iZombie, Season 2, Episode 15: “He Blinded Me… with Science”

iZombie S2 E15 Liv With Brain

As Rachel is busy with stuff around the home and preparing for the eventuality that Jon Snow really is dead (Ha!), I’m recaping the last three episodes of Season 2 of iZombie. So here we go with Episode 15:

  • Last time we saw Blane (David Anders) he was getting this throat cut and doing the dirt nap. But you can’t keep a good zombie down, so now he’s on a city bus wearing a checkered tablecloth straight out of an Italian restaurant and discussing Duran Duran songs with some bald dude. Given that’s he’s just crawled out of a fresh grave, it’s pretty much a given Blane’s eyeing the dude as a quick snack ‘cause he’s Hungry Like the Wolf.

RT: Is it wrong that I secretly love Blane even though he is such an obvious baddie? Although, to be honest, I think if Liv had have taken him under her wing at the start, he may not have turned out so terrible…

CF:  It’s even more interesting when you realize they were both on Season 3 of Once Upon a Time together, with David playing Dr. Frankenstein/Dr. Whale, and Rose McIver (Liv) playing Tinker Bell.  But maybe the undead don’t feel the way magical fairies and mad scientist feel.  Also, Liv has horrible taste in men.

RT: Don’t even talk to me about Liv’s taste in men! I am still traumatised by Lowell’s death 🙁

"They say looks aren't everything--"

“They say looks aren’t everything–“

  • Liv (Rose McIver) and Ravi (Rahul Kohli) are discussing the whole Gilda/Rita thing, with her sleeping with Major and getting punched the fuck out by Liv. Ravi’s doing a autopsy on Dr. Eleanor Cash, and he gives Liv her brain to munch on ‘cause this corpse is burnt hard and answers are needed. Turns out she was a disgraced scientist working on an acne cream that left someone scared up, so Liv leaves with Clive to do the investigating thing.
  • Blane show up right after that looking for Brains from Ravi. Ravi talks about how his zombie cure isn’t working, but he’s got something else going on. Blane doesn’t care for this news and departs looking for a good supply of brains ‘cause he’s one hungry zombie.
  • Clive (Malcolm Goodwin) and Liv show up at the house of Annie Rosine, the woman had the bad reaction to the acne medication and was scarred all to shit. Only she’s not scarred now: hooray for plastic surgery! Also, it appears she’s not very murdery and she has an alibi for the night Dr. Cash was, um, cashed out. Dead ends suck.
  • Vaughn de Clark (Steven Weber), king of the energy drinks, is working on a keynote speech, being way over the top when Major (Robert Buckley) shows up, which can’t be helped because is he being played by Steven Weber, and there’s a law in place that says he has to be a smarmy asshole. Then Gilda (Leanne Lapp) walks in and there’s uncomfortable moment when Major finds out he was bangin’ the boss’ daughter, and Daddy sees where his little girl was punched in the eye by Liv starts flippin’ the shit out. Dude, lay off your product.
  • Clive doing the detective things and Dale (Jessica Harmon) tells him that they found brains, human brains—probably from Missing Persons—up at Blane’s cabin in the woods. She calls a friend at the FBI, and he lets slip about finding more human brains elsewhere. Duh du DUNNNNNN! But the report Clive and Dale saw said those later brains were cow brains. That would mean someone altered a report—like maybe someone from the city morgue? Now, would would do that?

RT: Please, when are they going to let Clive in on the secret already???

CF:  This is like their version of sexual tension between characters:  “We won’t tell the cop who is solving crimes with a person who appears to be suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder that she’s really a zombie, ’cause that would spoil the fun.”  Also, it make you wonder how he figures out anything on his own.

RT: I know right? How did he even hold down his position before Liv cam onto the scene?!

  • Liv is freaking out ‘cause her boyfriend, Drake (Greg Finley), is late. With Lady Scientist Brain in her system her mind swings into gear an Liv gets all Sciency. She’s working out facts and figures, begins developing hypotheses on Drake’s location, and begins to wonder if he might have a zombie on the side—other than her. Then he shows and it’s cute. They go through the Blue Oyster Cult slow walk montage as they enter the The Snake Eye, the joint where he works as a bouncer, and Liv keeps on doing the Lady Scientist thing because she can’t help herself.

RT: Liv eating brains and being new personalities will never get old as far as I’m concerned!

CF:  I did love how they showed her thought process with all these different graphs and models appearing on the screen next to her, like she was processing all this information in her head in a logical and systematic way.  It was a good touch.

  • After the bar Liv heads back in the morgue where Ravi is doing an autopsy on a test rat and she starts giving him all kinds of ideas on how to fix his lame-ass cure because Liv the Zombie Scientist is full off Lady Scientist Brains. Clive shows up and says Annie’s alibi checks out, but they found where the other scientist, the former Dr. Alan Bedway, now works, so they go visit him. He can’t get a job anywhere ‘cause Lady Scientist screwed him through bullshit testing of their acne cream, so he’s doing bad pirate stuff at a Red Lobster knockoff called Heave Ho’s. Something triggers Liv and she sees Vaughn de Clark yelling, and this tells her Dr. Cash once worked with de Clark at his company.
  • Clive and Liv show up to talk to de Clark. They discover that Dr. Cash is working there as Dr. Erving doing something mysterious down in the company basement. Liv is laying science shit on de Clark that he doesn’t understand, but he knows enough to tell them they aren’t getting in the basement, so fuck off.
  • Liv decides she’s going to sucker Vaughn and get a job at Max Rager, so she gets all human-looking, with blond wig and natural skin tones. She even dons the glasses to make her look totally like a Scientist Lady, and all we need to hear now is, “Miss Moore, you’re beautiful!”

