iZombie, Season 2, Episode 18, “Dead Beat”, and Episode 19, “Salvation Army”

iZombie S1 E18 Liv

We have finally reached the end of Season 2 of iZombie, and this post is gonna be massive! Why? Because last night we saw a two-hour finale. Let’s get into that, starting with Part One, aka Episode 18:


We get to see Liv (Rose McIver) at Ravi’s place organizing all his DVDs ‘cause she’s still riding the last brain wave and OCD is kicking her ass. Right up until the FBI shows with a search warrant and starts tearing the place apart. The cops find body bags under Major’s bed; they get into Major’s safe and find the list—the one with her name on it. Liv is freaking, Clive, who is there, that Major (Robert Buckley) isn’t the Chaos Killer. Clive (Malcolm Goodwin) points out Drake’s (Greg Finley) name on the list, and—oh, and right then Ravi (Rahul Kohli) comes home and is arrested for keeping the drugs Major used to knock out his victims.

RT: Loved the episode starting this way! Straight into the action 😉

CF:  I loved that it picked right up from last week, with Liv still brain tripping.

iZombie S1 E18 Dale and Clive

“We have you for . . . something. And it’s, um, bad. Really bad.”

Dale (Jessica Harmon) and Clive are questioning Ravi. The body bags are from the morgue, and the drugs were in his room. Dale remembers the Minor and brings it up. Clive puts heat on Ravi about charging him as an accessory, but Ravi isn’t shaking. Then the two start questioning Major, and shit gets more real. They want to know details about people. They want to know where the bodies are. And then they show him Drake’s pictures: he’s a cop, and cops are gonna lean for one of their own. Major knows he’s in deep shit, but never fear, the lawyer shows up. And while he’s not Saul Goodman, we discover he’s been retained by Vaughn because fuck yeah. The lawyer tells Major he’ll get this shit kicked and at worst Major will spend the night in jail before walking.

RT: I don’t know how I feel about this. I almost want Major to be the reason everything comes out into the light. Maybe it’s because I am terrified Liv will get killed because of everything being kept under the carpet, or maybe it’s just because I feel this storyline is starting to drag a little and want it to move forward now. But sending Major a lawyer just feels like the old storyline repeating somehow.

CF:  As we see the legal dude was really something of a ruse . . .

Major is in the new black at the jail and talking to Liv. The Drake thing comes up, and she wants to know if he’s alive. He wants her to believe he didn’t kill anyone. She wants to believe. He’s okay, but he’s hungry—and Liv knows for what.

Liv is home and Ravi is there with Peyton. Liv says that Major told her he didn’t kill: Ravi says Major confessed to him. Liv does the sad face thing.

Back in interrogation Dale is asking about victims but Major isn’t talking because the lawyer isn’t letting him. No choice but to send Major back to jail, and the lawyer lets the heat know they have forty-eight hours to press charges or Major walks. Dale says her boss doesn’t like the case: there’s no bodies, no evidence. It does look as if Major is gonna stroll out the front.

Ravi gives Liv the info: the bodies are frozen and no one is dead-dead. Major did this to protect Liv, because she was gonna be one of the zombies hit by Vaughn (Steven Weber). They both know time is short: Major will need brains soon or he’s gonna start eating the people in jail.

Liv sees Blaine (David Anders) about a brain and explains if she doesn’t get a brain to Major, it’s zombie apocalypse time. Chief and Don E are like, sure, take one—but it’s twenty-five grand or you can walk. Liv walks.

RT: Good girl Liv!

CF:  She can get brains cheaper down at the market.  That makes me wonder:  what would happen if they ate a cow’s brain?  Would that work?

In jailhouse visiting Ravi speaks with Major, and what’s on his mind is this “Zombie Video Game” he’s going through, but it’s stuck on a level in “Zombie Town” and wants to know where he can find the “frozen stuff”. Major does know how to get to the next level: Ravi has to go to the edge of water . . . world, and he’ll find that on the 15th—Level. Which is almost like a street. Yeah. Ravi and Liv find the storage shed, and it’s full of free freezers. All of them empty. The zombies are gone. All of them.

