“iZombie”, Season 3, Episode 6, “Some Like It Hot Mess”

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After last week pretty much put the whip to the writers to come up with something good, the iZombie Writers Room ran the real risk of putting together a hot mess. Wait a second: that’s exactly what they gave us! And how hot was that mess? Let’s find out.


  •   First, let’s get the Murder of the Week out of the way. Hot party girl Yvonne is found dead in her bathtub, electrocuted by a hairdryer dropped into the water—which, I believe, The Mythbusters proved couldn’t happen, but I digress; after all, we’re talking about a show were one of the police investigators is a zombie. The woman who rented Yvonne her room says she was, a hot mess drama queen: flighty, spacey, never able to do shit right, and always late with rent. We have no suspects—which is par for the course at this point the show…
  •   It’s the day after Major (Robert Buckley) took the cure and so far everything seems okay. Ravi (Rahul Kohli) is putting them through the memory recall paces while Major pigs out on ice cream. Ravi tells Liv (Rose McIver) that perhaps the cure won’t affect Major the way it affected Blaine and he’ll retain all of his memories.
  •   Of course, by this time, Liv is starting the trip out on her own brain concoction, and the results are not pretty. She’s getting flighty, spacey, and seems to be in love with the camera on her phone—that is, when she isn’t leaving it inside a cadaver that’s been sewn up and ready to be sent off to the Great Beyond. Ravi is certainly not dig in this version of Liv.
  •   Clive’s (Malcolm Goodwin) and Liv’s investigations lead them to a boy who Hot Mess Girl used to work at a grocery store. He points out that Yvonne was a good friend—oh, and yeah, she used to DJ at a club. Over at the club it’s discovered that, yes, Yvonne did DJ, but she was a shit DJ, and after bracing the owner’s wife—who was seen on a store security tape slapping Yvonne at her grocery store gig—Hot Mess Girl was working the husband’s turntable, if you know what I mean. Oh, and we get to see Liv try her hand at DJing; she’s pretty shit as well.
  •   A couple of zombie visions later the murderer is found: it’s the woman who rented Yvonne her room. Turns out Yvonne was short a grand for her rent, so she stole a rare signed baseball from the owner and pawned if off for the grand. The landlord discovered this and tossed the hairdryer in on Yvonne when she confronted her. Case closed, and I hope the landlord didn’t have to do any time because, damn, that bitch deserved what she got.
  •   Blaine (David Anders) and Peyton (Aly Michalka) have become quite the couple, with Blaine doing the overnight and cooking breakfast thing on what seems to be a regular basis. Party Girl Liv is kinda grossed out by this shit and spends as little time as possible over the house—except, for the one time she needed to print out a list of ingredients she needed to pick up for Ravi’s Blue Brain Juice, which, of course, Spacey Head left behind because when you’re hot mess, getting the ingredients for a zombie cure together are just not high on your list of priorities.
  •   The bad news here is Major appears to be losing his memory, only in little increments over time. He isn’t freaking out about this, though. Major starts getting proactive by leaving behind letters for everyone he now remembers, telling them what he thinks of them and hoping that they remember him fondly. Ravi’s is tear stained, which is exactly what you expect when it comes to telling your Best Bro how you feel about them. Liv’s is almost nothing, because Major tells her how much he loved her. As for the last letter… It’s to his mother and sister in Walla Walla, so he decides that while he can he’ll take a bus and hand deliver the letter to them, though he tells no one he’s going, which sorta throws everyone into a panic.
  •   In the meantime Don E seeks out Ravi. It seems there’s some trust fund zombie who doesn’t dig being among the undead, so he offers a butt load of money to anyone who can cure him. Don E knows Ravi has the cure, and Don E has the people willing to pay for it. Ravi’s not interested, though, and pretty much tells Don E to get the fuck out of his morgue.
  •   This interlude gives Ravi an opportunity to pass along to Peyton a bit of news that Don E gave him: Blaine is faking the memory loss. Don E overheard Blaine speaking to someone on the phone, a someone that he remembered from before he took the cure, as someone that he actually mentioned by a name he shouldn’t have been able to remember. Peyton kind of sees this as Ravi’s desperate attempt to hurt her, and even Ravi feels like it was an asshole move.
  •   This doesn’t prevent Peyton from bringing this up to Blaine when the two meet later. At first Blaine sorta blows this news off—and then Peyton mentions that Major took the cure. Blaine’s sort of like, “Hey, Major took the cure? That’s cool.” And then he looks up after pouring drinks—

