FX’s ‘American Horror Story: Apocalypse’: Episode 9, “Fire And Reign” Recap

FX's 'American Horror Story Apocalypse,' Season 8, Episode 9, Fire and Reign, Evan Peters

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The latest installment of American Horror Story was the penultimate episode in Season 8. Titled “Fire and Reign,” it really could have been named “Boring and Yawn” as far as I’m concerned. Just a hint, FX, if you title something “Apocalypse,” you might just want to actually make it about the apocalypse. Really, Season 8 should be retitled AHS Backstory. However, I am still watching. Thank god there is only one episode left after this one. And, just a heads up, I watched this episode on Friday and am only just getting around to recapping it now, so shit is going to be all over the shop…

Here’s what happened in Episode 9 (titled “Fire and Reign”) of FX’s American Horror Story: Apocalypse.

So, like you might have guessed, Episode 9 is all about the backstory again. In fact, it seems like FX have given up on the current day story altogether. We open this episode with Dumb and Dumber wondering just how effective Michael Langdon (Cody Fern) will be at ending the world and, to be honest, we are all wondering the same thing — Michale included at points. It doesn’t stop him from fucking shit up, though, Although, to be honest, having the antichrist wanting to end the world merely because he is pissed at a couple of witches is the worst overreaction to anything ever.

FX's 'American Horror Story Apocalypse,' Season 8, Episode 9, Fire and Reign, Michael Langdon in red gloves

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Next, we get introduced to the Illuminati. because of course, we can’t have the antichrist without it. And, it turns out Dumb and Dumber are just the people who can introduce Michael to them. What then follows is the equivalent of a powerpoint presentation. I. Shit. You. Not.

Now everything looks on schedule to end the world.

Ms. Verable (Sarah Paulson) wants in on the doomsday prepping and Dumb and Dumber won’t let her in the door but, spoiler alert, FX has already shown us she will be there so I don’t even care how that happens.

FX's 'American Horror Story Apocalypse,' Season 8, Episode 9, Fire and Reign, Cordelia, Mallory, and Myrtle

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Meanwhile, over in the witches camp, Cordelia (Sarah Paulson) announces that she has put the best protection spell in the history of protection spells on the house. This robust statement is immediately burned to the ground when Michael Langdon enlists the help of Dinah Stevens (Adina Porter) and we discover that voodoo magic mixed with the antichrist will trump everything.

So, now just about everyone is dead from the coven. However, Cordelia and Myrtle (Frances Conroy) manage to whisk Mallory (Billie Lourd) away to safety and now it’s time to introduce the theory that viewers have pretty much-guessed episodes ago: If they go back in time, they can fix this shit up.

Yes, while Episode 1 of Season 8 of American Horror Story contained actual apocalypse, it’s all really just bullshit because now the leftovers from the coven are going to work out how to go back in time and fix this shit up.

So, Cordelia and Myrtle decide to send Mallory back to see if they can pick up Tsar Nicholas’ daughter Anastasia because, of course, she is a witch and the only one who can help them all fix this big mess.

FX's 'American Horror Story Apocalypse,' Season 8, Episode 9, Fire and Reign, Mallory and Anastasia

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The first attempt didn’t go so well, although, I will place my money on it all working according to plan in next week’s episode, which is the Season 8 finale…

Oh, and just on the fact that Dumb and Dumber are able to override Ms. Miriam Mead’s (Kathy Bates) programming and write her dialogue is probably the most terrifying thing so far this season because that means this mess has likely been caused by a couple of coke heads with bad haircuts and not by the antichrist at all.

What did you think of Episode 9 of American Horror Story: Apocalypse? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below.

American Horror Story returns to FX with the Season 8 finale, Episode 10 (titled “Apocalypse Then”) of Season 8 on Wednesday, November 14 at 10 p.m. ET.

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