RT: Oh. Fuck!

CF:  Yeah, it was a pretty hairy moment.

Big freak out now. Ravi figures Max Ranger has the bodies to finish them off. Liv admits she’s hungry and having a hell of a time keeping her shit together. Ravi wants to get her a brain, she wants to drive. Maybe it’s time for drive-thru, Liv?

Vaughn is up to some bullshit showing off the Super Max, and it turns he’s cashing out to a military organization for about a billion dollars. The buyer on the other end—a rather attractive woman—wants to make sure that the drink isn’t causing strange things, like, you know, turning people into serial killers. Vaughn turns his back on the camera asks his personal goon if the “problem” is taken care of, and once he gets the affirmative, he lets it be known that Major should be part of this solution.

Ravi is in the morgue trying to get a brain, and he’s discovered by the rest of the staff. Someone called for him while he was out, and as he’s leaving a woman wants to know about the rats.

While listening to bullshit tips on the Chaos Killer Clive calls from jail. Turns out it’s a guy who says he sold guns to Major, and he wants a deal. The guy knows what weapons he sold, and something clicks with Clive. Next stop, Deal City.

RT: It must be hard on poor Clive in this episode. What with having to do actual police work and work things out for himself…

CF:  Clive was getting knocked around a lot this episode.  It’s a wonder he didn’t just lose his shit and start cappin’ people.

Dale’s talking to one of the people who lived next to the second victim. The daughter saw some strange stuff. Like this man. Putting a body in the trunk of his car. Like Major. And she was scared to talk. Like ever. Dale’s listening.

Turns out Ravi’s mysterious caller was Blaine wanting to talk. There’s a party downstairs and Blaine is upstairs hooking Liv up with some gray matter. He makes it clear he doesn’t want the zombie apocalypse; Liv is chowing.

Dale uses what she has to get Major charged, but Vaughn makes his bail. Liv walks him out of the jail, and Vaughn is there ready to kill him with the old “poisoned umbrella” trick. Just as Ravi is about to lay a brain shake on the newly sprung zombie Clive comes up and arrests Major for the Meat Cute Murders. This shit ain’t getting better.

RT: This episode had me on the edge! Like Major without a brain shake edge.

CF:  They did a fantastic job building up the tension.  You really didn’t know what was happening up to this point.  And bringing up the end of Season 1 helped there.

Major is back in interrogation with his lawyer, and Clive has the news: he talked to the guy who sold Major the weapons for the Meat Cute Killings, and he knows Major did it. Since he found a kid in a freezer minus a brain, Clive believes Major is involved in a city-wide “brain cult”. Regardless of how fucked up that sounds, it looks like Major’s going down.

RT: Haha! Clive. You nearly have it. Just think about it for a moment. There might be a Z word you can use to describe this cult.

CF:  You got it, Clive:  you’ve stumbled onto a Walking Dead cult—  😉

Clive is with Dale: big day. They’re gonna nail Major for sure. Clive is getting smooth with Dale, but there’s a problem: Dale has video evidence that this girl who rolled on Major couldn’t have seen shit. Even though that’s gonna kill her case, she knows Major is the kill, and Clive sees it, too. They’re totally making a cute couple, prime for shipping.

Liv got a drummer’s brain and she’s going nuts on a drum pad at her place. Clive arrives and wants to talk alone, so Peyton (Aly Michalka) leaves. He is there on a courtesy visit as he’s got Major cold and it’s even odds Liv’s gonna get deposed as she’s his only alibi. Clive wants her to come clean. He wants her to think about her statement, but she sticks on the story that Major was with her.

Major is in jail and not looking good. Liv’s on the visitation phone telling him she doesn’t think her alibi will hold up. He says needs the cure, and like now ‘cause he’s have visible issues holding it together. She doesn’t want to do it, but he knows he’s gonna turn if he doesn’t get it. She’s gonna figure something out: he doesn’t agree.

