iZombie, Season 2, Episode 16: “Pour Some Sugar, Zombie”


iZombie S2 E16 Liv at the Club

Here I am once again, recaping the last three episodes of Season 2 of iZombie. And today I’m catching up on Episode 16:


  • Blane (David Anders) is sleeping off the cure and he’s so out of it his minions thought he was dead. Keep an eye on Blane; this is gonna be something that keeps popping up.
  • Liv (Rose McIver) is doing her morning bathroom routine, and while she’s getting set to shower someone is letting themselves into the house. It’s Gilda (Leanne Lapp), but she’s not quite herself. She’s looking just a touch pale and there’s a nice white zombie streak in her hair, so either she was infected in last week’s Fight to the Death with the Undead, or she’s working on her cosplay for the Emerald City Comicon. She’s there raiding Liv’s freezer for brains, and while she’s getting ready to chow down there’s someone standing behind her—oh, hi there, Daddy’s Thug! Gilda is nabbed, Liv comes out of the bathroom and find the head scarf she left behind, and then—It’s Peyton (Aly Michalka)! Hi, Payton! She didn’t like the old place, so Ravi (Rahul Kohli) and Major (Robert Buckley) are helping her more back in with Liv. Everyone’s sitting around, drinking beer and acting like they’re Friends Undead, or some shit.
"You are so like Monica, Pey."

“You are so like Monica, Pey.”

  • Payton gets a call about that time, and it’s someone helping her with a case: Cassidy the Stripper. Yeah, thanks iZombie. I love having a stripper use my name. Fuck it, okay. Anyway, she’s pitching a bitch about shit in general, and while this goes down a car zooms by and she gets hit in the head with a tire iron. Down goes the stripper!

RT: Seriously, you’re a stripper?! That’s fricken AWESOME! I am so jealous Liv got to eat your brain 😉

CF:  I’m not a stripper, but I play one on television.  🙂

  • Cut to next morning. Ravi and Liv are at the scene of the crime, and Clive (Malcolm Goodwin) shows up in a bit as well. Liv goes on about dating Drake (Greg Finley) while Clive thinks Cassidy’s boyfriend, Bad Guy Nick, did the job. You know, the normal shit people talk about when they’re picking up a dead body.
  • Back at the morgue Ravi and Liv are cutting up Stripper Cassidy. Payton shows up and wants to know if Liv had partaken of stripper brain because she wants her to use Liv to find out what Cassidy knew about the crime lord Mr. Boss. Liv isn’t digging this ‘cause she’d already said she didn’t want to get into the mess that was probably Cassidy’s life, but Payton talks her into snack time. While Ravi does a little sexy time song and dance, Liv fries up the gray matter and has a Brain, Lettuce, and Tomato sandwich. (Just for reference last week Liv did up the brains in a meatball soup.)
"Feel like lunch, Liv? I'm sorta buying."

“Feel like lunch, Liv? I’m sorta buying.”

  • Peyton is trying to get information from Liv’s memories of Cassidy, and though Liv is getting a ton of Cassidy’s attitude, memory aren’t like happening. She needs to trigger a vision, so time to hit the strip club, huh? There arrive at Cassidy’s former place of employment, and Liv starts getting into the swing, hitting on the guys and pissing off the other girls with the attitude she picked up from Cassidy—so much so that she she almost kicks another girl’s ass over some fucking slight. But the visions are comin’, so Liv knows what to do: Lap Dance! She pulls Peyton off to give her one, and she is working her shit hard. Peyton is like, “What the fuck?” ‘cause she’s never had a woman give her a lap dance—she’s probably never hand a lap dance at all. Fuck it, Pey! Liv’s right there and she’s frickin’ hot! Get down on that shit, bitch, and slap dat ass!  You’re paying twenty bucks for this action, so you may as well have some fun.
"Remember, you can write this off on your taxes as 'research'."

“Remember, you can write this off on your taxes as ‘research’.”

  • Ravi walks in on Major and sees his safe. In the closet. The private safe. Major tries to blow it off, but when Ravi sees something strange he doesn’t let it go.
  • Liv is still dancing like a maniac, and Payton isn’t diggin’ it. Clive calls and says Nick’s ankle monitor, which put him at the scene of Cassidy’s murder, was found in a backpack; the worst they can get him for is tampering with the device. Liv gets a pony tail flip from the girl she pissed off earlier and heads into the bathroom to kick her ass. The girl comes out of the stall and right at that moment Liv gets a vision: a stash house with heavy security door and “Thompson” on the mail slot. The girl she was gonna beat comes out of the toilet stall all upset, says she was Cassidy’s friend and, after Liv and Peyton identify themselves, says that she thinks this other guy did the deed ‘cause he was a regular. Turns out it’s Johnny Frost (Daran Norris), local weatherman and stripper lover extraordinaire. Johnny tells the girls that he was pissed at Cassidy because she’d stolen his identity and ran up $45,000 in charges, but not pissed enough to kill her. He’s not too broke up, though: he’s about to head off with another girl named Destiny.

RT: I just love that Johnny Frost keeps turning up in all the seedy episodes. It’s almost like he is iZombie’s version of getting Rick Rolled.

CF:  Who would ever figured a weatherman could be so naughty?

