‘Knightfall’ Season 2: Episode 1 Recap, “The Devil Inside”

History Channel's 'Knightfall,' Season 2, Episode 1, God's Executioners, Landry, sword

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Here’s what went down in Episode 2 (titled “The Devil Inside”) of History Channel’s Knightfall Season 2.

Episode 2 of Knightfall Season 2 opens in 1279 A.D. Which, means it’s a flashback. in the scene, some poor kid is having to watch his parents being burned at the stake for being Cathars by some guy called Father Benedetto (Simon Haines).

Then, it’s time to check up on Landry (Tom Cullen). He is still an initiate and Talus (Mark Hamill) is still a dour old cow. This is played out in great detail as the initiatives have a bonding session over whose father sucks the most. Rhone (Dean Ridge) says little, which means that whoever his dad is, it’s important.

One of the other initiates then butts in and says he just chewed his food eight times after Talus said they were only allowed to chew each bite seven times.

I shit you not, this is a real thing.

Talus retaliates by making the initiate vomit his entire meal up again.

After that, Talus makes them all train in the rain. The task is to climb a stone wall. However, with the rain making it slippery, everyone is just getting to play in the mud really. Talus, believing he is somewhat of a kind soul, gives them a hint.

But, it’s a riddle. And it’s taken from the bible, so the group has to work it out.

Considering Landry has been through training before, they all just shrug and look at him. Except, this is a new challenge and he has no idea.

Eventually, though, they work it out and discover that they have to work together and form a human ladder in order to scale the wall.

Talus actually looks impressed at this point.

But, then there is a conversation to be had between the initiates about keeping things from their past. Landry warns Rhone that he shouldn’t be holding onto the scroll with the prayers from his mother because Talus will find out and it will all go to the crapper.

Which it does.

However, it isn’t Landry who ratted Rhone out. Rather another initiate has and they are all hauled up in front of Talus who promptly throws the squealer out for being a squealer and gives everyone punishment after Landry tries to ‘fess up to the contraband goods.

Nice one Landry. Way to get everyone to like you more.

His group is targeted by Talus and they have to chop down a tree rather than carry around heavy rocks for the day. Awesome.

Except, while they are in the forest, they come across a group called the Luciferians. This mob like to sacrifice women and wear horned headdresses.

Once more, I shit you not.

So, the Luciferians discover the initiates and it all goes to shit rather quickly. The Templars stick up a good fight, though and manage to slay most of the devil worshippers. One of the Luciferians manages to stick one of the initiates and Landry makes a mad dash home with him. However, the poor guy doesn’t make it and those that really didn’t want Landry to rejoin the Templars are shittier still with him still.

They respond by branding Landry with the sign of the cross. Landry is not a dobber, though and he won’t even tell Tancrede (Simon Merrells) who did it.

History Channel's 'Knightfall,' Season 2, Episode 2, The Devil Inside, Prince Louis

[Image via Larry Horricks / History Channel]

Meanwhile, in the royal courts, King Philip (Ed Stoppard) and his son, Prince Louis (Tom Forbes) are battling it out amongst themselves over who is the worst person ever. I seriously can’t pick it yet.

Prince Philip is refusing to give Queen Joan (Olivia Ross) a proper burial and sending his son on a secret mission to kill all the babies that might be Eve.

Prince Louis is just killing them all.

In fact, he is even killing the Templars who went out to find the Luciferians just so that he can use their clothing to disguise themselves as godly men so that they can easily access the homes with newborns.

William DeNogaret (Julian Ovenden), who is lacking in the bastard stakes this year now that Philip has upped his game and Louis has entered the ring, kills the Pope (Jim Carter) in an effort to outdo them all.

Now, let me back that up a little.

Pope Boniface visits King Philip to pay his respects to Queen Joan. Oh, and to tell Philip that the Church is the head of state, not the king.

So, Philip sets DeNogaret onto him. Because, with Boniface out of the way, it is possible to set someone else in his place that might be more malleable to the king.

This is when we learn that the little boy crying over his parents in the flashback at the start of Episode 2 of Knightfall Season 9 is actually DeNogaret as a kid and Pope Boniface is actually Father Benedetto. Which means that DeNorgaret has been waiting for some time to exact his revenge and I am not really sure about how I feel towards DeNogaret any more because I can totally see his point about how the church sucks when they make a little boy live on the streets after burning his parents alive.

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Knightfall returns to History Channel on Monday, April 8, at 10 p.m. ET. History Channel lists the following synopsis for Episode 3 (titled “Faith”).

“After suffering a casualty, the Knights Templar prepare to exact revenge.”

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