Brain in the blender and it’s getting turned into some yummy chocolate cake. Peyton thinks that maybe Major is right: the cure is his only hope. Liv says we gotta get this to Major—Pey’s like “we”? Yeah. She meets with Major’s lawyer the next day and asks if he can get Major an energy bar cause he’s got fucked up aminos. The lawyer wants drinks with Peyton. She takes the sleazy deal in exchange for a plea bar. Not that it matters ‘cause the asshole lawyer’s dog ate the brain bar and Major gets stuck with some faux shit. Liv finds out and knows they’re running out of time—

RT: It’s like some sort of sick ongoing joke–will Major ever get the goods?!

CF:  Again, a lot of tension, and I loved how Major looked as if he was really gonna snap and eat someone right there.

Only one thing left to do: she goes to Clive’s and comes clean.

She lays it all out: Major is the guy for Chaos and Meat Cute stuff, but see, he’s a zombie, and he was after other zombies. Really. Clive ain’t buying it and wants to know if she’s high. She’s telling him she’s been feeding him brains and that the Meat Cute shootout took down a brain crime syndicate. Oh, and one last thing: she’s a zombie as well.

She gives Clive her told story: the boat, the scratch, being undead, eating brains to help with crimes. She tells him everything. And she has to tell him this because he needs to get Major out of jail, or he’s gonna infect everyone inside. Clive still ain’t buying it, so only one last thing to do—

Liv stabs herself in the chest.

"You don't have to explain that much!"

“You don’t have to explain that much!”

Clive loses his shit as she goes full zombie. She stays this way long enough to get Clive past freaking and into the real. “Do you believe me now?” I think he does.

RT: I was so relieved when Liv came clear and Clive finally understood everything. I can now put him in the same basket as Darryl Morris from Charmed 😉

CF:  This was so well done, and Malcolm Goodwin said in an interview that they filmed like four or five versions of the coming out so they could figure out his reaction.  But it’s good–and bad–that he now knows.

"Now, for my next trick--"

“Now, for my next trick–“

Liv waiting outside the jail with a brain shake. Major’s coming out in the middle of the night. He gets a hug and the drink before they leave without talking.

Clive getting ready for work and Dale shows up. Major was released and she’s pissed. She finds out that a judge heard her witnesses were all bad, and she knows he burned him. He can’t tell her everything, but she’s one scorned woman. She’s telling him that the FBI, his career, her—all gone, dude. And with that she’s outta there.

RT: Should we let Dale know now that no one watching the show actually cares?

CF:  This is a TV show?  You mean there aren’t zombies in Seattle?  I’m bummed if that’s true.

Liv back in the morgue and happy. Someone on the phone: it’s Ravi. She’s watching everything in the room—except for Vaughn’s henchman. Ravi’s still on the phone and hears her taken, but he doesn’t know that. When he gets to the morgue he runs into the dude wheeling Liv out in a body bag. He walks in and finds broken glass on the floor, and manages to run outside and beat the guy with an extinguisher, knocking him out and getting Liv back. Goon comes back and is trying to take out Ravi, meaning there’s a huge fucking fight! The guys is gonna stick Ravi with the drugs. It’s looking grim—someone gets injected. It’s the bad guy.

iZombie S1 E18 Ravi and Goon

“You know all this damage is coming out of my pay as soon as I’m off suspension!”

Ravi is shaking when Liv wakes. The dude ODed and is dead. Ravi wants to give himself up, or maybe just not report the killing and dump the body. Liv has an idea: keep him. ‘Cause the goon’s got a brain, and they look good on bagels . . .

That's come good eatin'!

That’s some good eatin’!

Major’s loving the drummer brain, and Liv flashes. There’s all the zombies. There’s Drake. In the basement at Max Ranger—


But wait! There’s more!

iZombie S1 E18 Ravi, Liv, and Goon

Now begins Part Two, aka Episode 19, of the season finale:


Major is still high on drummer brain, but now Liv wants him on Janko Brains—Janko being Vaughn’s goon—because he’s pretty much a merc and they can use his knowledge to fix what’s wrong. Peyton and Ravi come back and are complaining because she found out that the Mr. Boss task force was closed down.

