“Fear the Walking Dead”, Season 3, Episode 7, “The Unveiling”

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We finally come to the end of Fear the Walking Dead, which was broadcast as a two hour mid-season finale, which was why I referred to last week’s episode as the penultimate one. I will do the first hour tonight, and, tomorrow, I should get the last hour out. Should being the operative word—but we do what we must to bring the entertainment…


Save those rounds for when you need them.


This breaks down pretty easy, or at least I hope it does let’s see if I can put this together and have it makes sense.


Taking a Walk:

Jake (Sam Underwood) is on his way to meet with Walker (Michael Greyeyes) when he hears a sound. Before he has a chance to blow away whoever’s making it sound, Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) pops up. After explaining that she’s followed him out to the middle of nowhere and has not told anyone that he left, she lets him know that she is going with him to meet with Walker.

RT: Yet another time that proves Alicia and Carl would be perfect for each other 😉

CF:  Can’t keep her in the house.  Enid better watch out in case Alicia moves East.

They arrive at the gas station that serves as the headquarter for Walker and his people. Jake and Alicia here a lot of yelling, a lot of grunting, and what sounds like a bit of screaming, before Walker comes out with something in an apron. He tells Jake he has nothing to say but Jake insist on speaking. Walker dumps a severed pig’s head at their feet and decides to hear the boy out.

There is a hell of a lot of simmering resentment between Walker and Jeremiah Otto (Dayton Callie), and Walker is constantly putting forward the notion of “Leave or Die” as the only solution he will accept. Jake doesn’t want that: he knows his father won’t leave and tells Walker there will be a bloodbath should be attacked the ranch. Though none of these people are pirates, it is suggested they parlay. Jake will return home and try to sell his father on the idea that some sort of peace agreement can be reached in the meantime, Alicia will remain with Walker as a hostage while Jake takes a hostage of his own back to the ranch—

And guess who that hostage is? None other than Ofelia Salazar (Mercedes Mason), who apparently has been staying with Walker the entire time. (Personal Note: we do know, however, that when Ofelia crossed into the US, it was Jeremiah Otto who found her.) She and Alicia managed to speak a little before they separated. Ofelia is most interested in the accusation that Alicia made about Walker murdering the Trimbol Family; she says that wasn’t possible as Walker’s people don’t go out without him, and the night of these killings she was with Walker.

RT: You know, I just love the layers of this episode, in fact, they layers in this whole season that is currently lacking in its companion series, The Walking Dead. We have Alicia jumping in and being 100% for the Ottos in order ot negotiate. And, then, we have Ofelia, who she has a history with, letting her know that the Ottos are not all they are cracked up to be. This immediately puts the bad guys in a position of not being entirely the bad guys because the audience not only knows Walker didn’t kill the Trimbols but Ofelia is backing it up.

CF:  In many ways it feels like the people running the Writer’s Room for FTWD have had their writers sit down and review the last couple of season of TWD and told the, “All that stuff you just saw?  Don’t do that.”  I also read where the showrunner thought they rushed things a bit in S2 and didn’t want to do that here.  They’re really working on keeping the story right.

RT: I am so glad to read all this 🙂


Back At the Ranch:

Madison (Kim Dickens) learns that Alicia is missing and Nick (Frank Dillane) decides he wants to do something to help out around the ranch–and by help out, that means he wants to join up with Troy’s (Daniel Sharman) little militia group. Madison is not happy with either of these developments.

Jake returns with Ofelia and shit is on the verge of hitting a fan in a hard way. Ofelia is taken and placed in the pantry where she can do absolutely nothing wrong—yeah, right. Meanwhile Jake, Troy, and Madison are with Jeremiah discussing the parlay. Jeremiah’s position has not changed: he thinks Walker is full of shit and that if he attacks the ranch, Jeremiah’s people are going to kill all those bastards. Jake wants to try to find some accommodation, but Jeremiah is having none of it. There’s a war coming and he’s going to be the one left standing when it’s over. This is fine with Troy, who is busy whipping his people in the shape.

RT: It is at this point I am seriously wondering why no one has killed Jeremiah yet. I mean, the guy is a racist arsehole.

CF:  And now that he’s drinking you’d think Troy would off him in his sleep.

RT: Yes!

Nick decides to speak with Troy about joining the militia, but not before giving himself the worst haircut in the history of bad haircuts. Seriously, it’s such a bad haircut that Anton Chigurh would look at it and say, “Dude, that’s a fucked up haircut.” Troy is skeptical about Nick’s intentions, but Nick decides that he wants to prove his worth by at least taking some weapons training. And just like every other major character in The Walking Dead universe, Nick seems to be something of a natural with an assault rifle.

