“Orphan Black”, Season 5, Episode 5, “Ease for Idle Millionaires”

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The Final Trip is half over and Orphan Black has left us with a couple of bombshells that remind us that just when we think we know what’s going on behind the curtain, we’re completely mistaken…



All Leda clones played by Tatiana Maslany.



Once again, this episode deals primarily with events surrounding Sarah and Cosima. So let’s see if I can put this together in a way that makes sense.


Smoking Will Kill You:

We get the party started at Revival, when someone heads out into the woods to retrieve a stash of hidden cigarettes, because it’s quite likely if you trying to extend your life, smoking is frowned upon. This is one time that someone shouldn’t of taken a break, because in the process of lighting up there attacked by The Creature In the Woods and fucked up pretty bad. The leaders in the Camp try to say the guy is okay, but you know he’s dead. A posse is rounded up the hunt this thing down, and Mud (Jenessa Grant) is pressed into duty to help them find the “bear”.


She’s a Big Girl Now:

Sarah has decided that trying to hide things from Kira (Skyler Wexler) is something of a fool’s parade and she decides to tell Kira, in kid friendly terms, what it is they’re actually doing. Mrs. S (Maria Doyle Kennedy) isn’t so sure about this course of action, but Sarah feels it’s necessary as Kira is now a part of what is happening to the clones, and they can no longer keep her in the dark. Not surprisingly, Kira is a smart girl and she somewhat comprehends what’s going on with her “aunties”, and even more importantly, she begins to understand the part that she is playing in this little drama. And in the process of putting this all together, Kira let’s slip what it is Rachel is actually looking for…


Sleuting Around:

But this episode is primarily all about Cosima and we discover, quite early on, that she is in the shit deep. She’s drilled out the tooth that she found from the creature and she’s analyzing its DNA—and since you know Cosima is something of an expert when it comes to analyzing DNA, you know she’s going to find something interesting.

She’s also been checking up on Aisha, to see how her cancer treatments are going. And she discover something else that is interesting: Aisha’s cancer is in so much as being treated as it is manipulated. In other words, rather than trying to get rid of it, there jerking around so that it appears the girl is getting better—when in reality, the cancer could decide to just come on strong tomorrow and killer in a matter of weeks.

And on top of all of this, Cosima spots Delphine (Evelyne Brochu), who’s apparently back from Sardinia with whatever was she was collecting there. She manages to confront Delphine to find out what’s going on and in the process discovers that there is going to be a dinner party that evening. While it’s a party that Cosima is not invited to initially, she intimates that she’s discovered something that falls in line with ol’ Westemoreland’s (Stephen McHattie) plans and she wants in on the festivities.


The Mad Hatter’s Party:

We see Susan (Rosemary Dunsmore) all dressed up in finery for about a hundred years ago, sitting in an ancient wooden wheelchair while Ira (Ari Millen) attends to her. Susan seems to be using a number of different keywords on Ira and he picks up on it immediately: he realizes he’s being tested to see if he’s glitching. While he tells her he isn’t, Susan is far too good of a trained observer to not notice that maybe something is a bit off with the boy—

Meanwhile, Cosima Delphine are in a room filled with late nineteenth century, early twentieth century frocks, and told to change. Naturally, Cosima’s not having any of this: no way in hell she’s dressing up like a character out of Little Women. At the same time, she’s pissed is hell that Delphine revealed some private information about her to Westemoreland, and is accusing her of being something of a trader. Through a series of flashbacks we see the same, similar situation that occurred when Cosima sequenced her own DNA and discovered there was a copyright notice on it. At that time she also accused Delphine of being duplicitous. She’s not at all happy, but then she sees an outfit that meets with her approval—

She comes downstairs wearing a tuxedo while Delphine is dressed in something appropriately frilly. They are led into the dining area and after Susan and Rachel arrive, the festivities begin. Only, it’s not so much festive as it is like sitting at a Thanksgiving dinner with your angry, drunken, racist relatives all looking to needle the shit out of you. Rachel asks about Cosima’s family, who Cosima has not seen in a while and the knowledge of such fills her with a bit of regret. She finally let slip to Westemoreland that she knows what he’s looking for: the genome sequence that acts as the master control over aging. She knows this is what he’s looking for because she found evidence of this in the genetic sequence of the creature in the woods—the hunt for which, by the way, is not going very well. And after a bit more back and forth, enter spliced with a bit of gloating from Rachel, Cosima pulls together a lot of loose ends and figures out why Dyad is interested in Kira: it’s likely this genome that controls aging also affects her accelerated healing, and Rachel is going to find out if this is a trait that can be passed down her hereticlly—and she’s going to do this by harvesting all of Kira’s eggs and implanting them in twelve hundred surrogates.

The party breaks up and Cosima and Delphine stormed back to their changing room. Cosima is furious and she needs to do something to stop what’s going to happen to Kira, but at the same time she’s also furious at Delphine for possibly being a part of this madness. Delphine, too, recognizes the scene has played out once before, and she places Cosima’s hand upon her heart and tells her to know that love is there. What remains now is for Cosima to decide: do they split apart and go their separate ways, or do they accept that at the moment they are playing roles they need to play to stay safe and remain together? After a long, passionate kiss, the answer becomes clear.


All the Birds Come Home to Roost:

After Delphine leaves there’s a commotion inside the house: the creature, whose name is Yannis (Andrew Musselman), has broken into the house. Cosima is in her room with Susan and Ira, but she decides not to stay: as with everything else, Cosima needs to be involved. Before leaving, however, she picks up on something that Ira is saying and she realizes that he’s beginning the glitch.

She finds Yannis and Westemoreland in the basement: Yannis has returned to his old cage and Westemoreland is sitting outside, watching him. Cosima is pissed at Westemoreland and tells him that she knows he’s dying, that this story of him being well over a hundred and fifty years old is all bullshit. He pulls out a pistol and hands it to Cosima, telling her to kill Yannis and put him out of his misery. She’s unable to do this; though she knows it’s wrong to allow him to live, she has too much humanity to end his life. Westemoreland, on the other hand, is an old bastard who has a negative amount of fucks to give, and he has no problems putting around through Yannis’ forehead.



Delphine shows up to speak with Mrs. S. Turns out she’s on her way to Geneva and she’s aware that Felix is there snooping around…

And back at Crazy Mansion, Cosima is still in the basement screaming her head off, locked in the same cell as Yannis. Though given everything she knows, it’s likely she will remain locked up for long.


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Sarah, Allison, Helena, Cosima, Rachel — Tatiana Maslany
Kira Manning — Skyler Wexler
Siobhan Sadler “Mrs. S” — Maria Doyle Kennedy

Mud — Jenessa Grant
P.T. Westmoreland — Stephen McHattie
Ira — Ari Millen
Susan Duncan — Rosemary Dunsmore
Delphine Cormier — Evelyne Brochu

Yannis — Andrew Musselman

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