“Fear the Walking Dead” Season 4: Madison’s New Home is a Real Diamond

[Image via Richard Foreman/AMC]

With only a couple of weeks remaining before Fear the Walking Dead returns–likely after The Walking Dead finishes their All Out War story line–there has been some conjecture as to what’s going to happen on the new season given the finale of Season 3, which saw Nick (Frank Dillane) blowing up a dam and Madison (Kim Dickens) washing up somewhere down river, separated from Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) and Strand (Colman Domingo).  The only things we know for sure are that Morgan (Lennie James) will join the cast after leaving Crazy Rick and Company behind, there will be a rather significant time jump to bring the story in line with The Walking Dead‘s time line, and that the show is now filming around Austin, TX.

Now, we know where Madison will establish her new “Woodbury”, so to speak.

In the last couple of days pictures have become available of AMC filming in and around Dell Diamond Stadium near Round Rock, about 20 mi/30 km north of Austin. Dell Diamond Stadium is the home venue of the Round Rock Express–the AAA team for MLB’s Texas Rangers–but recently it seems that it’s ground zeros for Madison’s new community in the heart of the Lone Star State.

And when I mean “in” the stadium, I do mean inside, as this aerial view shows:

[Image via Justin Snider/Rock Studios]

According to available information, the interior of the stadium will have living quarters, a kitchen and dining area, and an extensive armory.  Madison is living in one of the skyboxes as is Alicia, who apparently has her space filled with a whole lot of books.  While we know Nick has reunited with his family, no word on where Lucinda (Danay Garcia) and he are living in this area.

It’s quite likely that we won’t see Madison’s new home until 22 April, 2018, when Episode 2, titled Another Day in the Diamond, airs.  It would seem, according to the synopsis of that episode, that Morgan and new character Althea (Maggie Grace) while tooling around in Althea’s Mad Max-worthy SWAT wagon.  The synopsis also says that Madison’s home come under threat, which is no big surprise as this is Fear the Walking Dead, and just like it’s big brother, no one can keep nice things for long.

Season 4 of Fear the Walking Dead airs 15 April at 10/9c on AMC.

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