‘Knightfall’ Season 2: Episode 4 Recap, “Equal Before God”

History Channel's 'Knightfall,' Season 2,  Episode 4, Equal Before God, Landry, Templar Knights

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Here’s what went down in Episode 4 (titled “Equal before God”) of History Channel’s Knightfall Season 2.

Episode 4 opens with Landry (Tom Cullen) passing his initiate exam. This involves beating one of his brothers while everyone else cheers. Getting accepted back into the Templar Knights, Landry has his robe and sword returned to him.

However, there are more pressing issues.

Like the injured member of the Lapinites of Saint Lazarus which turns up on their doorstep to inform them that the Pope is dead. He also insists that Pope Boniface (Jim Carter) has been murdered by the king. So, there is no pulling the wool down over this religious group’s order.

So, who are the Lapinites of Saint Lazarus? Turns out they are another religious group that was founded around 1119. They all wear masks and the reason isn’t apparent immediately. However, thanks to Rhone (Dean Ridge) having a long talk about how much he hates lepers, it is soon revealed that this group are all lepers and Rhone has to eat his words.

History Channel's 'Knightfall,' Season 2,  Episode 4, Equal Before God, Talus holds a candle

[Image via Larry Horricks / History Channel]

However, the Templar Knights have a good long debate about the issue until it is decided that they won’t do anything until a new Pope is selected.

With King Philip determined to bring down the Templar Knights merely because his wife didn’t love him, he is getting ready to attack – even if he still isn’t impressed with Gawain (Pádraic Delaney). So, those Templars had better be ready.

Landry and a small group of Templars assist the Lapinites of Saint Lazarus member, Gabriel (Sam Hoare), back to his home. When there, they are attacked by King Philip’s army and for those that have been itching for a battle in Season 2 of Knightfall, you can settle back now and enjoy the fanfare. What we learn from this battle is that Landry now knows that Gawain is on Team Philip and that God will always provide for the Templars – even if it means burning it all with fire.

The Templars and the Lapinites of Saint Lazarus are now all on the same page and they split up as they prepare for further attacks. Talus (Mark Hamill) also has a little chat with Landry about how children should be with their fathers and I am pretty sure little Eve will be brought into the fold soon.

History Channel's 'Knightfall,' Season 2, Episode 4, Equal Before God, King Philip

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While King Philip is getting all excited about killing all of the Templars, William DeNogaret (Julian Ovenden) is starting to join the dots and realizing that his king is batshit crazy. However, because he has a grudge against religion, he pushes all that doubt aside and suggests that King Philip enlist in some propaganda against the Templars.

So, while everyone is hanging around in the royal court, DeNogaret brings in the poor woman from last week’s episode of Knightfall who had her family slaughtered by Prince Louis (Tom Forbes). When she reveals that the Templars killed her husband and baby, the King offers to pay out all of those who are affected by the Templars “brutality.” Yes, King Philip is offering hush money. Except everyone thinks this is awesome and they all start cheering for him.

Except, then the woman notices Prince Louis and starts shrieking that he is the one who killed her family. Before she can really get started on it, though, Louis rushes in and practically smothers the poor woman, telling everyone that she is hysterical with grief and that he will help her out.

I honestly thought she was a dead woman walking at this point in Episode 4 of Knightfall. However, the prince is eager to try absolutely anything to get it up and produce an heir with his wife, Princess Margaret of Burgundy (Clementine Nicholson). So, he takes the woman hostage and unburdens himself of all that his father makes him do.

Somehow, this unburdening works and Margaret can stop worrying about the fact that she is not pregnant yet.

History Channel's 'Knightfall,' Season 2,  Episode 4, Equal Before God, Princess Margaret lying down

[Image via History Channel / José Sarmento Matos]

Of course, there may or may not have been a drunken incident involving herself, her sister-in-law, Princess Isabella (Genevieve Gaunt), and a couple of random men that may come into play further on in Knightfall. But, for the meantime, we can all cheer for the fact that Louis can finally have sex again.

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Season 2 of Knightfall returns to History Channel on Monday, April 22, at 10 p.m. The synopsis for Episode 5 (titled “Road to Chartres”) is below.

“Landry reunites with his daughter, only to be separated once again. Growing impatient with DeNogaret’s legal strategy, King Philip prepares his army for war. Margaret discovers one of Prince Louis’ dark secrets.”

[Featured image via Larry Horricks / History Channel]

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