RT: Haha! I was thinking hte exact same thing when Nick cut his hair. That, and starting to get worried that someone close to him would die, since he has very obviously copied the cut straight from Maggie Greene…

CF:  I get it:  he cut his hair with a knife.  And it sucks.  Man, does it suck.  Maybe Frank likes it that way.


Discussions At Opposite Ends:

Walker shows Alicia around, mostly to show off his power as a way of letting her know that they can take on the Ottos and beat them. He even brags that soon they’ll soon have an Air Force and shows her the remnants of the helicopter she was in a few nights before. He basically tells her that they shot it down because they were hoping they’d catch Troy Otto in it, but Alicia lets Walker know that Jake was in it, she was in it, and oh yeah, the guy that was close to my mother was in it and you killed him. Even though she has shown some sympathy to Walker’s plight as a Native American, at this point she calls him a hypocrite for trying to make his disagreement only about the land.

RT: This bit made me really sad 🙁

CF:  You could always sort of tell that Walker had a personal beef with the Ottos.  Particularly with all the mentions about being in court.  No love lost there.  But it was pretty cold having Alicia call him out like that.

Back in the ranch’s pantry Jeremiah goes to see Ofelia. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that whatever went on between these two Ofelia is still pissed off about it when Jeremiah assures her that you remain at the ranch only as long as necessary, as he somewhat uncomfortable having her here as well.


Fuck This Parley Shit:

Pissed off that Alicia was left behind with Walker, Madison speaks with Troy about going and getting Alicia. At first he’s not hip to the idea, but Madison knows exactly what buttons to push to get Troy to listen to “Mommy,” and it isn’t long before they saddle up and head off to the reservation in the middle of the night. After killing a few of Walker’s people, they nab Alicia and hightail it back to the ranch.

RT: If there is ever a history written on all the bad ideas put forward in the Walking Dead universe, I nominate this for top contender — even over all the stupid shit Rick has come up with.

CF:  In the last few episodes Madison has been so far up her own arse she can’t think straight.  I know she thinks the ranch is a safe haven, but she’s will to cause a world of pain to a lot of people to make it that way.  And she just doesn’t give a shit.  A lot of this is due to Travis dying and she’s playing the part well of letting her emotions take over her reasoning.

Jake is livid that Madison and Troy have fucked up his parley. Knowing that his dad is drunk on his ass, he grabs a lot of their bottled water and Ofelia and heads back to walkers headquarters. He’s trying to act in good faith, but Walker isn’t in the mood to listen to this white man bullshit and after Jake gets the shit kicked out of him, Walker damn near scalps him, stopped only by Ofelia. Jake is told to get the fuck out and tell his dad to get ready for the end.


Turnabout Intruder:

Not long after Jake returns to the ranch a motorcycle flying a white flag pulls up and dumps Ofelia off just outside the gate. She’s been beaten, and the explanation she gives is that Walker thought she fed them information that allowed them to come in and take Alicia. Madison decides to take Ofelia back to her cabin to sleep it off while everyone else prepares for the attack they expect to happen soon.

While guarding the perimeter, however, several of Troy’s people get sick, vomiting and finding themselves having difficulty breathing. A few of them die and turn—but some of the ranch residence are suffering from the same malady, and it is not long before there are a few walkers wandering the ranch.

Nick, Alicia, and Madison are there helping put them down. Nick sees Ofelia standing in front of their cabin and it suddenly hit some: whatever is happening to them, Ofelia is responsible. But before Nick can take off after her he doubles over and vomits in the same way as many as Troy’s people have done. Madison sees Ofelia take off and she’s hot on her ass. As Ofelia sprints for a waiting truck, Madison is doing her damnedest to catch her—

RT: Nick! *my heart hurts*

CF:  I think Nick will be okay. Ofelia, however…f


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Madison Clark — Kim Dickens
Alicia Clark — Alycia Debnam-Carey
Nick Clark — Frank Dillane

Troy Otto — Daniel Sharman
Jake Otto — Sam Underwood
Jeremiah Otto — Dayton Callie

Qaletqa Walker — Michael Greyeyes
Ofelia Salazar — Mercedes Mason

Fear the Walking Dead airs in the US on AMC at 9 PM EDT.

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  2. Lol. I’ve been waiting 2 years for Nick to get a hair cut – only to wish it were longer again!!

    I loved this double ep, maybe my fav of the series, just after Daniel’s stand out episode earlier this season.

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