Netflix is Dropping a “Black Mirror” Movie Next Friday and What Insanity Is This?


Today the news came out that next Friday, 28 December, Netflix is dropping a Black Mirror movie. A movie, you say?  Yes.

It seems that Wednesday, 19 December, a Reddit user, Radulno, was looking through Netflix and saw the familiar Black Mirror “Start Up” image next to the the normal Black Mirror entry.  They clicked on it and discovered the following image:


Now, we know Black Mirror is coming back for Season 5, but beyond that little is known.  And this image is interesting to say the least.  For one, the images are taken from various episodes of Black Mirror (I recognize The National Anthem, Shut Up and Dance, Fifteen Million Merits, Freefall, U.S.S. Calister, and San Junipero instantly), but after the title is given, the comment, “Be Right Back” is an Easter Egg back to the first episode of Black Mirror, Season 2, which is considered one of their best episodes.

But Wait!  There’s More!

Black Mirror was seen filming in London early this year and the word was the episode being filmed was supposed to take place in 1984.  Guess what?  In 1984 a computer game for the Commodore 64 named Bandersnatch was supposed to be released in the UK but never happened.  So this fits in with the filming locations.  Also–given that Black Mirror is a place where Easter Eggs go to live–the game was also referenced in the Season 3 episode, Playblack, showing up on the cover of a gaming magazine.

The only other thing we know at this time is Bandersnatch will be ninety minutes long, the same as Hated In the Nation. (Both U.S.S. Calister and San Junipero were also intended to be ninety minutes long but were scaled down before shooting began.)

So what’s it about?

This is Black Mirror, folks.  That means we have no fucking idea what it’s about.  One of the more interesting rumors going around–and this dates back to October of this year–is that Bandersnatch may be the interactive, choose your own adventure episode, something that’s been experimented with elsewhere. If so, get ready for the crazy, because you know a choose your own Black Mirror adventure can only lead to madness.

There is some saying that the 28 December release date may not be correct, but Seasons 3 and 4 were released late in their respective years so they could be eligible for Emmy consideration and it paid off, as both San Junipero and U.S.S. Calister won Emmys and a few other awards as well. It goes without saying Bandersnatch is hoping to live up to the same expectations and perhaps snag a few awards of its own.

Keep an eye out next Friday. ‘Cause if you don’t watch, your social media score could go down and you’ll find yourself being hunted by robot dogs…

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