‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Season 4: Episode 4 Recap, “Buried”

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Hello, my pretties! Guess who’s back!  Yes, after a long ways away from recapping duties I’ve returned to one of the shows I started recapping a long time back.  And wouldn’t you know it, AMC decided that I needed something heart-wrenching to recap–though not nearly as bad as the gut punch Rachel had to recap last week.

RT: Yay! *does a happy dance* Cassidy is back 😀

Let’s see where we’er going, shall we?

Sister Al’s Travelin’ Story-Time Show:

With Nick’s (Frank Dillane) body wrapped up and in the back of the SWAT Wagon, and John (Garret Dillahunt) and Morgan (Lennie James) up front driving, Al (Maggie Grace) decides it’s time to get Victor’s (Colman Domingo), Alicia’s (Alycia Debnam-Carey), and Lucinda’s (Danay Garcia) story.  While John is learning that as soon as Nick is in the ground Morgan is moving on, Al’s discovering that Victor and Alicia aren’t eager to talk–that is, until Lucinda decides to talk about “The day we could have stopped this.”  And off they go into Flashback Land…

RT: While this episode was depressing AF, I must admit, I really liked how the whole story was teased out in this episode. And that it went to a place I totally wasn’t expecting.

CF:  I found it wildly interesting, because you knew from the way the three were acting it was going somewhere dark.  And they didn’t disappoint.

Eating the Feed Back at the Diamond:

We learn that shit’s gotten so bad back at The Diamond that people are getting into the cattle feed to make pancakes.  Madison (Kim Dickens) makes plans to send people out on runs to places the Vultures may have overlooked.  While people are out on runs, Mel (Kevin Zegers) decides to fuck with Maddie a little more and tell her the story about how he once had a place to stay, but it burnt down and he and his brother managed to get out–after he’d decided long before that they’d hold it.  He’s letting her know staying is gonna cost people their lives.

RT: I totally have a theory about this. I think we will eventually learn that, when the Diamond fell, Alicia and Nick heard the screams of their mother, and that’s why they might be thinking she is dead right now. Which, of course, means that everyone thinks Maddie is dead when she isn’t…

CF:  I’m starting to get the idea that Madison is alive and that she is following The Vultures.  And maybe setting them up for the kill.  Because I can’t see Fear going the rest of Season 4 without her.

RT: Oh, stalking them, I like that theory!

Victor Plantin’ Seeds:

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Victor’s out with Cole (Sebastian Sozzi) looking for edible plants. We’ve already determined that Cole is interested in Victor in a, shall we say romantic way?  Yeah, he is, and there’s a fair amount of flirting going on while Cole tries to get Victor to open up.  They find some plants to eat and some zombies to kill, which leads to them bonding and Victor admitting he’s something of a shit who’d done shitty things.  How shitty?  He shows Cole a car with provisions he’s stocked up–maybe a month for one person–and let’s Cole know there’s room for another.  Cole wants to know why and Victor tells him: The Diamond’s gonna fall and he doesn’t want to be around when it does.  So, you wanna bug out?  Cole is disgusted by the notion and heads back to the refuge alone.

Book Leanin’ the Hard Way:

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Nick and Lucinda go to a library instead of wherever the hell Madison sent them, and Lucinda’s trying to figure out why.  And it hits her: Nick is looking for a book for Charlie (Alexa Nisenson), who has become the most hated fucking kid in the history of hated fucking kids in the Walking Dead franchises.  They don’t find books, but they do find one of the employee who had the good sense to tie himself up before slitting his wrists. Lucinda decides there’s no way in hell she’s going out like that and after finding an atlas of states in the area, tells Nick they’ll flip it open and go to wherever page it opens upon. And they do…

It’s Better Where It’s Wetter:

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Alicia and Naomi head off to a water park that has, for sure, seen better days, and the pools are full of zombies because–well, maybe they just wanted to get in one last slide before taking The Big Ride, Baby, and they have to fight their way out of them before they can do some serious looking. They find stuff and things–among them a .50 machinegun with ammo belts–but while Alicia is looking for shit out beyond the park, Naomi splits.  Unfortunately for her the car she takes is out of gas; fortunately, Alicia helps her gas is up, ’cause she knows what it’s like when you wanna go off on your own. And in the process she gets Naomi to spill that she used to work ER and knows winners and losers when she seems them, and The Diamond’s a loser and Madison needs to know this.

