“Fear the Walking Dead”/”The Walking Dead” Crossover In the Works

[Image via AMC]

For a few years now people have questioned whether or not a crossover between the West Coast survivors of Fear the Walking Dead could ever meet up with their East Coast counterparts in The Walking Dead.  Though the questions were asked, the creative teams over both shows–which are pretty much the same team–have given the same answer: no.

Until today.

At the start of today’s The Walking Dead panel at New York City Comic Con, creator Robert Kirkman stated that, yes, one character from one of the shows will make an appearance in an episode of the other show, though he declined to say which character would made the crossover, which show they’d appear upon, or when this would happen.  At the moment it’s good enough to know that it’s going to happen.

Rachel and I have discussed this matter before and our thoughts on a crossover seem to follow those of others who have considered the possibilities.  One that is strong is that the Morales Family, who vanished from The Walking Dead near the end of Season 1, will put in an appearance on Fear the Walking Dead.  The one possibility that Rachel and I have liked the most is that Madison (Kim Dickens)–who we recently learned is likely from Alabama–is the sister of either Rick Grimes or, as I hope, the sister of Lori Grimes.  A meeting with Rick could be done on a flashback on The Walking Dead, and a meeting with could happen while Madison is having a flashback of the last visit with her sister–perhaps not long after Rick was shot–and would occur on Fear the Walking Dead.

Right now this is all we know.  Just keep an eye out for actors from either show making trips from one coast to another…

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