‘iZombie,’ Season 3, Episode 9, “Twenty Sided, Die”

'iZombie,' Season 3, Episode 9, Twenty Sided Die, Liv as a dungeon master

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Pull out your old Dungeons & Dragons game and dust off those dice because here’s what went down in Episode 9 (titled “Twenty Sided,Die”) of the CW Network’s iZombie Season 3.

  • The anti-zombie meeting goes ahead. The plan is to catch a zombie and make it go full zombie while they film it for YouTube. Ravi (Rahul Kohli) quietly freaks out but still manages to freak the whole meeting out by announcing he works for the cops. He then backs it up with a plan that might actually keep a zombie from getting kidnapped. So, what’s the plan? He has a vaccine that will prevent humans from getting infected by the zombie virus. Ravi claims he is only a few weeks away from a successful vaccine and the meeting falls for his bullshit.
  • The murder victim this week is a dungeon master. What’s that? Those of you who have played Dungeons & Dragons will know what a dungeon master is. For the rest of us, it is basically the person who runs the show when playing Dungeons & Dragons. The MC if you will. Now, I have no idea how melodramatic dungeon masters are in the real world, but this guy is over the top melodramatic. As a result of this, Liv (Rose McIver) is as dramatic AF from this point onward.

Can I add that this is possibly the WORST murder whodunit in the history of the world? At first it’s interesting because it looks like all the nerds were fighting over this one chick called Zoe. however, a secret room is found and in the span of one small scene, it goes from a whodunit to THE RUSSIANS POISONED THE GUY! I shit you not. That hidden room is filled with top secret computery shit and apparently Mr. Dungeon Master pissed off Russia. *rolls eyes until they can roll no more* Thank fuck the FBI steps in and shuts down this story.

The CW Network's 'iZombie,' Season 3, Episode 9, Twenty Sided Die, Dungeons and Dragons

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  • One final thing about the stupid murder case in this week’s episode of iZombie, can I just say how much I loved watching the group play Dungeons & Dragons? It was particularly nice to see Clive (Malcolm Goodwin) doing something other than being exasperated at Liv for a change. Please CW Network, we want more of this.
  • What we don’t want though, is more of Mopey Major (Paul Buckley). This week sees him find the bunch of letters Ravi has stashed. These letters are hate mail for the Chaos Killer (AKA Major Lilywhite), except for this one letter that smacks of serial killer fetishism. Major, of course, asks this one out on a date. What could possibly go wrong? Seriously, does Major EVER make a good life choice???
  • Blaine (David Anders) has finally gotten his bad guy mojo back and I am as thankful as fuck for this! When he is not sitting by his father’s watery resting place and giving him awesome shade about how terrible a father he is, he’s getting shit done at the Scratching Post. it seems the blue brain potion he stole off Ravi is going to make him rich. So, to make the visions even more intense, he soaks the shit out a brain and poor Don E (Bryce Hodgson) ends up peaking hardcore and running out of the bar. This is not a good thing.
  • While the anti-zombie guys seemed okay with Ravi’s delay tactics, when they come across doped up Don E, they just can’t help themselves. They show Ravi their handiwork *insert freaking out Ravi here*
CW Network's 'iZombie,' Season 3, Episode 9, Twenty Sided Die, Clive

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  • Clive, in between getting booted off the dumbest case ever and having loads of fun as a nerd, catches up with Bozzio (Jessica Harmon). Needless to say, even though Clive lays his feelings on the line to try and win her back, she is still shitty at him for deceiving her. To be honest, I’m not really sure why this scene even happened.
  • Liv and Justin (Tongayi Chirisa), along with Peyton (Aly Michalka), attend the world’s first political fundraiser that has a zombie running for office. Of course, shit goes down. Not only does Peyton find out from Liv that her boss is one of the clients on the books for the dominatrix who died in Episode 5 of iZombie, but someone sets on the gathering with a gun. This means Mr. Zombie Candidate goes full zombie and Liv has to talk him down.
CW Network's 'iZombie,' Season 3, Episode 9, Twenty Sided Die, Liv Moore

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  • Episode 9 of iZombie Season 3 concludes with a familiar face: Stacey Boss (Eddie Jemison). Mr. Boss was last seen in Episode 19 of Season 2 of iZombie. He is now back and pissed as hell. Peyton and Blaine had better watch their backs from now on, especially if this promotional still from Episode 10 of iZombie is anything to go by:

CW Network's 'iZombie,' Season 3, Episode 10, Stacey Boss

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Season 3 of iZombie returns to the CW Network with Episode 10 (titled “Return of the Dead Guy”) on Tuesday, June 6. You can view the synopsis below.

“Peyton and Liv find themselves on a surprising wild goose chase. Ravi is terrified when the zombie truth hunters’ plans are revealed. Elsewhere, Major finds comfort in an unexpected – and perhaps unwelcome – friend. Malcolm Goodwin and David Anders also star. Episode 10 of iZombie is directed by Viet Nguyen and was written by Talia Gonzalez and Bisanne Masoud.”

What did you think of Episode 9 of iZombie Season 3? Let us know by commenting below!

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