‘iZombie,’ Season 3, Episode 10, “Return of the Dead Guy”

'iZombie,' Season 3, Episode 10, Return of the Dead Guy, Drake and Liv

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So, I’m a bit behind in my recaps this week as my modem up and died on me leaving me without internet for a week. So, strap yourself in while I catch up on everything I missed on television over the last seven days 😉

Here’s what went down in Episode 10 (titled “Return of the Dead Guy”) of the CW Network’s iZombie Season 3.

  • Stacey Boss (Eddie Jemison) turns up in earnest in this episode of iZombie, with his stash of cash and diamonds, he thinks he owns the world. he shoots Blaine (David Anders), who goes full zombie, which means the cure is as useless as shit. This also means Blaine puts him back a peg or two and pulls Mr. Boss into working for him rather than the other way around. Shit, Stacey, you should have stayed in hiding mate.
  • Major (Paul Buckley) has gone from Mopey Major to Makeout Major — complete with a sex fort thanks to Shawna the groupie. Is it just me or is Major thinking with the wrong brain? I can totally see her screwing him over, and not in the sex fort way she currently is.
'iZombie,' Season 3, Episode 10, Return of the Dead Guy, Ravi and Don E

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  • Ravi (Rahul Kohli), meanwhile, is stuck with the Zombie Truthers and trying desperately to save Don E (Bryce Hodgson). I’m not entirely sure why he’s doing this, but telling the Zombie Truthers that zombies have feelings and shit doesn’t really work. That’s because the Zombie Truthers have decided to stream Don E. When the views hits 100K, he gets the cattle prod. Ravi, even though he is not really in tight with the group, in still on the inner and manages to knock out one guy so he can have a quiet word with Don E about using his phone. After discovering Don E did not hide the phone is his butt (he just wanted Ravi close enough so he could try to take a bite out of him because he is starting to zombie out regardless of whether there is a cattle prod involved or not), Ravi finally gets his hands on the phone and calls Liv (Rose McIver). Well, tries anyway. But, as everyone in this day and age, can’t remember Liv’s number for shit and has to resort to calling Blaine. Blaine, of course, isn’t super interested, as he is currently dealing with Mr. Boss.
'iZombie,' Season 3, Episode 10, Return of the Dead Guy, Peyton and Liv

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  • Liv is busy getting her S & M on again by eating a murder victim’s brain who was into slap and tickle, for no other reason than to titillate the audience. Although they do use the excuse they need to trigger a vision. Peyton (Aly Michalka) needs no promoting either and dons a latex number and starts whipping Liv with a swatter like she is an old hand at this. This does eventually get Liv to have a vision but they continue messing around with the S & M for shits and giggles after that. But, the problem with that is that Liv’s brain, not only being of the blue variety, but also is of a person with mental health issues, so Liv starts seeing dead Drake (Greg Finley), who she killed. And, so begins that awkward “seeing the dead guy” moments that occur just often enough to find Liv busted during sex with Justin (Tongayi Chirisa). Needless to say, it’s a no from Justin after that. Liv finally apologises to dead Drake for killing him and that seems to be the end of him and it is all on again with her and Justin.
'iZombie,' Season 3, Episode 10, Return of the Dead Guy, Drake, Liv, and Justin

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  • Meanwhile, Liv and Clive (Malcolm Goodwin) are still trying to sort out the Weckler case and that’s why Peyton convinced Liv to eat the S & M brain. Turns out he did kill a dominatrix, but he didn’t commit suicide.  A vision Liv has also places Weckler making a call to his daughter before he was killed. So, off they go to interview little Tatum. All we need to know here is that something shady as fuck is going on and there is more to this story than everyone expected.
  • Back at the Zombie Truthers, 100K views has been met, just in time for Rachel to turn up and have a chat to Ravi and for Ravi to have one last go at trying to save Don E. This starts well and ends with a gun pointed at Ravi’s head. Here’s hoping Blaine and Liv get their zombie rage on in time to help Ravi out here. But, the audience will have to wait until Episode 11 to find out.

Season 3 of iZombie returns to the CW Network with Episode 11 (titled “Conspiracy Weary”) on Tuesday, June 13. You can view the synopsis below.

“When Liv, Blaine and Don consume a Zombie Truther brain, paranoia follows. Liv reveals the truth about Major’s new “friend.” Ravi discovers something shocking. Director: Mark Piznarski. Writers: Rob Thomas, Diane Ruggiero.”

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