“Orphan Black”, Season 5, Episode 2, “Clutch of Greed”


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It’s the second episode of Orphan Black and things are already starting to go a bit sideways. As has happened before, not everything is what it seems—



All Leda clones played by Tatiana Maslany.



Like last time, let me try to sparseness down on a clone-by-clone basis. Let’s work our way up towards the one who gets the most screen time.


Little Susie Clonemaker:

Allison is stuck at home, virtually under house arrest by Detective Engers (Elyse Levesque). Art (Kevin Hanchard) is there as well, but you can tell Engers is in charge. There’s still looking for Donnie (Kristian Bruun) and Helena and leave Allison stuck in her craft room while I go out to search.


The Man Behind the Curtain:

Cosima decides to remain at Revival in one of the first thing she latches onto his the little Afghan girl who is being treated for cancer, because this person was pointed out to her by Delphine (Evelyne Brochu) as part of the grand Neolution plan. All is poking around its her noticed and she sent up to the big house to meet P.T. Westemoreland (Stephen McHattie).

P.T. lets Cosima know that he wants her to stay and work on the science that will help get her and the other clones well. Basically, he’s offering her all the resources to which he has access. Cosima is wary as she’s dealing with the guy who is basically her creator, trying to figure out his motivations. When it seems as if he’s offering her everything with no strings attached, Cosima’s interest in science makes a decision for her and she decides to take the offer.


Check In, Check Out:

Donnie manages to get Helena to the hospital where she’s been patched up. However, there’s a bit of a complication: during the ultrasound administered when she was checked in, it was evident the stick had punctured the amniotic sac and had actually caused damage to one of the babies. A nurse goes to show Helena and Donnie where the damage had taken place and—surprise, surprise! The baby is now undamaged.

Helena knows what this means: her babies are like Kira (Skyler Wexler): they heal quickly. And she fears that the genetic testing the hospital wants to do before surgery is an attempt to get DNA from her infants to give to Dyad. She tells Donnie where she is going to hide and instructs them to only tell Sarah.

Helena is finally alone with the doctor who comes in with a gigantic needle so she can draw some fluid for an amniocentesis test. Helen ain’t having any they shipped: she slams the doctors head down on her bed and rams the needle through both cheeks and the doctor’s tongue so she is pinned to the bed and unable to scream.

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Using this as a diversion, Helena heads off in one direction and Donnie another.


Hearing the Deal:

But this episode is really Sarah’s and she gets the lion’s share.

She wakes up in a cell after having been captured and Ferdinand (James Frain) is there more or less mocking her. She gets to have a quick conference with Cosima and Allison before being taken up to see Rachel. There’s a deal on the table: Dyad is prepared to offer a truce where they’ll allow the clones to live freely—as long as Dyad is allowed to study Kira. As if on cue Kira and Siobhan (Maria Doyle Kennedy) show up so that Sarah sees they are unharmed. Sarah feels she has no choice and takes the deal.

Everyone, along with Felix (Jordan Gavaris), are allowed go back to their old home, but they too are under guard with a couple of Dyad people out front at all times. Felix manages to sneak out of the house and he heads over to the Rabbit Hole, where he discovers that MK has been contacted. And based on the photo of her Dolly mask, she’s hanging out in Fee’s loft.

They may contact with Sarah who discovers the truth: MK has been sick with the same affliction as Cosima. She’s been afraid to contact anyone because of this, but she still up to her old computer hacking ways and manages to pull off video of Rachel and Ferdinand getting ready to leave Dyad to pick up Kira after school, so she can be studied as per their new arrangement.

Sarah has a better idea: she’s going to go kidnap her own daughter.


Breaking the Deal:

Sarah gets out of the house while Felix looks at the guards out front and gets to be Felix:

Disguised as Rachel, Sarah shows up at school and leads Kira away. Sarah isn’t working alone, however: Siobhan managed to sneak out of the house as well and she will take Kira to meet up with Mrs. S’ contacts while Sarah goes to get MK.