RT: I love that Liv gets to play Rose McIver in this episode! 😀

CF:  It was extremely strange to see her that way, and knowing that they spent less time in makeup to make her look like her is a bit mind blowing.

RT: I only know Rose as Liv, so it was completely cool to see her this way 😀 Although, from my daughter’s point of view (who has Liv’s haircut because of Liv being Liv), Rose is a bit too classically pretty for her taste 😉

"All you, all natural. Easy, Breezy Coverundeadgirl."

“All you, all natural. Easy, Breezy, Undead Covergirl.”

  • Major shows up at Blane’s and finds Blane. Major isn’t digging the idea that he’s probably going to zombie out again soon just as Blane did, but hey, shit happens. He’s told to go get a brain from Drake, who was know as the one who slit Blane’s throat and left him for dead.
  • Liv is doing an interview with the other science types at Max Rager, and they like her style. The others tell her about how they knew the woman whose position Liv wants to fill was set on fire, and they know she worked in the basement, which is secret, though since they know it it’s not secret. Gilda sees Liv heading to the basement: this is not good. She tried BSing her way to the basement using a biomed sensor, which totally fails, and ends up meeting with Vaughn and a bodyguard. Vaughn wants to kill her as well as knowing she wants to know what’s in the basement, but that ain’t gonna happen. He kicks Liv out with the, “And don’t come back, bitch,” totally implied.
  • Clive shows up at Annie Rosin’s place but she doesn’t answer. He speaks with a kid who is trying to get video of her, and he says Annie looks like Groot and not all fixed up. Liv shows up back at his office wanting a search warrant for the Max Rager basement, while he’s getting the lowdown on who owns Annie’s house. The head back Annie’s house and—Surprise! Twins! Annie’s sister Jenny owns the house and did the murder ‘cause they see Annie is all messed and that didn’t set well with Jenny, who lit up Doctor Cash with Canadian lighter fluid, proving not all Canadians are willing to say “Sorry” over everything. Liv gets another trigger and knows that de Clark had a zombie in the company basement.
  • Liv and Ravi talk about this newest revelation as well as the cure the later is working on, and Blane shows up wanting said cure. Liv gets a buzz on Drake at an unknown location, and we find out he’s with Mr. Boss, who is going on about killing Blane. Liv is waiting outside and sees them leaving the building together. She is not happy. Liv goes back and tells Ravi that Drake is working with Mr. Boss, and she’s dating a criminal. She wants to confront him, Ravi says to do it in a public place.

RT: See, this is why I love Ravi so damn much! Looks like such a nice guy, knows all the “how not to get dead” advice that actually works.

CF:  Ravi is a great character:  person of color, not a stereotype, smart, does his job well, is a good friend, isn’t holding shit over Liv because he knows her secret.  I like their interaction as colleagues.  And yes:  he does know how to keep you from getting kills.  Sorta.

RT: He reminds me very much of Felix from Orphan Back. And this is fast becoming my new fave character type.

  • Blane’s minions are getting him a fresh brain, which he’s eating with a lovely red. He’s reflecting on final death and wonders about taking the cure that Ravi gave him. He wants his guys to keep the brain business going if he dies.
  • Vaughn and Gilda are watching a zombie on a treadmill who is being kept going by Super Max energy drink. Vaughn decides to have a bit of a laugh and starts zapping the zombie with a cattle prod, which just pisses the zombie off. If only there was someone who could tell Vaughn that these Zombie Fun Runs never end well . . .

RT: On a side note, imagine if Rick died on The Walking Dead and wound up in Liv’s morgue… Imagine the Liv-Crazy episode that would be…

CF:  With all the other silly-ass petitions that The Internet start up, why isn’t there one to have Andy Lincoln be the “Stiff of the Week” and Liv gets to eat his brain?  Or have him play someone from the FBI investigating zombies–and then he pulls a pistol and goes all Crazy Rick on the undead.  They need to do this.  Actually, a great thing for ending The Walking Dead would be to have Rick die and then you cut to Liv finishing snacking on his brain and realizing the guy was actually a comic book writer who was working on this zombie story . . .

RT: And so another great Walking Dead theory is born! Really Rick is just Stuart from The Big Bang Theory having a daydream about how awesome he would be during the zombie apocalypse…

"I live in an insane world with insane rules, but this is bullshit!"

“I live in an insane world with insane rules, but this is some bullshit!”

  • The zombie gets loose and attacks the doctor in charge, then Vaughn leaves his daughter in the basement to deal with impending zombie death. He’s back in the office having a drink, and . . . there you are, Lovely Gilda! Nah, doesn’t have the same ring as Lovely Rita. Anyway, never fuck with a woman in high heels, particularly when she’s covered in blood and pissed. Though the chances are good she’s been scratched and will soon develop a taste for gray matter—
  • Liv is back in the Red Lobster knock off having a drink and waiting for—Hi, Drake! A minion checks on Blane, who is coughing and checking on stuff on the Internet. Drake is talking to his mom and standing up Liv. Blane takes the cure. Drake finally gets out to see Liv and is suckered punched by Major, who puts him in the trunk of his car and drives off as Liv leaves Heave Ho’s.
  • Just one last thing: when you are taking you episode title from a Thomas Dolby song title, you must play said Thomas Dolby song at some point during the episode!  It’s like the law.  No Points for Gryffindor.

RT: Really CW?! Shame on you 🙁

CF:  I was highly disappointed.  Next week’s episode is Pour Some Sugar Zombie, and if there isn’t a certain Def Leppard song in that mix, then boo, you whores.

RT: Absolutely!

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