Mr. Boss is with his mugs and they have Lucky U for him. They find out that Blane’s goons are still dealing. You know what he wants.

Ravi asks Peyton how she’s doing, and she feels like she sucks. He’s trying to make her feel good. They’re looking cute. Real cute. Yeah, cute. Anyone getting tickets for the ship yet? They should ‘cause Liv and Major come home and find them making out on the sofa. Major has the best line of the night: *quick smile* “Sup?” Raviton get smiles and off to her room.

Chief and Don E are hangin’ in the basement. They’re not real happy that Mr. Boss didn’t go down. There’s sound upstairs and they think it’s Blane. Ummm . . . no. Chief takes a round to the head and Don is begging for his life. He says Blane is alive—and who should walk in just then? For this information Don E takes two in the gut for his troubles.

Clive is at the morgue trying to deal with the zombie thing. Major thanks Clive for getting him out. Clive wants him to earn it. Dig it: there’s a big Super Max party in an underground area tonight, and people are all gonna be locked up, which means it’s a perfect time to get into the basement of the building. But they can’t use the elevator without a hand print. Guess who has a hand? But Major thinks there’s a guy on the inside that might let them down. Liv lets Clive know this is on just Major and her: sorry, but it’s a zombie thing.

Vaughn heads downstairs to check on his researchers—who are a bunch of crazed, trippin’ buttheads—and see his little girl. He tells Rita that the cure is coming, ‘cause he’ll have a billion dollars and a shitload of zombies to experiment on, and he’ll do whatever he can to help her. Rita’s like, the same way you couldn’t hold open an elevator door for three seconds? You gotta move on, Sunshine: this isn’t getting you anywhere. Fuck that. She wants to kill Daddy’s ass.

RT: Please let her kill him! I am so over her dad’s bullshitery.

CF:  Patience, young Padawan.

The basement zombies aren’t happy ‘cause they are pretty certain they’re never getting out. And they see one of the bad zombies, a Romero, come back all messed up. The goons are looking for volunteers and look at the people behind the glass and go, “Ennie Meenie Minnie Moe—” Get the motherfucking bat ’cause it’s Pee Pee Pants Time! Oops, wrong show—I mean, get the hook. Drake wants out, so he offers himself up just to blow this cage.

RT: Haha! I was thinking the same thing 😉

CF:  When this scene went down I was seriously hoping that the writers sat around going, “We know how The Walking Dead is gonna end this season–well, I was thinking . . .”

Major and Liv are at the party, totally undercover in riot squad outfits. They’re looking for a way down.

Clive is in the office and he calls Liv. He wants to know what’s happening. When he doesn’t get an answer he heads for the party. He tries to get in, but the rent-a-cop at the gate won’t let him—but look! It’s Rob Thomas—no, not that one, the other one, the singer! Wheeee! Time to party! And since Clive is with the band, in he goes.

Ravi back home with wine, and he thinks he hears Peyton. Wrong, it’s Blane. Guess who’s coming to dinner? He doesn’t want Blane in the house, but Peyton does. Blane hears all this going down and boogies out the door to find something to eat.

Party hard, dudes. Clive’s looking for Major and Liv who see Vaughn and move in with drinks. He’s talking to the woman who’s buying his company. She isn’t talking about what she’s gonna do with his company when it’s hers, doesn’t want anything but wine, and wants to know why everyone is packing heat.

Peyton can’t get Blane on the phone; meanwhile Ravi answers a knock at the door. He gets knocked out by Mr. Boss’s guys. They beat him and little and take Pey. The deal is simple: get Blane or Peyton dies.

RT: NOOOOO!!!!! Nothing bad can ever happen to Ravi! Ever! you hear me CW?! 🙁

CF:  Ravi went through too much shit this episode.  I though he might die a few times here.

