Netflix Original Glitch trailer, prmotional image of the characters

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Glitch Synopsis

“A small country is turned upside down when six recently deceased residents return from the dead.”

Network: ABC (Australia)/Netflix

Genres: Drama, Paranormal

Stars: Patrick Brammall, Emma Booth, Genevieve O’Reilly, Emily Barclay, Ned Dennehy, Aaron L. McGrath, Sean Keenan, Daniela Farinacci, Hannah Monson, Andrew McFarlane, Rodger Corser

Directed by: Emma Freeman

Number of seasons: 2

Number of episodes: 12

Rachel’s Review

If you have never watched an Australian series, I highly recommend starting with this one. Currently Season 2 is being filmed, so now is the perfect time to binge watch Glitch, especially considering it only has six episodes.

Glitch is set in a generic Australian town and begins with bodies climbing out of their graves, having no idea who they are. Now, while it sounds like just your average zombie series, rest assured, it’s not. The six people who come back from the dead are completely functional in ever sense, bar a certain memory loss at the start. Eventually, over the course of the season, however, they all regain their memories. None of these people have a hankering for brains, or shamble about. The greatest mystery surrounding them is why only six people have returned from their graves and what the reason for their reanimation is. Parts of these questions are answered in Season 1 of Glitch and will likely be expanded on in Season 2.

Netflix Original Glitch trailer, Maria

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The local cop is brought into the mystery and soon discovers that one of the newly-risen deceased is his wife. While it is wonderful he is reunited with her, it also makes things complicated. Not only has he moved on and remarried, but his new wife is heavily pregnant with their first child. Both women, naturally, are in love with their husband.

Now, if you want everything tied up neatly by season end, be aware this is not the normal way Australian television works. In fact, some Australian series have been known to end with barely all the answers revealed at all. If you have watched The Kettering Incident, expect an ending similar in style to that in which some questions are answered, but the show is left somewhat on a cliffhanger.