HBO’s ‘Westworld,’ Season 1, Episode 6, “The Adversary” Recap

HBO's 'Westworld,' Season 1, Episode 6, Maeve wakes up

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Welcome to my recap of HBO’s latest offering, Westworld. Here’s what I thought of Episode 6 of Season 1.

So Maeve (Thandie Newton) gets herself choked to death in Episode 7 of Westworld. And that’s because she wants to see the techies behind the scenes and continue what they had started. Turns out her and Felix (Leonardo Nam) have a date to keep and that date involves bringing Maeve up to speed on what ever the fuck she is.

I must say, though, besides one small meltdown, she takes the fact she is a robot pretty well. And that is even after Felix shows her around all the different sections of Westworld and no one seems to notice. Considering the sort of access that has been implied previously, I am not sure why no one is pulling them up. Even more so considering Felix dressed Maeve before they left. Maybe that explains why no one can recognise Maeve, on account of her clothes.

So, once Maeve really sees what is going on and the reality of her world — and her nightmares that are just previous builds, she wants an upgrade to “bulk apperception.” This will basically make her God. But, before that can happen, they get busted by the guy who works with Felix. He is all ready to report their arses until Maeve pulls a scalpel on him and praises the coding skills of Felix. Nameless techie guy is now on board and Maeve gets her God card.

Shit just got real.

HBO's 'Westworld,' Season 1, Episode 6, Maeve

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Elsewhere in the park, Lee Sizemore (AKA shouty arsehole guy) is all sooking about the fact Dr. Ford (Anthony Hopkins) didn’t like his narratives so is getting blind drunk and mouthing off about how hosts can go off script to some woman he just met.

Big mistake.

Say hello to Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson), a Delos employee that is meeting up with Theresa (Sidse Babett Knudsen). I would imagine Lee will be picking up welfare by Episode 7 of Westworld.

Speaking of Theresa, she has broken it off with Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) on account Ford found them out in Episode 5. She is also bitching about Ford and not letting Bernard get a word in edge ways about the laser based satellite uplink device found embedded in the arm of the stray host that beat his own head in with a rock.

Bernard leaves and Theresa is none the wiser. But he and Elsie (Shannon Woodward) are working shit out all over the place in Episode 5 of Westworld. Turns out there are 5 uncharted anomaly hosts roaming around in Westworld. To add insult to injury, they are in a part of the part (Section 17) that is off limits on account of it being earmarked for an upgrade. When Bernard goes to check it out, he finds the Little Boy (Oliver Bell) Ford is so find of chatting to and the rest of his family — including the dog.

The boy’s father is uber aggressive when he sees Bernard floating around their English cottage and attempts to evict Bernard forcibly. This is when Bernard discovers word commands don’t work on them. Luckily, Ford is there to sort that shit out. This family are first generation hosts, the last remaining that were programmed by Arnold. Ford assures Bernard they will not pose a risk. Bernard leaves, but he is not comfortable with the level of freedom Ford has.

Dr. Ford is also no comfortable with the fact Little Boy is lying to him about killing the family dog since he confessed Arnold told him to do it.

HBO's 'Westworld,' Season 1, Episode 6, Dr Ford and the Little Boy

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Elsie is also working out where they might find out more information about the the corporate espionage going on with those uplink devices. She heads to an abandoned Westworld theatre and Bernard doesn’t answer her call while he goes to Theresa to confess about the espionage. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, luckily Bernard decides to take Elsie’s second call and that is when he discovers he needs to shut the fuck up about everything he knows because the satellites linking the uplink device was turned on by Delos, and Theresa is in on it. Luckily, Bernard has only fessed up to her about the unknown anomalies and Ford having family issues that he likes to play over and over again in the English cottage getaway.

When Bernard gets a quiet moment away from double-crossing Theresa, he calls Elsie and finds out Theresa reprogrammed the woodcutter. However, she is not the only one fucking everything up in Westworld. Someone else has been reprogramming the 1st generation hosts (this would include Dolores for sure, since we know she is the oldest host in the park). That someone is Arnold according to Elsie.

Oh. Fuck,

At least Elsie and Bernard know the hosts can, potentially, lie or to or hurt humans. Can you notice they are being optimistic here? Of course the hosts can fuck them up now. Their brains are just bigger than the humans, as Maeve found out, so they will play smarter.

But then Elsie hears a noise and someone grabs her and it is lucky she relayed all this information to Bernard first because at least someone knows about the shit that is about to go down.

In unrelated, and less interesting storylines, the Man in Black (Ed Harris) and Teddy (James Marsden) are still looking for Wyatt. We find out Wyatt is not only a killing machine, he is a sick cunt who likes to maim and torture just as much as he likes to kill things. Teddy also reveals, with his new narrative, he is some sort of mean killing machine as well. A flashback to previous build also reveals he just may have joined Wyatt on some of those killing sprees in the past.

HBO's 'Westworld,' Season 1, Episode 6, Teddy and the gun

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Teddy also reveals information about the old native legend regarding the maze. Basically, the myth goes that in the centre of the maze is a man who died over and over yet still came back to life (sounds like the hosts here.) There is also a man who lived in a house only he could navigate (sounds like Arnold here). Now, if we are to assume this myth is true, it looks like the maze is really just bullshit and the Man in Black has been following around a game that might actually be designed only for the hosts to play, the end result being their own self-realisation. Of course, if you believe the theory that the Man in Black is a host and doesn’t know it, then perhaps this game really is for him.

What did you think of Episode 6 of Westworld? Let us know by commenting below!

Episode 7 (entitled “Trompe L’Oeil”) of Westworld will air on HBO on Sunday, November 13 at 9:00 PM. You can view the preview for Episode 7 below.


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