“Orphan Black”, Season 5, Episode 6, “Manacled Slim Wrists”


It’s all downhill from here as we begin the last five episodes of Orphan Black. And everyone is upping their antes—


All Leda clones played by Tatiana Maslany.


YouTubeing the Night Away:

After a long absence from the show, Krystal is back with her friend Brie (Cara Ricketts), bringing the word about Big Cosmetics through their YouTube channel. Krystal is going to show you how to do a dope hairstyle without using any product, although when she starts to take the little bendy straws out of Brie’s hair, most of her hair starts coming out as well, leading to an online freak out.

This leads Krystal to contacting Scott (Josh Vokey), because, you know, he’s like a real doctor, you know? And once you contact Scott, it’s only a matter of time before the information gets back to Sarah and the rest of Clone Club.

This brings Art (Kevin Hanchard) to the basement of Rabbit Hole Comics so he can join the conversation between the flighty Krystal, who is still unaware that she’s a clone, and Sarah and Mrs. S (Maria Doyle Kennedy), were conversing over computer. It turns out that the one variable in this equation is that Brie was using a face cream that came from a company whose owner they both know and trust, since he doesn’t appear to be holding two Big Cosmetics, however, while this conversation is ongoing, Mrs. S is going through some of the documentation that Felix and his sister have uncovered in Switzerland, and wouldn’t you know it, the cosmetic corporation in question was just sold to Dyad.


The Morning After the Mad Hatters Party:

Cosima is still locked up in a cell down in the basement and Westemoreland (Stephen McHattie) tells Susan (Rosemary Dunsmore) he’s prepared to let her rot, for she violated his trust when she began snooping around in shit into which she was not supposed to snoop. Susan says they’re going to need her so they can continue to proceed forward with Kira (Skyler Wexler)—who, by the way, is being kept away from Dyad at the moment by faking the flu. Westemoreland says they don’t need Cosima, as he’s brought in someone else who’s willing to get her hands dirty, which is followed by Doctor Virginia Cody (Kyra Harper) walking in and giving Susan a laser focus stare that would kill her if she could actually shoot lasers out of her eyes. Susan does not apologize for throwing Cody an insane asylum, pretty much saying that’s where she belongs.

Mud (Jenessa Grant) comes to feed Cosima, who is begging like mad to be let out. We finally discover why it is mud show such loyalty to Westemoreland, she was a heroin addict in Seattle who attempted to kill herself with an overdose, and Westemoreland somehow saved her from death. So she’s not about ready to turn the table on her benefactor, at least not yet.

Susan and Ira (Ari Millen) are making plans to rescue Cosima and beat a hasty retreat off the island. The only problem is, Ira is glitching like hell now. Cody has already seen this and has promised Ira she’s close to a cure for his glitching, but what she doesn’t understand is, Ira’s love for Susan keeps him loyal to her, which means there’s no way in hell he’s going to side with Cody.


No Clone is Going to Do This Clone’s Job:

Since this cosmetics guy that Krystal knows—Leonard Sipp (Tom Cullen)—Sarah decides she’s going to pretend to be Krystal so she can get information on this goon. Of course, this doesn’t sit well with Krystal, and using Brie’s boobs as a distraction, she escapes the basement and returns home before Sarah and Art can arrive to pull off their little subterfuge.

However, Krystal has an earpiece through which she can be fed information and she can use her phone as a video playback to Sarah and Art, who were sitting in a car nearby. There’s a real possibility that things can go tits up fast, but at this point know the choice is available.

Leonard shows up and it becomes immediately obvious that he’s higher than a fucking kite and not interested in Krystal’s inane prattle—in fact, he even admits at one point he’s been partying his ass off. How is it he’s able to party his ass off? Oh, he sold his company to Dyad, because why not? About the time Krystal is having an existential breakdown in the bathroom, Leonard discovers a tube of the face cream in one of Brie’s many makeup cases. He wants to know why they have this, and Krystal kicks him in the balls. She gets him on the ground and wants to know why it caused Brie’s hair to fall out; Leonard admits it’s an experimental face cream that is designed to be able to deliver other products, which Sarah finds interesting. She believes Dyad is going to use an improved version of the face cream to deliver something to the masses—only, what?


Time to Close Out This Revival:

While Susan makes plans to take care of Westemoreland with Mud’s help, Ira shows up and releases Cosima. He tells her about the boathouse and tells her to get Charlotte (Cynthia Galant) and meet them there. Cosima can see Ira is glitching, but he tells her not to worry, Susan and he will be there.

Cosima discovers that children are being relieved of their blood and that the young Afghan girl, Aisha, has died. Aisha’s death is not going over well within Revival, as they were told she had been cured by Westemoreland. Cosima decides it’s time to get the fuck out of Dodge and heads to the hospital to gather up her cure and whatever other supplies she can nab—but not before letting Susan know that Westemoreland is using heterochronic parabiosis—replacing old blood with new—in an attempt to extend his life.

Susan devises a plan to poison Westemoreland while he is undertaking one of his parabiosis treatments. The weak link in this plan, though, is using Mud to distract Westemoreland long enough for Susan to inject the poison into one of his IVs. Which means that just before Susan is able to get a dose into the old bastard, Mud shows up with Cody in tow.

Revival is unraveling fast. The faithful are resentful of the fact they’ve been lied to and are basically burning shit down left and right. Cosima is assaulted before she has a chance to leave, but she manages to convince people to leave her alone as she is not one of Westemoreland’s followers on top of that, she has a present that was given to her by Ira: a picture of Susan and Westemoreland together in the 1960s, where he is shown to be a young man about her age. Cosima is allowed to leave with her cure and Charlotte, and they make their way to the boathouse.


The End of the Innocents:

On orders from Westemoreland, Rachel appears with goons in tow at the Manning household. She’s decided that Kira can recuperate from the flu at Dyad as well as she can at home and Sarah and Mrs. S know they are unable to do anything to stop her.

Cosima and Charlotte are waiting at the boathouse, their boat prepped and ready to go. Charlotte has a bad feeling; she doesn’t believe Susan and I wrote will appear. Cosima doesn’t believe them appear, either, and she starts the boat and prepares for departure. Charlotte is unsure if they’ll make it back to the mainland, but since Cosima grew up around boats, she assures Charlotte she can navigate by stars in which charts.

Ira, now near the end of his life, find Susan sitting in a wheelchair in her old greenhouse. Once he reaches her side he realizes she’s dead, killed by the same poison she was planning to use on Westemoreland. He kneels down beside her and prepares to meet his end with her by his side.

And as Revival burns, Westemoreland watches from the house while Mud stands in the middle of the chaos wondering where it all went wrong…


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Sarah, Allison, Helena, Cosima, Rache, Krystal — Tatiana Maslany
Kira Manning — Skyler Wexler
Arthur “Art” Bell — Kevin Hanchard
Siobhan Sadler “Mrs. S” — Maria Doyle Kennedy

Mud — Jenessa Grant
P.T. Westmoreland — Stephen McHattie
Ira — Ari Millen
Susan Duncan — Rosemary Dunsmore
Dr. Virginia Coady — Kyra Harper
Charlotte — Cynthia Galant
Scott — Josh Vokey
Brie — Cara Ricketts
Leonard Sipp — Tom Cullen

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