“Humans”, Season 2, Episode 6, “Drawing the Line”

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These last couple of weeks have seen AMC drop four episodes of Humans, with five and six running back to back the week before six and seven. So here I am, trying to play catch-up and get three weeks worth of recaps out in about a week. Yeah, this is how we play the game.

The sixth episode has started setting things into play, getting everything ready for the last two episodes. Some people had big stories, some people had small stories. But everyone was on stage…


Fox On the Run:

Niska (Emily Berrington) is pretty much fucked. She’s trying to avoid capture but notices synths everywhere staring at her. She’s finally able to learn from one that the government has issued a nationwide alert to all synths to be on the lookout for her, and if seen they are to notify the government of her whereabouts. Yeah, what was it they said in Black Mirror’s Hated in the Nation? Oh yeah: “We all know the government is a cunt—” They are certainly being that here and Niska is left with no options whatsoever. Which is why she eventually tracks down Astrid (Bella Dayne)—who has likely not returned to Berlin—and shows up unannounced to hide at her flat.


Behind the Curtain:

Still in the Silo Athena (Carrie-Anne Moss) is confronted by Milo (Marshall Allman), who now tells her she was never supposed to see the synth children. He reveals that his grand plan was to offer the synth children to parents whose own children had died as a form of replacement to help them deal with grief. Athena thinks this is all bullshit and is about to split when Milo plays his biggest hand: he claims ownership of V (Chloe Wicks) and says that he will reverse engineer her and figure out how to get her into a synth body in no time. Athena realizes she has no options and decides to stay.

That night while trying to sleep V comes online frightened and crying. She says she felt herself falling and Athena, in tears herself, tries to comfort her.


Fool’s Parade:

Leo (Colin Morgan) and Hester (Sonya Cassidy) are determined to get into the Silo, but before they can execute their plan Mattie (Lucy Carless) shows up looking for Leo. She seemed intent on telling him about the new code but upon seeing Hester and a missing Max (Ivanno Jeremiah), she decides against it. She hangs back while Leo and Hester make their run, which ends in disaster: Hester runs into an electrified fence and is still in the process of shorting out when Leo gets her back to the hideout. She saved by Mattie being able to override her systems and get her shut down before she burns out.

While Leo is gone Hester wakes up and Mattie and she have a talk. Hester is distrustful of the girl but decides to tell her that Leo and she have had sex. She does this so she can gauge Mattie’s reaction and determines that she has feelings for Leo. Mattie blows her off and storms out of the house to find Leo. She’s very uncomfortable about the whole situation and doesn’t seem to trust Hester at all. She does let Leo know that his plan is shit and if he sticks to it he’s gonna die.


Down on His Luck:

So what’s a broken synth to do? That’s what Odi (Will Tudor) is trying to figure out. No longer allowed to stay at the Hawkins’ home, he’s wandering the streets. He goes into a church and speaks with the priest , where he comes away with the realization that he may still be able to find his true purpose, but it seems no one wants the help he’s offering. Odi is really cursed to hell at this point: he has consciousness and knows what he wants to do, but is unable to break free from his old habits to be really free, and his broken body offers him limited opportunities.


Max Getting Mad:

Meanwhile Max is setting up a nice little home with his lady synth friend. He discovers that Niska is being hunted, as well is something else: the security guard he released was found dead in the woods near where they were hiding. He calls Leo but gets Hester instead, and lets her know he’s aware she murdered to guard. Being the robotic bitch that she has become, Hester begins fucking with Max and pretty much leaves him believing that Leo never wanted him around.


Mommy’s Little Helper:

Karen (Ruth Bradley) is sitting in the car with a certificate of death for a woman who would be about her age were she still alive, and she is practicing new facial expressions while trying out the name when Pete (Neil Maskell) calls. He tells her he’s got one of the Seraphins and that she should come home and see it. She does that and discovers the child, which instantly fascinates her. Being that they’re identical she can interface with his system and check him out, which she does. Later, over dinner, Pete confronts her about the death certificate he found in her jacket, but she pretty much ignores his whingeing and concentrates on the child synth. The two of them settle on the name Sam for the child and it’s easy to see that synth Mommy and synth Sonny are bonding quite rapidly—while leaving Pete out of the equation.


Birds Come Home to Roost:

The biggest story of the evening revolves around the Hawkins. It starts with Laura (Katherine Parkinson) coming down to the kitchen and finding Mia (Gemma Chan) there—only it’s not Mia, it’s Anita, just as she was when they owned her before she awoke. No matter what they do they can’t bring her out of her state and they can’t get in touch with Mattie to figure out how to fix her.

Joe (Tom Goodman-Hill) is concerned that having Mia/Anita back is going to affect Sophie (Pixie Davies), who not only loves seeing her old sitter again but slowly begins emulating her actions. Laura is finally able to contact Mattie and she sends a patch that she thinks should bring out Mia’s true personality. And just like before, there’s a long drawn out moment where Mia sits staring straight ahead, doing nothing, before drawing in a huge gasp of air and pitching forward as the real her comes out.

Mia’s back and she’s not happy. She remembers being betrayed by Ed; she also remembers leaving Leo because she thought she preferred being with the human who cared for her. She also realizes that Niska is in trouble as she is constantly being reminded to update her software with the new directive so she can help hunt her down. As much as the Hawkins want her around, Mia decides that she has to leave, that she has to find Leo. So after getting a change of clothes she wishes the Hawkins farewell and takes off.

It’s not long after that Sophie slips back into synth mode and is disturbing the shit out of everyone. Toby (Theo Stevenson) speaks with Renie (Letitia Wright) to see if there’s something she can do to snap Sophie out of her current state, but Renie doesn’t think much of that suggestion. Laura is able to get Sophie to act human-like by engaging in some fun house activities involving the throwing of eggs and other household items, but it doesn’t take long for her to slip back in to imagining that she is a small, child synth and Laura and Joe are concerned about the options they have open with which to treat their daughter.


The Band’s Back Together:

Joe, Hester, and Mattie are still up on the hill overlooking the Silo when Mia arrives. She hugs Joe and is introduced to Hester. Mattie tells her that she needs to talk Joe out of attacking the Silo, but Mia refuses. In fact, she thinks getting into the Silo is an extremely good idea, though she has no intention of attacking it…



The Cast:

Niska — Emily Berrington
Mia — Gemma Chan
Max — Ivanno Jeremiah
Hester — Sonya Cassidy
Leo — Colin Morgan

Laura Hawkins — Katherine Parkinson
Joe Hawkins — Tom Goodman-Hill
Mattie Hawkins — Lucy Carless
Toby Hawkins — Theo Stevenson
Sophie Hawkins — Pixie Davies

Detective Sergent Pete Drummond — Neil Maskell
Detective Inspector Karen Voss — Ruth Bradley

Dr. Athena Morrow — Carrie-Anne Moss
Milo Khoury — Marshall Allman

Astrid — Bella Dayne
Renie — Letitia Wright
V — Chloe Wicks
Odi — Will Tudor


Humans airs in the US on AMC at 10 PM EDT.

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