Sarah has screwed up, however: Ferdinand has followed her. Sarah gets up to the loft and tries to convince MK to come with her, but MK is tired of running. She takes the wig and Sarah’s clothes and tells her that she will try to pretend to be Rachel to buy her some time. As she gives Sarah her clothes she says she wishes things could’ve turned out differently; Sarah agrees and leaves.

Sarah gets to the rendezvous point and is about to leave with Mrs. S and Kira when the child suddenly becomes distressed. And it doesn’t take long before we know what she knows…


Goodbye, Dolly:

Ferdinand arrives at the loft and confronts MK/Sarah/Rachel. Personal Note: as always, Tatiana’s performance is brilliant, and for a few seconds as she plays MK pretending to be Sarah who is pretending to be Rachel, you can hear a bit of a combination of MK’s accent mixed with Sarah’s accent. It’s just a tiny little thing, but it’s another example of how perfectly she plays these characters. Ferdinand is not having a good day: Rachel has already told him to piss off with the way they were, which means he’s not digging whichever clone he’s facing, so when MK tries to stab him with a knife he goes nuts on her. He throws her to the ground and initially believes her to be Sarah, but after seeing the burns on the side of her face Ferdinand knows he’s dealing with MK.

Only… Ferdinand is a fucking psycho and while he’s venting his rage he keeps confusing MK with Rachel and vice versa. It doesn’t matter: he’s pissed off at them both and he begins stomping on MK’s chest with his foot, screaming out his rage at both women. After three or four stomps he crushes MK’s chest and kills her. Looking down without remorse, he picks up the Dolly mask and lays it on MK’s lifeless body.

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Going Back to the Deal:

Kira completely loses her shit at the moment of MK’s death. Now she doesn’t want to go away: she wants to stay and she wants to be studied, because she wants to know why she is how she is. Sarah finds herself in an untenable position. She doesn’t want carrot to be studied, but at the same time she has to give in to the wishes of her daughter.

They return home. Rachel comes to pick up Kira as well is Ira (Ari Millen), who wishes to return to Dyad so he can be with Susan, who survived her attack. Sarah is heartbroken but there’s nothing that can be done.

Later that evening Mrs. S is interrupted by a knock at the back door. She goes there, gun in hand, and finds—Delphine? Instead of being in Sardinia she’s made a pit stop at the Sadler household and after learning that everyone else is upstairs she lets Siobhan know that she has something important that she needs to tell her and that the others cannot hear…



Personal Note: the death of MK was quite a shock. As it was related later by many members of Clone Club, there were a lot of tears going around, because if there was one person who shouldn’t have had to die horribly, it was MK. You sort of figured that somehow she’d manage to slip away into the darkness and live out her life in obscurity. But no: she became a member of the club and paid the ultimate price helping her sisters. It was likely she saved Sara’s life, but at the same time you didn’t want to see her go.

Not long after the episode aired Tatiana posted the following image on her Twitter feed:

At least, in a way, MK managed to say goodbye to Clone Club.

And whatever else I was going to say I have to stop, because I’m crying too hard. I know I always say that I try not to get connected to these characters, but in the case of the characters found on Orphan Black, sometimes you can’t help but make them a part of your life.

Goodbye, MK. Thank you for what you’ve done.



As alway, let us know what you think in the comments before!


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Sarah, Allison, Helena, Cosima, Rachel, M.K. — Tatiana Maslany
Felix “Fee” Dawkins — Jordan Gavaris
Donnie Hendrix — Kristian Bruun
Kira Manning — Skyler Wexler
Arthur “Art” Bell — Kevin Hanchard
Siobhan Sadler “Mrs. S” — Maria Doyle Kennedy

Ira — Ari Millen
Detective Engers — Elyse Levesque
Ferdinand — James Frain
P.T. Westmoreland — Stephen McHattie

Delphine Cormier — Evelyne Brochu




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