 of Fear the Walking Dead is coming at you right now. And it’s not long before we get into a favorite things for The Walking Dead universe—


Let’s hit the road.


Bone Dry:

Nick (Frank Dillane) is still in the hot box, hallucinating that Troy (Daniel Sharman) is gonna let him out. Of course he isn’t ‘cause Troy is plotting his big return—you fucking know he is—and Nick is unaware of that. This is why you should have shot that asshole in the head, Nick.

Madison (Kim Dickens) has some bad news for Walker (Michael Greyeyes): based on the studies she found in Otto’s desk, the ranch is gonna run out of water, and sooner than later. Fortunately for them, Walker’s people heard of a trading post over the border in Mexico and they may be able to set them up with water. You know what this means, right?

Road Trip!

Madison leaves Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) in charge and has her institute water rationing because did I mention we’ve only got six months of water left? At long last Alicia gets to be the adult and she looks like she’s just shit her pants. At least she has a radio that she can use to speak to Mom.

Before leaving Madison goes out to see Nick, bring him some water, and say goodbye. After that it’s time to fire up the RV—I mean, get in the tanker truck and hit the road, where they are assured they won’t have any issues getting into Mexico.


Time to Lexa Up:

Nick finally gets out of the box and Crazy Dog (Justin Rain) is there to give him the bad ass “I’m keeping my eye on you and if you get out of line—” bullshit rap all hard guy bullies give. Nick gives zero fucks, but fortunately before he can do something stupid Alicia shows up and hauls him off to the house.

Back at the house Alicia tells Nick about the rationing, about how Madison and Walker are on the road looking for water. Nick again doesn’t give a fuck and Alicia is doing her best to cut him some slack. Isn’t being in charge fun?

No, it isn’t, ‘cause there’s shit starting to go down with the rationing. Some people—Otto’s people—are complaining that Walker’s people are double-dipping and shit’s gonna get real fast. Alicia goes to see Ofelia (Mercedes Mason)—who is in charge while Walker is gone—that they need to get a handle on this and fast. Ofelia kinda blows her off, but you do see that there is the possibility they can world together.


Getting the Band Back Together:

A few of Troy’s militia come to see Nick with a proposition: they reforming on the low and they want him to be in charge, since he did everyone a solid by not letting Troy get killed. Whether or not they be comfortable knowing that a month before Nick was geezing on smack is besides the point: they give him the only pistol they have and let him play leader.

It doesn’t take long for Alicia to find Nick’s new toy and she’s pissed. She wants to know why and he says as long as he has it and he’s in charge, that means other assholes aren’t walking around with a piece. Alicia lets Nick know she’s tired of his shit and Madison’s, and she’s fully aware of all the bullshit they’ve spread to keep the peace. Suddenly she doesn’t like adulting…

Now that you’ve seen Chekhov’s Gun you know it’s gonna get used, right? Sure enough, Alicia catches one of Otto’s people double dipping on water and she loses her shit. Not only does she dump it back in the well, but she informs the angry mass around her that there’s six months of water remaining and they need to work together to make sure it lasts.

Crazy Dog has a better idea: Walker’s people will just take the well since, technically, it’s on their land. Nick steps up and says that’s not gonna happen. Crazy Dog puts his hand on his pistol and Nick pulls his out and sets down on the edge of the well. This gives Crazy Dog just long enough to know he doesn’t want to get shot by an ex-junkie and he backs off.


Can I Have a Thunderdome?

Madison and Walker pull up at the site of the market and it’s inside an unused stadium… basically it’s Bartertown without Australians. Though, apparently, the one person you want to do water deals with is Chinese because of course she is. It’s while Walker is pulling out a pipe full of gold coins (originally I thought it was a pipe bomb which would have been a lot cooler) that Madison’s attention is drawn to an altercation involving an old friend: Victor Strand (Colman Domingo). She pulls his bacon out of the fire and he leads Walker and her to his hidie-hole to talk. Seems Strand is in trouble with “The Proctor”, who apparently runs this joint with an iron fist, and the powers that be want Strand’s ass.

There is some good news, however: Strand knows of a place where they can get a lot of water: a nearby dam being run by people who are giving water to the few people still alive. It’s possible if they go there they can cut a deal. Madison wants him to take them, but he can’t leave: he’s in debt up to his eyeballs and The Proctor wants that shit paid.

Walker doesn’t like Strand and goes off to fix the water deal he was setting up before they encountered Strand. Victor asks about the kids and Madison says that her children are alive… and leaves the unsaid hanging. Strand understand what this means and gives her the first comforting she’s had since Travis’ dead, fore he knows what it’s like to lose a loved one.

And then Walker shows up with The Proctor’s people holding a gun to his head. Strand’s taken and chained to the outside fence to ward off zombies.


Well, Actually

Alicia’s keeping an eye on shit from the big house. Things are tense with Otto’s people: the militia met with Nick and they wanna go after the people in charge up at Ofelia’s place. She looks over by Walker’s people and sees some of them devining for water so they can dig their own well—hence the title of the episode. Alicia gets an idea…

Nick finally decides to lead his merry band of assholes, who are armed with shovels and sharp sticks, up to Ofelia’s where Crazy Dog and a couple of people are waiting with assault rifles. They’re about to get mowed down when Nick sees his sister helping to dig a well. One of the guys with Nick says she’s gonna get killed: Nick hands over his pistol and goes over to help Alicia dig. Ofelia sees this and has Crazy Dog stand down. People are gonna live for at least another day.


Come With Us If You Want to Live

Walker’s repaired the deal to buy water. Madison is lost in thought and doesn’t seem to give a shit. He meets up with Chinese Auntie—who may or may not run Bartertown—and is ready to hand over all his gold—except all his pipes are empty—

Strand ain’t having a fun time on the fence and his debt may be paid up soon when zombie head around him start exploding. The goons haul him away as Madison take over: seems she paid his debt.

When they return to the truck Walker is pissed: he had the deal sold. Madison pretty much tells him to fuck off, his deal would have kept them in water for a few months at most. Strand, on the other hand, is going to take them to a place where they can negotiate for all the water they want…




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Madison Clark — Kim Dickens
Alicia Clark — Alycia Debnam-Carey
Nick Clark — Frank Dillane

Troy Otto — Daniel Sharman
Jake Otto — Sam Underwood

Qaletqa Walker — Michael Greyeyes
Ofelia Salazar — Mercedes Mason

Victor Strand — Colman Domingo

Crazy Dog — Justin Rain


Fear the Walking Dead airs in the US on AMC at 9 PM EDT.






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