Maybe We’re Getting That War: “Sense8” Special to Air Next Year

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If you’ve followed us for some time you’ll have noticed that while I was recapping Sense8, the last recap came right at the end of May–followed by a long silence.  Well, as many of you are well aware on 1 June, 2017, Netflix canceled the award-winning show citing some bullshit about viewing numbers and getting edgy with their cut ratios…

Calm down, Cassidy.  You’re here to be positive.

Frankly, since the show was canceled I’ve been in a more-or-less state of mourning.  I’m still working through my stages of grief and have yet to reach acceptance, mostly due to wanting to do horrible things to Netflix execs involving honey and fire ants.  But I will return to the show and I will get out the last few episode in July, because I’m sort of a professional and this is what we do.

There has been a great deal of fan action to try and save the show, but in the end it was all for naught as Netflix felt pissing money away on Adam–  Come on, Cassie, stay good, girl!  In the end Netflix said a third season of Sense8 was impossible and we’ll just have to accept we’d never seen the August 8 Cluster again.

At least that was the case as of about an hour since the creation of this post.  That’s when Lana Wachowski posted this letter on the Sense8 Facebook page:


If this is real–and I’m holding out all goddamn hope it is–it is likely that at some point in 2018 we’ll find out what happened to our favorite cluster after the events of the last episode.  I’m keeping every appendage crossed in the hope that this not only leads to a special, but that, after that, we do get that third season.

We not only deserve it, but the cluster does as well.

We’ll keep you advised as soon as we hear anything on this.

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