“Fear the Walking Dead”, Season 3, Episode 9, “Minotaur”


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Well, what is this? A recap? Yes, yes it is.

Let me just open by saying the last couple of weeks have been interesting—as in, I’ve be busting my butt doing a lot of things, none of which are writing. It’s that real life thing getting in the way, you know?

Anyhow, even though it’s a couple of weeks late, I’m getting out the recaps for the back end of Fear the Walking Dead, and I hope to get caught up with everything in the next couple of weeks. Probably just in time for Season 3 to come to an end.

But isn’t that how it always is?

So sit back and relax and let’s enjoy the apocalypse.


Make yourselves at home


Queen of the Roost:

Since Otto bit the big one there’s a new vibe at the ranch. Madison (Kim Dickens) is living up at the house; Nick (Frank Dillane) is on out zombie patrol with Troy (Daniel Sharman); Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) is more or less living with Jake (Sam Underwood). Madison looks like she’s running the joint and appearance aren’t that far off. There’s a lot of unease in the air, however: since the deal was cut with Walker (Michael Greyeyes), the people living at the ranch are waiting for the day when he and his people show up.

When he does show up the tension is dialed to eleven: none of the original people want him there, but they know if they fight his people’s entry they’re gonna die. Walker wants to see the “pantry”, mostly because he wants to see the weapons. And seeing the weapons means he wants control of them. Jake won’t let that happen: there are two keys to unlocking the armory and Walker and he will have control of one each. Madison has done a little talking with Walker on the said and gets him to sort of agree to this for now. Alicia calls her mom out on this shit, saying doing the back channel shit behind Jake’s back isn’t a great way to keep shit from blowing up. Madison’s like, “What you talkin’ about, girl?” because she’s gonna do what mom’s gonna do.

And while Nick tries to reestablish a connection with Ofelia (Mercedes Mason) and gets blown off, Madison breaks into Otto’s desk and find some charts dealing with water…


Speaking of Water

Back over by the dam Daniel (Ruben Blades) and Lola (Lisandra Tena) are now in charge of the joint. Since there’s no longer any need to hide from Dante’s people—as they are now, you know, sort of Dante’s People Part 2—they load up trucks and take them out where they supply water to the thirsty masses still alive in post-apocalyptic Mexico. Daniel says it’s easier to do things that way rather than have people comes to them, but Lola knows the truth: hes still looking for Ofelia, hoping she’ll show up at one of the distribution points.

But things aren’t going that smoothly. A few people are unhappy that they can’t have All The Water when they want it, so during one distribution a small riot breaks out, Lola gets hit in the head with a rock, and Daniel decides to pull the plug on being a good Samaritan for the day. And you know, where there’s one riot happening, there’s probably a dozen brewing in the background—


Blaze of Glory:

The peace at the ranch is broken like real fast when one of Alicia’s old “Bible study group” decides he’s gonna make one of Walker’s people pay for offing Gretchen, and while he does manage to shoot the dude in the shoulder, he’s fucked up bad and not long for the world. Once Walker figures out just about all the white people at the ranch are packing he decides he can’t have that and tells Jake he wants to arm his people and confiscate everyone else’s guns—else there’s gonna be a lot of killing and it won’t be his people dying. Jake doesn’t want to hand over control of his key—something Walker demands—but Madison sees this as the only way to maintain the peace. So Jake gives it up—

And pisses off his brother in the process.

Troy decides he’d rather die than disarm, so while Walker’s people are confiscating guns in the middle of the night, he decides he’s gonna go all Scarface on let everyone say hello to his little friend. Of course Madison and Nick try to talk him out of it, but Troy’s in a fixin’ to die mood—

At which point Nick pushes his mother out of the house and decides to lock himself in with a crazy person who wants to die.

For all of Season 3 Fear the Walking Dead has avoided going to the Idiot Ball Plottm, which means they are about to go balls-out on it right now because, I don’t know, the writers must have been bored. Anyway, Nick tells Troy he doesn’t really want to die. Troy isn’t listening. He tells Troy he killed his father. Troy doesn’t give a fuck. Nick just starts rambling and talking shit and Troy doesn’t care, he wants to die. Why Nick doesn’t get this over with and shoot Troy in the fucking head I don’t know, but Walker nearly ends them both before Troy takes a bullet to the hand and Nick jumps on him and says they surrender.


Carry On My Wayward Son:

The next day Walker is pissed. He wants Troy’s head—literally—but Madison talks him out of it, saying executing Troy will turn everyone against everyone. So they fall back on the old standby: exile, which never fucking works in these stories: just ask Mad Max and the people at Thunderdome. Oh, and Nick gets punished by having to spend time in a hot box because—who the fuck knows? Because he wouldn’t kill Troy.

Madison and one of Walker’s dudes take Troy way the hell out into the middle of nowhere to drop him off, but if you’re like me, you know some shit will go down. Troy manages to get a knife away from Walker Dude and turns on Madison. She has a gun but it’s knocked away. There’s a struggle and she retrieves it, getting the drop on Troy. The smart thing here is to just fucking shoot him, but… no. She gives him his rations and tells him to hit the road. When she needed to be the bad ass and pull the trigger Madison punts it and lets Troy go—

You fucking well know this is gonna come back to bite everyone on the ass before the end of the season.


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Madison Clark — Kim Dickens
Alicia Clark — Alycia Debnam-Carey
Nick Clark — Frank Dillane

Troy Otto — Daniel Sharman
Jake Otto — Sam Underwood

Qaletqa Walker — Michael Greyeyes

Ofelia Salazar — Mercedes Mason
Daniel Salazar— Ruben Blades
Lola Guerrero — Lisandra Tena


Fear the Walking Dead airs in the US on AMC at 9 PM EDT.


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