‘Knightfall’ Season 2: Episode 7 Recap, “Death Awaits”

History Channel's 'Knightfall,' Season 2,  Episode 7, Death Awaits, Landry, in chains, landscape

[Image via José Sarmento Matos / History Channel]

Here’s what went down in Episode 7 (titled “Death Awaits”) of History Channel’s Knightfall Season 2.

It is Friday the 13th and the poor Templars are having a really bad day. King Philip (Ed Stoppard) is heading the inquisition into the charges laid against them and William DeNogaret (Julian Ovenden) is heading the legal proceedings. Which means it equates to one speech about the charges and the presentation of one Templar who has witnessed torture, who will now “confess” to the crimes.

Case closed.

Which means that it’s time to start burning Templars at the stake.

Except, first of all, King Philip would like to torture them some more because he is not only pissed at Landry (Tom Cullen) for shagging his wife, but he would also like some of the Templar gold since there will now be no longer any of them left to hand it out to the poor.

History Channel's 'Knightfall,' Season 2,  Episode 7, Death Awaits, Tancrede, in chains

[Image via José Sarmento Matos / History Channel]

This means that viewers have to watch Tancrede (Simon Merrrells) get his face cut open and salt poured into the wound. Tancrede, God bless his soul, refuses to speak.

Which means Philip has to pull out the iron maiden and set to work on Landry. The Templar refuses to ‘fess up. Except, he does manage to piss off Prince Louis (Tom Forbes) by talking of how Philip killed Louis’ mother by stabbing her in her pregnant belly and wouldn’t even give her a proper burial.

However, while this gets under Louis’ skin, he still doesn’t turn on his father.

Meanwhile, Princess Isabella (Genevieve Gaunt) is telling her father all about how Princess Margaret (Clementine Nicholson) got busted in a compromising position with two men and Philip is losing his mind because #allwomen are the same. He has Margaret put in a cell and all her hair cut off like some sort of inferior version of Cersei Lannister.

Maybe Louis will finally turn on his father now that he finds out his wife has been imprisoned?

But, no.

Still, I live in hope.

At least he worked out right away that his sister had something to do with it all.

History Channel's 'Knightfall,' Season 2,  Episode 6, Blood Drenched Stone, Princess Margaret, Princess Isabella

[Image via Larry Horricks / History Channel]

Oh, and that reason that Isabella plotted against her sister-in-law? Apparently, she misinterpreted a couple of things Margaret said and now I am placing Isabella in the crazy pot along with her father and brother.

Meanwhile, Kelton has finally realised that he can’t live with the burden of condemning his brothers and returns to confess that he lied about his confession. King Philip will have none of that and encourages the crowd to rip Kelton apart.

Which they do.

Because they no longer give a single shit about their souls.

At this point, King Philip has also pretty much given up on getting the location of the gold out of the Templars and lines them all up for one massive cook-off.

However, viewers will have to tune into next week’s episode of Knightfall to find out their fates.

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Season 2 of Knightfall returns to History Channel on Monday, May 13, at 10 p.m. The synopsis for Episode 8 (titled “While I Breathe, I Trust The Cross”) is below.

“The death of the Knights Templar Order is imminent as Landry and his Templar brothers are sentenced to burn at the stake.”

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