More “Humans” than Human For Season 2

In the last month we’ve finally confirmed that Season 2 of Humans is in production in the UK.  Season 1 of this science fiction show–based on Äkta människor (Real Humans), a Swedish series which aired in 2012 and 2014–started as a joint venture between AMC in the US and Chanel 4 in the UK.  A friend confirmed that BBC America ran promos for Season 2 last night, which had me checking on several sources to get information:

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Start filming this tomorrow 🎥 #Humans2 #episode3

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As you can see I didn’t check Gemma Chan’s Instragram or I’d have known they were filming months ago.  🙂

What we know about the upcoming season is sketchy.  It starts a few months after the Synth Squad (as we are calling them) finally became self aware and went their own ways.  While most stayed together, Niska (Emily Berrington) is still on her own with a copy of the conciseness code.  The one image we have so far is of Niska standing against an orange-lighted background, likely getting ready for…  something.

[Image Channel 4]

[Image Channel 4]

We also have a one minute promo released yesterday (23 September) for Season 2.  Apparently there’s a “product recall” due to some “problems” with synths and you should get yours in for “recalibration” if you notice it acting a bit wonky.  Be sure to read the fine print at the end of the video:

Two new actors are joining the cast.  The first is Sam Palladio (Nashville), whose character, Ed, runs a struggling family business and apparently interacts with Mia (Gemma Chan), and Carrie-Anne Moss (The Matrix, Jessica Jones), who plays Dr. Athena Morrow, an expert on artificial intelligence and who, rumor has it, is working clandestinely with Niska.

Though no specific air dates are given, it is expected that Humans will air on Channel 4 in late 2016, and AMC is expected to begin airing the series in early 2017.  And as this series was my first recaping assignment, you can bet I’ll be here giving a good rundown of the entirety of Season 2.

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