HBO’s ‘Westworld,’ Season 2 Premiere, Episode 1, “Journey Into Night” Recap

So, it has been a long wait until the Season 2 premiere of Westworld. Was it worth the wait? Well, to be honest, I kind of felt the way Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) looked during the entirety of the premiere. I was underwhelmed.

However, let’s have a look at what happened in Episode 1 (titled “Journey Into Night”) of HBO’s Westworld Season 2.

HBO's 'Westworld' Season 2 premiere, Episode 1, Journey Into Night, Dolores Abernathy

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Dolores Will Fuck You Up

Since Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) got all totally sentient in the Season 1 finale of Westworld she has fully flipped her switch from Welcoming Host to Fuck You Up Host. It’s like when you see those messed up versions of Barbie on the internet. Dolores spends most of Episode 1 riding around and killing every human she comes across. And, there are literally dead humans EVERYWHERE.

There are moments when she becomes a little more three-dimensional, though. Teddy (James Marsden) who is as clueless as ever, is tagging along like the lovesick puppy he has been programmed to be. Even though Dolores likely knows he is just spouting script, she still pampers him because she still has a little of their narrative coursing through her programming.

Except, she has that “kill them all” filter on and figures their HEA will only occur after the humans are dead.

HBO's 'Westworld' Season 2 premiere, Episode 1, Journey Into Night, Lee Sizemore and Maeve

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Maeve Will Make You Feel Inferior

Maeve (Thandie Newton) is super awesome in the Season 2 premiere of Westworld. She is giving zero fucks and is just cruising around Westworld, dressed in street clothes, and on her own agenda.

That agenda is to find her daughter.

She tasks Lee Sizemore (Simon Quarterman) with getting her the fuck out of the park. Lee tries to be a clever human and get her to the control room by saying she has an outdated map. However, when they get there, it is glitchy as fuck and not working.

While Maeve is usually programmed as the Give No Shits Host, in the Season 2 premiere, she is much more compassionate. This means, when her and Lee get caught by actual humans and he lets them know that hosts are walking around dressed just like them and, therefore, throwing Maeve under the bus, she still saves his arse once the hosts come in and kill all the humans. I’m not really sure why Maeve does this but I’d like to think, after seeing her make him strip down to nothing just like the humans made the hosts do, she is trying to get Lee to walk a day in the hosts shoes so he can see just how fucked up it all is.

HBO's 'Westworld' Season 2 premiere, Episode 1, Journey Into Night, Bernard and Charlotte Hale

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Bernard Pretends And The Humans Fall For It

Right away, we get to see Bernard in what I assume is the current day time frame. He is on a beach and the human guards first assume he is a host. Which is right, but because he has been hidden among them, Stubbs (Luke Hemsworth)–Yay! He’s alive, but there’s no explanation–jumps in and reminds everyone that Bernard is an important human.

Bernard then spends the rest of the episode providing glitchy flashbacks so the audience can find out what has happened in the park since the Season 1 finale of Westworld.

What we need to know is that two weeks has passed since Dolores killed Dr. Ford (Anthony Hopkins).

Bernard and Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson) spend a lot of time together as they try to escape the park during these two weeks.

Creepy AF white drone hosts are introduced. They disturb Bernard too, probably because he figures they know he isn’t human but are keeping quiet about it.

Those DNA door scanners must know that Bernard is a host but let him through anyway. The question is; does Charlotte Hale know this yet or not? In my opinion, though, the fact Charlotte strips off in front of Bernard when she changes out of her party frock might be an indicator she knows she can just wipe his memory.

Host processors are kept in some sort of clear liquid and Bernard has to inject some back into his own head because he starts to malfunction.

Bernard discovers that Delos is looking for the Peter Abernathy (Louis Herthum) host and that the park is in shutdown until he is located. Considering we know the park is reopened to the human staff after two weeks, can we assume Abernathy has been found and smuggled out of the park? But, seriously, who knows. Oh, and Charlotte doesn’t seem to be in the current day timeline, so make of that what you will.

Bernard also questions Charlotte about why they are keeping personal data on the humans who participate in Westworld.

Viewers find out at the end of the episode when all the hosts are discovered dead and floating in the water that Bernard claims he killed them all.

HBO's 'Westworld' Season 2 premiere, Episode 1, Journey Into Night, Stubbs, Head of Communications, and Bernard

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I Know I Am Supposed To Hate The Head Of Communications But, Hey, It’s Floki

I was very excited to learn that Gustaf Skarsgard had signed on for Season 2 of Westworld. For those who don’t know, he plays Floki in History Channel’s Vikings.

In Westworld, however, he plays the head of communications and is tasked with cleaning the mess up once they get back into the park. His one mission is to work out why the hosts did what they did. While he is a complete douche, he also sometimes looks like he is about to flip out like Floki and I can’t help but like him.

HBO's 'Westworld' Season 2 premiere, Episode 1, Journey Into Night, Man in Black

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The Maze Vs. The Door

So, Season 1 of Westworld was all about the maze. The Man in Black (Ed Harris) spent the entire season thinking it was a game for humans when it was actually a game for the hosts, the prize being their own self-awareness.

Now, in Season 2 of Westworld, the Man in Black is still in the park and playing the ultimate game he always wanted to play, the one in which the hosts can kill humans. During this game, he comes across the kid host version of Dr. Ford (played by Oliver Bell). The kid is glitching pretty hard core but gives up the new game called “The Door.” I have no idea how this will pan out but I did do an article for the Inquisitr that looks at everything we know so far abut this new game.


TL;DR: Bernard is having an existential crisis and the humans are in denial. But not the Man in Black, he is like a pig in shit.

What did you think of the Season 2 premiere of Westworld? Let us know by commenting below!

Season 2 of Westworld returns with Episode 2 (titled “Reunion”) on Sunday, April 29, at 9 p.m. ET.

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