“Orphan Black”, Season 5, Episode 1, “The Few Who Dare”

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Here we are, sestras and brother sestras: we’re ready to start The Final Trip. Although we’re not actually ready: I couldn’t even write those last three words without choking up. And I have a feeling that’s the way Season 5 of Orphan Black is going to be: fully of emotions, full of rage, full of sadness, and, I so wish, full of hope. So let’s get started on the first episode, shall we?


All Leda clones played by Tatiana Maslany.


Because things are all over the place, I’m going to try to pull our individual clone threads apart as much as possible and bring them together when necessary. So things may seem a little disjointed from time to time.



Right now she’s in the worst situation of all. Since were picking up pretty much right from where we left off at the end of Season 4, she still bleeding out in the cold Canadian woods on an island somewhere in the middle of nowhere. She calls Felix (Jordan Gavaris) who still has Ira (Ari Millen). She tells him to get over and check on Mrs. S (Maria Doyle Kennedy) and Kira (Skyler Wexler), because Ferdinand (James Frain) has them. Of course Fee goes and of course the place has been tossed. He finds a corkscrew covered in blood which lets him know Mrs. S didn’t go quietly, something he tells Art (Kevin Hanchard) who shows up not long after and nearly shoots Fee in the process.

Sara manages to get a fire going and patcher wound with a tampon, but she still in deep shit because she’s being hunted. She can’t escape using the boat in the boathouse, so she makes herself a sharp stick to help ward off attacks—like the one that came from some unknown creature who likely also left a disemboweled animal that Sara finds later. She did, however, hear from Ira—just before her phone died—about a compound not far from the boathouse…



Donnie (Kristian Bruun) and she hear about what’s happening with Sarah through the Clone Phone Network. They’re told to sit tight and wait to see what happens, but isn’t something Allison’s about to do. She’s tired of sitting on her ass in the middle of the forest preserve while her crazy, back-to-nature clone Helena is doing everything she can to keep them safe. While Donnie communicates with Helena using loon calls (which is about as Canadian as fuck as you can get short of doing it while drinking coffee from Timmy Hortons as one is eating Timbits) and gets what he thinks is the, “Hey, there’s bad shit coming,” call. Donnie was right, because just as he turns around to tell Allison they’re not leaving, she gets nabbed by a couple of goons who black bag her and haul her off.

The good news is Donnie makes it to where the family minivan was hidden. The bad news is a goon arrives there at the same time. The good news is Helena jumps the goon and, with Donnie’s help, brings him down. The really bad news is that Helena now has a stick jammed into her belly. Her pregnant belly. And what the fuck is wrong with you, Orphan Black!? YOU MUST NOT THREATEN BABIES! (Really, when the scene went down I was literally screaming, “Not the babies! Don’t hurt the babies!” I really want to say the show won’t do that to us, but then again in the teaser trailers we’ve seen Helena with a knife saying, “I must kill them all.” I have a bad feeling about this—)



When we first see her she standing at the bottom of steps leading up to a large house. We learn later that this is the home of P. T. Westmoreland, the founder of the Neolution movement. We never see Rachel inside the house, but we do see her later—



Most of what we see during this episode comes from Cosima’s point of view, for most of the episode takes place in a community on the island known as Revival, a place where some say they are living off the grid but you know, given the things you see around you, they’re not.

Cosima discovers she has a handler: a young girl who calls herself Mud (Jenessa Grant). She feels in a lot of the blanks about what happens at Revival and shows Cosima the house overlooking the compound where Mr. Westemoreland—said to be 170 years old—lives. Cosima also runs into Charlotte (Cynthia Galant) and discovers that Susan is alive and Charlotte is being fed a lot of Revival bullshit about how great their little Jonestown-like community is for them.

Mud doesn’t let Cosima out of her sight and even make certain she doesn’t wander around at night—which doesn’t really work out well as we’ll see.

Cosima does manage to have a few moments here and there with Delphine (Evelyne Brochu), who has been helping out. She leaves instructions telling Cosima to follow her lead whenever necessary. She also fills in a couple of the biggest blanks of all. The first is that the whole purpose of Revival seems to be the study of genetic manipulation, and one of the things there working on here is age extension, which Delphine says would be one of the first things a scientist looking to improve the human species would do.