Back to the party, and Vaughn is the MC for Rob, and just like everything else he’s a pretentious asshole. But who cares? Party on, bitches! Vaughn, like the dead, can’t dance, and he splits for the stairs. Liv and Major are on his tail. Clive sees and follows.

Dr. Wyatt, who was Major’s “in”, is handing out Lucky U and Super Max and tells everyone it’s time to kick back and get crazy. In the history of bad fucking ideas this is the worst! Zombie time!

RT: LOL! And that’s how the zombie apocalypse 2.0 started…

CF:  I do have to say this was the dumbest thing that happened in both episodes, and it was done only to set up something later–which is, of course, the zombie apocalypse.  Seriously, these are the guys Vaughn has working for him?  No wonder his shit sucks.

Live and Major are at the stairs where Clive catches up. They don’t know if they should go up or down—doesn’t matter: Vaughn’s there with security. It’s not looking good. Vaughn says to take them to the zombies, but fuck that, the zombies, the ones tripping on Lucky U and energy drinks, come to them! Shit gets insane as they eat the guards, then rush out into the party! Rob Thomas see this go down and is like, what the fuck is this? The security guards at the gate hears the screams and shit, and watches everyone people running towards him in a panic. And hot on their asses—Zombies ! The guard splits and leaves the party goes to the zombie attack.

"My rider said nothing about handing out brains!"

“My rider said nothing about handing out brains!”

Clive, Liv, and Major hear what’s going on above. He hands a gun to Liv and he’s about to show her how to use it, but Janko Brain is in effect and she doesn’t need that, she knows. Major gets an ax and is ready to party. It’s time to do their part to kill zombies.

The party is over. Everyone’s dead. Or undead. Anyway you look at it, things are bad.

Blane returns and slaps Ravi awake. Ravi gives him the bad news. Blane doesn’t like this and decides it’s time to go Full Terminator on Mr. Boss.

Rob Thomas is dead, or as Liv says, “That’s how you crack a skull.” At least Major finds a hand. And then there’s more screaming. Clive goes to help and hauls ass back a few seconds later with zombies hot on his ass. Liv tells him to get behind Major and her, because they’re zombies and the undead won’t kill them. There’s too many zombies, so they fall back to a room and get inside.

RT: I love that they killed Rob Thomas.

CF:  I’ve read elsewhere that Rob was totally cool with being killed as he’s a big fan of the show.  Props, dude.

Ravi and Blane are back at his place. His people are dead, and Blane weapons up. He’s going after Mr. Boss: Ravi is tagging along. They’re gonna hit the streets hot.

Our Zombie Saving Trio is in trouble. Zombies are about to breach the room, and they’re almost out of ammo. Clive’s saving his last round for his own brain, but Liv has a plan: I’ll scratch you and you’ll be like us. Zombie but . . . Good Zombie. That way bad zombies won’t eat you. I half expected her to start singing, “I’m a zombie, he’s a zombie, wouldn’t you like to be a zombie, too?”

Blane and Ravi are outside Mr. Boss’ joint. Blane wants to sneak in, Ravi wants to attack, Blane gives him a what the fuck look and say he’s considering using Ravi as a human shield. He leaves the car, and moments later the building lights go out. Blaze of Glory Time, Bitches! Blane has a pair of night vision goggles and he sees the two dudes with Peyton easily. Ravi wants to rush in and finally does. In the dark Blane has his targets. One goon goes down, the other makes for the door with Peyton. Blane makes him dead-dead right there and then. Ravi comes in and finds a sobbing Peyton with Blane. He’s upset. Dude, fortune favors the brave. Get after that shit!

Liv wants to scratch Clive in the worst way so they’ll all, um, live, but right then all the zombies go down in a hail of automatic fire. The woman who is buying the joint, Vivian (Andrea Savage), has blown all the zombies away and seems to have confirmed that all this energy drink bullshit does as she suspected. Zombie Saving Trio wants to go downstairs, and she’s okay with the idea.

