Game of Thrones – The Rains of Castamere: When a #RedWedding Goes Wrong…

HBO's Game of Thrones gets nasty in Season 3, EPisode 9, The Rains of Castamere

So, I just finished watching Episode 9 of HBO’s Game of Thrones – what a surpriseTHAT episode was! Considering this is the penultimate episode for Season 3, I’m wondering how HBO are going to top what is now being dubbed ‘the Red Wedding’?!


If you haven’t watched this episode yet and you don’t want the ending ruined for you, then please step away now. Perhaps you’d like to view some books on Amazon? Or even find some tasty recipes for your True Blood Season 6 premiere party?

For the rest of you, let’s get started….

Basically, Episode 9, The Rains of Castamere, went something like this:

HBO's Game Of Thrones, Season 3, Episode 9 Meme

Yeah, it was that good! You see, George R. R. Martin kills off his darlings – lots of them! For Team Stark there are only four members left – five if you count Jon Snow.

And what a way for them to go!

Rob Stark in HBO's Game of Thrones, Season 6, Episode 9We start with Rob Starkapologising to House Frey for marrying another. It all appears to go well too, since it ends in a wedding and a feast. But, alas, the doom bells ring and everyone realises all a bit too late that it’s a hideous trap and Frey will not take an affront to honour lightly.

And that’s when blood is shed. Great big barrel loads of it.

There are no prisoners taken, there is no shying away from the horror of death. There is only the realisation that while royalty have it pretty sweet most of the time, but when it goes wrong, there is no second chances…

So, this isn’t going to be a recap of this episode (even if it looks like it is going that way), really it is all about the fans reaction to this episode.

And, frankly, I am disgusted.

HBO's Game of Thrones gets a #redwedding in Season 3, Episode 9Okay, I can get the shock and horror of finding out your fave House has been massacred, but, let’s face it, we knew when Ned was killed way back in Season 1 that things are never pretty in the GoThroniverse. Even fans of the TV show, who haven’t read the books go into this series with a fair idea of how brutal it really is. Yeah, mostly it’s medieval porn, but we know that fancy smut always comes at a price.

Honestly, I only discovered Game of Thrones half way through the airing of Season 2, therefore I missed the online reaction o Ned Stark, but I remember how it went down in our household. First, there was shock. Then there was wine. Thirdly (after waking up with a hangover), there was resignation. We’d heard the rumours about the books, we knew HBO were following fairly closely in their footsteps. We just had to put on our big girl panties and suck it up.

I just hope all those fans that bombarded @redweddingtears and #redwedding onTwitter with their vows to never watch the show again will have calmed down a little over the last 48 hours and have decided to come back into the fold again.

While George R. R. Martin is brutal, it is also refreshing to see this reality played out on TV. I’m so sick of fairytale endings and people coming back to life to suite the fan base – and you know what I think of fan bases who are unhappy when there universes don’t end the way they expected. Hopefully this is why people will tune in next Sunday night for theGame of Thrones finale. Not because they are mad with the author and HBO, but because they realise that this is truly great TV!

You can watch the season finale on HBO Sunday, June 9 at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.

(Photo Credits: Rachel Tsoumbakos/HBO Inc.)

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