She shows her the file of a young Afghan girl who has been brought to the community who is being treated for cancer, and Delphine believes that there is something important about her. She also tells Cosima that her cure is hidden in the hospital. And with that, Delphine says she’s off to Sardinia because, why the fuck not? She does tell the love of her life one last thing before she leaves: “Follow the crazy science.” Which we hope means Cosima will look into all the strange science going on and not try having sex with every woman at the compound.


All The Other Strange Shit:

Art gets back to the station and discovers he has a new partner: Detective Engers (Elyse Levesque), his new female partner who seems to be operating in something of a state of semi-perpetual pissed off. For the first big case Engers takes Art out into the middle of nowhere and hands him a file full of information on the Leda clones—as well as some information on a young black girl who we can assume is probably Art’s daughter. Engers tells Art that she has been instructed to bring in all the clones no matter what, and he is going to help her—which is likely how Allison was nabbed in the woods.

And sure as shit, who pulls up in a black van but Allison. Engers questions Allison—and by that I mean she pulls out a pistol and puts it to Art’s head while wanting to know where the hell Helena’s at. Allison doesn’t know. Engers wants to know what Helena’s plan is. Allison doesn’t know: she doesn’t know shit. Engers believes her and doesn’t shoot Art. And it’s at this moment we hear something about a truce—

Back at Rabbit Hole Comics Felix is discussing the matter of the Missing Clones and Family with Scott (Josh Vokey) and Hell Wizard (Calwyn Shurgold). Right now they need information and they believe the best person to get them information is The Lady in the Mask: M. K.. Hell Wizard is spamming a bunch of online games with avatars of Sarah Manning hoping she’ll see them and make contact; Felix remembers that Kira was contacted by M. K. while playing Minecraft. After this Felix goes back to the safe house looking for clues and is discovred by a Mr. Fontenac (Andrew Moodie), who happens to be a Neo. Ah, but it turns out that there’s a lot more going on than meets the eye. It seems all the groups have consolidated together and are looking to strike a truce…


Clone Crossing:

At Revival Cosima sees Rachel at the bottom of the steps leading up to Westemoreland’s house preparing to speak to the crowd, who’ve been brought together by music which tells them it’s time to get a speech. She says Mr. Westemoreland has chosen her to lead them all forward, just as he had chosen her mother Susan years before. And just as her mother did, Rachel will do the same. This doesn’t set well with Cosima, who decides to sneak out of her domicile and head for the hospital where she prepares to give herself the cure.

While Cosima is getting ready to do that, Sarah shows up and wants to know what the hell is going on. While Cosima patches up Sarah she passes to her the same information she was given by Delphine. Sarah doesn’t give a shit about any that, she’s there to rescue her sister and now that she’s found her, it’s time to go. Only you know Cosima can’t go: all this crazy science going on has gotten to her, and she has to see what’s going on, she has to learn if it’s actually working.

Cosima sends Sarah on her way and prepares to give herself the cure, which involves shoving a large needle in her belly so that she can inject the stem cells into the lining of her uterus. Needless to say she’s having a hell of a time trying to do it—something Rachel states she knows from personal experience as she walks into the hospital. But this isn’t Crazy Bitch Rachel we’ve seen in the past: this is more like the I’ve Seen the Light Rachel, who not only isn’t pissed at Cosima, but actually gives her the cure. And she does so with a smile on her face.

Sarah is back at the boathouse, where she does discover a boat. But before she can leave a goon comes in and shoots her in the neck with a tranquilizing dart. While the tranquilizer takes effect and Sarah begins drifting off into unconsciousness, the last thing she sees is Rachel standing over her with a big smile on her face, offering comforting words…



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The DVD of Season 5 of Orphan Black will be available from September 12, 2017. Order your copy now!


Sarah, Allison, Helena, Cosima, Rachel — Tatiana Maslany
Felix “Fee” Dawkins — Jordan Gavaris
Donnie Hendrix — Kristian Bruun
Kira Manning — Skyler Wexler
Arthur “Art” Bell — Kevin Hanchard
Siobhan Sadler “Mrs. S” — Maria Doyle Kennedy

Ira — Ari Millen
Charlotte — Cynthia Galant
Mud — Jenessa Grant
Detective Engers — Elyse Levesque
Mr. Fontenac — Andrew Moodie
Ferdinand — James Frain
Scott — Josh Vokey
Hell Wizard — Calwyn Shurgold

Delphine Cormier — Evelyne Brochu

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