This is Blane’s “Oh, Fuck” face. [Image via The CW]

  •   When Blaine comes back with drinks for Peyton and him, it’s time for some truth telling—and that means that Don E was correct: Blaine has been faking his memory loss since taking the cure. He tells her that his memories faded out at first but after a day or so they came back complete. He just decided to go along with the whole idea of not remembering who he had been, because he wanted to start working from a clean slate.
  •   Peyton is cool with that for all of about two seconds before she rips into his ass. She’s pissed off that he lied to her; she’s pissed off that her friends could have been reverted back to human months ago and didn’t. Mostly, she’s probably pissed off that she fucked Blaine, but this is The CW and discussions about getting zombie dick ’cause one was deep into that whole “Lusting After the Bad Boy” thing is off limits. Needless to say, this relationship is done fucking busted for good.
  •   Liv, Ravi, and Peyton all get back together and hear the news. They get in contact with Major, who is now with his mother and sister. It was true: when he arrived at her house he couldn’t remember who he was or anything else, but after a good night sleep all of his memories have returned. And we all know what this means: since the cure worked, there’s no need for Liv to keep eating brains. So let’s all head over to the morgue—
  •   Where we discover someone has broken in and stolen all of the zombie cure. Ravi isn’t about to panic, however: he left a hypo with the cure with Major before the later took off on his combat mission, so all they have to do is wait for Major to return so he can give it to Liv. Oh, did we mention that Major gave that cure to Natalie when he found her? Well, he does as soon as he returns to Seattle.
  •   Everyone is bummed out. Liv can’t be cured and Team Zombie goes back and forth as to who could’ve stolen the cure—was it Don E, or was it Blaine? Doesn’t matter. The one little silver lining here is Ravi can make more. All he needs are the ingredients. Which he doesn’t have.
  •   You know who does have the list of ingredients, however? Blaine. Because Liv left that list behind at her house back when she was zooming on Hot Mess Girl’s brains and he picked it up.  Sine Bad Blaine is Back, why shit, he knows exactly what to do with a list like that…

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  •   Looks like someone’s getting back into the black market trade in a big way.


Personal Note: It shouldn’t come as any surprise that the whole “Blane Has Memory Loss From the Cure” plot line was a whole lot of bullshit. We knew, given Major’s condition, that it was only a matter of time before he had to take to cure, and were the writers really going to allow him to lose his memory? Bitch, please. You should know better than that.

The curious thing here is something that happened in the aftermath of this episode being aired. Rob Thomas indicated that he was so confident that the show would be picked up for Season 4 that he admitted to changing something significant in the season finale, so that it could be used in the Season 4 premier. He’s also admitted that something will happen in this season’s finale that will cause “a major reset.” He’s not indicating what, but with seven episodes to go could we possibly be seeing something significant happened with the cure—like say, it’s a short-term solution and everyone changes back after a while? The last episodes of this season are a two-parter titled Looking For Mr. Goodbrain, and it is unreasonable to believe that will find out exactly what Blaine is up to as well as finding out if Ravi’s cure actually stands the test of time.

Or is something else going to pop up that’s going to rock the Seattle Zombies to their core?


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Liv (Rose McIver)
Ravi (Rahul Kohli)
Major (Robert Buckley)
Clive (Malcolm Goodwin)
Peyton (Aly Michalka)

Blane (David Anders)
Don E (Bryce Hodgson)


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