FINALE: Vikings Season 3 Recap – Episode 10: The Dead

Episode 10 Season 3 of History Channel's Vikings Ragar takes Paris

Well, here we are at the finale episode of Season 3 of History Channel’s Vikings. This is what went down in Episode 10 (entitled The Dead):

We start the episode with Paris bowing down and paying their dues to the vikings. Gisela (Morgane Polanski) is pissy at her dad, King Charles (Lothaire Bluteau), for paying the toll but the King is okay with being spineless.

There is much talk in this episode about Ragnar Lothbrok’s (Travis Fimmel)Christian baptism in Episode 9 and it will be interesting to see just how much of a religious zealot Floki (Gustaf Skarsgard) is when it comes to Ragnar.

Time passes and the vikings still haven’t left the shores of Paris so Count Odo (Owen Roe) heads off to check out why they have reneged on their deal. Bjorn Ironside (Alexander Skarsgard) lets them know their king is deathly ill and when Odo checks, viewers are really starting to believe Ragnar just might not survive this episode. But Ragnar is smart and taking Bjorn into his confidences a plan is hatched.

Just on a side note, what did everyone think of Count Odo turning out to be all 50 Shades? Yeah, totally not impressed here either. What a cop out History Channel…

And then Ragnar is dead and there is many tears shed in our household as Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) confesses her hopes that Odin will take Ragnar from heaven and return him to Valhalla where he belongs, and where she can love him all over again. ThenRollo (Clive Standen) is confessing he is not so sad to see Ragnar – the sibling the gods always favoured – go, and Floki is professing his undying love – and hatred – for Ragnar.

So Ragnar had just one wish, to have a Christian funeral. It is agreed his body can be bought into Paris where the bishop will bless his body and where Ragnar can surprise the shit out of everyone by jumping up out of his coffin and stabbing that bishop dead!

Because that’s how vikings roll.

Episode 10 Season 3 of History Channel's Vikings Ragar Lothbrok inside Paris

Poor King Charles responds to the victorious attack on Paris and the kidnapping of his daughter Gisela by fainting.

However, once Ragnar has terrorised the city, as he is leaving, he releases Gisela and lets her return to her daddy. Yeah, I’d probably feel sorry enough for the poor thing to let her go too. Plus, there needs to be someone still in Paris with a backbone to lead once Rollo returns with the promise of marriage to Gisela. And boy doesn’t Gisela have it in spades when she insults the hell out of Rollo in French? Rollo has no idea what she is saying but is obviously smitten.

Episode 10 Season 3 of History Channel's Vikings Rollo meets Gisela 2

But, getting back to Ragnar, he leaves Paris, still sick as a dog and returns to Kattegat. But not before letting Floki know he knows who killed Athelstan (George Blagden). Does this make them sworn enemies now?

What did you think of the Season 3 finale of History Channel’s Vikings? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below!

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  4. Yeah, the Odo’s 50 Shades was just erm, titillation.
    I wanted to see Ragnar slot the whimpering king and he should have taken the princess with him as a bargaining chip. It was all a bit unbelievable actually, apart from watching Rollo listen to the Princess rabbit on and you could clearly see he appreciates a woman with spunk, as it were.Oh and the family resemblance to her dad Roman is striking, now that I know who she is. A bit wooden actually.

    • Yes, I am still surprised no one was taken hostage there. I guess it was just one of those times history won out over story. Although, technically, I don’t think Rollo married a woman named Gisla (although, I’m not 100 per cent sure on his), so she could have been sacrificed. But then, Rollo would have to be married off to another Franish princess and it doesn’t look like Gisla has any sisters.

  5. Just started season four and it appears the first episode was setting the scene really.
    It was funny watching Rollo and the princess on their wedding night, once he’d managed to shoo everyone out (like in The Tudors, there’s always a ringside audience).
    My other half thought Gisla had lost her sense considering what fine shape Rollo was in, which was hard to disagree with.
    Episode two tonight.

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