"Theres still time for a scratch if you want one--"

“There’s still time for a scratch if you want one–“

In the elevator The Captain & Tennille is playing as the ZST are heading downstairs courtesy of their hand. Lights are off, and Clive finds some Romeros. There’s Rita, and she knows who Liv wants. They can’t get the door open, but Rita says as they all hate Daddy, if they let here out she’ll help. . The code to her cage is 8674309, got that Jenny? They get into the sealed off area, but up pops Vaughn who separates them: Liv with Clive and Major with Rita. Liv finds Drake: he’s completely turned to a Romero. Too fucking late, kids. Liv is trying to communicate with Drake, but he’s far gone. Vaughn is having a blast with this, and he’s about to do something bad. He’s opening the cages in their area . . .

The Romeros are out and go for Clive. He kills the first but Drake is on him, hard, and Clive is out of rounds. Right before the bite comes down Liv puts a round in Drake’s head and kills him dead-dead. She tells Clive to get out and leave with the zombies, she’s not sure what to do. Clive tells her to let the brain take over, let it do the thinking.

Vaughn is being an asshole to his daughter, and as usual this whole situation is all about him! He’s giving everyone shit. He figures he’s lost his deal and all that money, and since Major has been a total dick about everything he lets the zombies out to finish him off. But, Major has nothing to worry about, yeah? Right then Vaughn realizes Major is a zombie, so he’s gassing everyone. Major’s like fuck it, and shoots Vaughn in the hand, breaking the glass in the process. Vaughn runs for the elevator and is trying to get it going. Major pops in, heads up through the hatch at the top, and hands Vaughn the ax as the zombies come in with Rita driving right in on Daddy. They start eating him as Major closes the lid.

"So that's where you hid all the money I was supposed to inherit!"

“So that’s where all my trust fund money went!”

Clive and Liv are about to head downstairs in the elevator and wonder what they’re gonna find. The door opens and they find Rita eating Vaughn’s brains. She looks up and charges Clive: right then Major pops down from the hatch and shoots Rita in the head. So long, Rita. Say hi to Daddy in Hell.

RT: I almost miss Rita 🙁

CF:  I know it’s wishful thinking, but somehow I think she’ll come back.  Because she’d make a cool yet fucked up zombie.

Vivian’s people show up and secure the building. Liv gives Clive the story to tell the cops, one that’s a lot better than, “Zombies killed everyone.” There’s one last thing Liv needs to do, however, because something’s bothering her—

"My zombie senses are tingling."

“My zombie senses are tingling.”

She heads down and finds Vivian eating Rob’s brains while one of her people plays Matchbox 20’s Unwell. Vivian looks up and, with a smile, lays it out for Liv:  the city is about to become the Seattle Safe Zone for Zombiekind, and she’s there to make sure no one fucks up that plan. So, Liv:  are you ready to do your part?

RT: And that, AMC, is how you do a season finale!

CF:  So fucking true.  There was excitement, mystery, tension, and then, at the end, a HUGE reveal that is going to change the show in Season 3.  From recaping these five episodes the one thing I get about iZombie is that there’s almost nothing wasted here, and this two hour finale did the great buildup, showed what would happen if the zombies ever got loose, and then gave a TRUE cliffhanger that tells you how things are going to be next year.  It made promises and kept them without bullshit tricks.  And now the question is:  what will Liv do?  Is she gonna work with Vivian?  Or against her?  That’s how you leave your viewers wondering about what comes next year.

"Ask not what your zombies can do for you, ask what you can do for the zombies."

“Ask not what the zombies can do for you, ask what you can do for the zombies.”



And there you have it—the Season 2 finale of iZombie. I’ve had a great time recaping these last few episodes, and regardless if it’s Rachel or me doing the writing, we’ll be here to cover all of Season 3 when it comes around next year.

RT: Thank you so much for these recaps Cassidy! I can’t WAIT for season 3 now 😀

CF:  I can’t either!  And it’s been a pleasure doing these.

What did you think of the season finale of iZombie? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below!

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