Note: In case you live in the Austin, TX, area, or plan to visit, this scene was filmed at Volente Beach, which is west of the city on the north shore of Lake Travis.

Here’s a view from Google Maps:

And here’s the park when it’s not overrun with the undead:

RT: This is what I missed the most about your recaps Cassidy, all the attention to detail! Thank you for the heads up on this one 🙂

CF: I just had to know where this place was.  Had to.

The Real Story:

After hearing this Althea is confused: what could have changed what happened today?  And the three tell her–

Victor followed Cole back and made Madison think they’d found his stash.

Alicia let Naomi talk herself out of leaving and, in the process, Alicia didn’t tell her mother that The Diamond was probably lost.

Nick took the location he and Lucinda picked and convinced his mother they should make a run way out and return with tons of shit–and Lucinda said nothing.

Nothing changed because they wouldn’t change.  They let things go on as usual, and… people died.  And they blame themselves.

RT: Yeah, this bit had me torn. You know sometimes you just have to do the shitty things in the zombie apocalypse in order to stay alive. Maddie used to do it to keep her kids alive. Now she’s all “born again” and it’s infected the rest of them. Which makes the whole situation even shittier.

CF: Alicia would have blown this place off a long time ago if she was the Alicia from just out of L.A. and still thinking about Matt. It’s strange to think of her this way now.  Then again… Maybe she is just feeding Al a whole lot of bullshit–along with the others–and the story they told isn’t the real story.  After all, they needed to get to that “special place” to bury Nick, so why not tell a tale?

RT: Oh, yes! Another excellent theory 😀

The Buried and the Dead:

Victor has Althea stop, saying the found the place to bury Nick.  Only it’s not: the three dig up a cache of weapons and supplies and tell Al, John, and Morgan that they know where the Vultures are going to head next and they intend to meet them and end their shit permanently.  Al is pissed: all the while she’s had Alicia, Victor, and Lucinda with her they’ve been bullshitting her to get to this point. But they tell her that if she wants to know their story, she should be with them at the end. And she agrees.

RT: I’m just wondering when they found this stash and why they hid it. It certainly indicates they had a lot of forewarning about this group.

CF: To put all that stuff together took more than a week of planing.  There’s a whole lot of bullshit being told here.

After they bury Nick under a tree everyone is loading up the SWAT Wagon–and that’s when John spots something: the other pistol that belonged to Laura.  He wants to know where it come from; Alicia tells him it belonged to someone at The Diamond.  Who?

[Image via Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC]

It belonged to Naomi.  The “Laura” John’s been looking for is Naomi.  And how is she?

Ms. Naomi, she dead.

That’s too much for John to process and he loses his shit and decides to strike out on his own.  Since Morgan is an expert on losing one’s shit he stays with John while the SWAT Wagon drives away…

RT: As soon as Naomi and Alicia started talking at the world’s shittiest water park, I started getting the vibe about Naomi being Laura. And, to be honest, I think she is alive, along with Madison, it’s just that everyone else thinks she’s dead.

CF: I have to say that the writing in these first four episodes is so good.  And I’m starting to think that everything we’re hearing about the Diamond is being given to us by unreliable narrators, and we won’t know shit for another four episodes.  I think the only one we’re gonna get straight talk in is the next one. 

But the writing is so damn good… it’s like you once said, it makes you remember how good The Walking Dead was a few seasons back.

RT: I am really loving the idea of unreliable narrators. It would also work in perfectly with Althea’s whole “gotta get the story” story arc.


Next Week is the episode Laura, and the official synopsis tells us:

The arrival of a wounded visitor in John Dorie’s life forces him to change his ways.

So get ready to see what happened between John and Naomi.


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Madison Clark — Kim Dickens
Alicia Clark — Alycia Debnam-Carey

Nick Clark — Frank Dillane
Lucinda Galvez — Danay Garcia

Victor Strand — Colman Domingo
Cole — Sebastian Sozzi
Naomi —  Jenna Elfman

Althea — Maggie Grace
John Dorie — Garret Dillahunt
Morgan Jones — Lennie James


Fear the Walking Dead airs Sunday on AMC, 9 PM EDT.

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