  • The girls head over to Blane’s to see him, and he wants to give them some coffee. Liv wants to know where Drake is, but Blane doesn’t know. Peyton wants to go over his testimony about Mr. Boss, but Blane is being a little strange, acting sort of high. It’s obvious there’s something wrong with Blane, but the what is puzzling.
  • Ravi and Major are hangin’ at home, and Ravi has found information about the Chaos Killer in the local paper, which is strange as hell ‘cause Ravi is reading a paper? And you thought zombies were unreal . . . He’s excited ‘cause—there! Right there with one of the victims is Major’s Minor the Dog! As far as Ravi’s concerned Major has to know something! And . . . Major thinks Ravi is trippin’ and blows him off.
  • Liv is down to the morgue and she’s dancing to a tune in her head while she cleans up. (Note here: The previews the CW showed for this episode had Liv doing a much longer dance that involved getting down with a little pole action, but we don’t see that because we gotta have ads, right? Like, boo, you whores!)  Det. Vega show and asks a couple of questions about Drake and vanishes as Clive walks in needing help with Cassidy questions.

RT: Hmmm… I wonder how the Aussie version of this episode will pan out. I will let you know 😉

CF:  I have a feeling you’ll get the extended version.  And it will likely show up like that on Blue Ray and DVD.

  • Clive goes to speak to the girls: what he learns is the girls like giving real shade on Mr. Boss and Nick was at the club, near blackout drunk, the night of Cassidy’s murder. One of the girls starts a fight with Helvetica—who isn’t a font of information, go figure—but Clive and Liv got their eye on another girl who is acting a little strange. While waiting for this girl to leave Liv figures out, through a vision, that the Chinese shoeshine guy who works the club saw the murder. All he saw was the car and nothing else, so another dead end.
  • The girl who ripped off Helvetica takes off on the most outlandish scooter wearing her full-on stripper outfit. Really, is there something about strippers in Seattle that they dress like this? It’s like, “Pay no attention to my pink platform heels, I work as a stripper,” and no one blinks an eye.
  • Ravi drops off a report and strikes up a conversation with Dale (Jessica Harmon). He wants to know about the dog and he gets answers about the hound, but not the one he wanted. Dale shows Ravi a picture of Blane that has him with an unknown person, and while he says he doesn’t know the dude with Blane, you know that’s bullshit.
  • Clive and Liv are hanging out at a motel, waiting for something. Pizza boy shows up; Liv wants pizza. She probably wants the brains of the pizza boy, too, but that’s another matter. Time to make the Nick bust which Clive does by pretending to be the pizza delivery dude. The car at the motel that they think is Nick’s isn’t, however. Bummer.
  • Lorelei the Pink Stripper, who was chillin’ with Nick the Criminal Dick at the hotel, is back in interrogation, and she’s upset that her Grandma is going to find out she’s a stripper. Liv is losing it: this shit is too much like an Adele concert with all the fucking tears and emotions. Just then Clive gets a call: the car that killed Cassidy belongs to Johnny Frost. You can bet Bust #2 is coming up.
  • Back at the morgue Blane is getting checked out by Ravi. Blane doesn’t remember shit, but he is human again. It’s obvious the cure worked, but the whole “Who am I?” thing isn’t cool unless it makes you over into Jason Bourne and you can start using Kali to kick some serious ass. No matter: Ravi is worried.
  • Johnny Frost is in interrogation and Clive wants to know about the car. Turns out that the car Clive is looking for is one of those items that was bought with Johnny’s card. It also turns out the guy who bought the car is someone turning evidence on Mr. Boss, and it’s discovered later that Payton knew this. She shows Liv the picture options on the stash house, and Liv IDs the joint as the one from her vision.
  • Clive and company made the bust on the dude, aka Pablo, who they make for Cassidy’s murder, and it turns out one of the girls from the club, Destiny, is also with Pablo. His garage is full of stuff bought with Johnny’s hot card.
  • Ravi is trying to break into Major’s safe using everything he knows about Major, and finally gets a hit on the combination. He opens it and finds the zombie death book, spray paint, his killing mask, and a money bag with the sedative he uses to knock out people. Major’s got some major questions to answer.
That moment when you realize your roommate is probably a serial killer.

That moment when you realize your roommate is probably a serial killer.

  • Pablo admits to identify theft but he won’t cop to killing Cassidy; his alibi is that he was at the ER, and it seems good. Nick the Criminal Dick didn’t do it either: he was totally blackout drunk. Now Destiny, this girl doesn’t want to go to jail, so she roles on Lorelei, who was seen getting in a car with Nick. But Lorelei, she who doesn’t want Gand to know she’s stripping, has the real story. Yes, she was driving and Nick was passed out in the back, but Destiny told her to pull up along side and hit Cassidy with a tire iron. And to make her story real she rolls on the tire iron, putting Destiny in some deep shit. Destiny confesses. Case closed.
  • Liv shows up at Drake’s mom’s home, and Mom says she knows Drake is dead as she hasn’t heard from him in four days. Mom is upset. They look at pictures, and there’s Drake in his uniform from the day he graduated from the police academy. Liv looks shocked, ‘cause the criminal she was dating is an undercover cop.
  • Major comes home and Ravi has the stuff laid out He knows Major is the Chaos Killer, and this doesn’t set well with Major. He gets pissed, and getting pissed turns him full zombie. Fortunately Ravi knocks him out with the drugs before he can do any serious damage.


Final notes:  while it was cool to see Liv heading down into the world of “exotic dancers”, it felt like there was way too much shade being thrown–but then, I’ve never been a stripper, so what do I know?  Also, the girls were in Stripper Mode 24/7, so I gotta figure this is a Seattle thing.  And last:  No Def Leppard song!  Would it have killed you to play one bar?  Boo, you whores!

RT: So basically CW were the stripper. Here’s the goods in our title, but no, you ain’t getting any. Nicely played CW #not

CF:  I have a feeling we won’t hear a Diana Ross and the Supremes song next week, either.  They don’t want to go too meta.

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