“Orphan Black”, Season 5, Episode 8, “Guillotines Decide”

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We’re down to the last few episodes of Orphan Black and it’s time for the final secrets to be released. And they are—but nothing is ever that simple…


All Leda clones played by Tatiana Maslany.


End Game:

Rachel is rescued from her office by Ferdinand (James Frain) who takes her to a secret location where her removed eye is stitched up. It’s not long before Siobhan (Maria Doyle Kennedy) and Delphine (Evelyne Brochu) show up with the information that Adele (Lauren Hammersley) and Felix (Jordan Gavaris) retrieved from Switzerland. Mrs. S is working with Ferdinand to get to Rachel because her plan is simple: she has the data but no names, while she’s certain Rachel has the names that can be tied to the data. Together, the information will be enough to bring down Dyad and Neolution.

And wouldn’t you know it, she’s correct: Rachel has all the information that can be tied to the data and together, it’s powerful enough to destroy the cabal that created the clones. Only there’s a problem: Ferdinand wants to take the information and blackmail the shit out of Dyad. He figures Rachel and he can make billions for the rest of their lives and kickback on a tropical island someplace, probably tying up each other so they can get kinky and fuck their brains out. Rachel already has enough money and lets Ferdinand know that she’s more interested in her freedom, but Ferdinand can be very persuasive and Rachel gives him the data so that he can go to the Dyad board and get those dolla dolla bills, y’all.

Ferdinand shows up before the Board of Directors noticing about a third of them are missing. Ferdinand chucks his glee aside and gets down to the blackmailing, doing everything short of sticking his pinky finger in the corner of his mouth and going, “I want One Billion DOLLARS!” He plugs in his data stick to show the board what he has and–oops! It seems there’s nothing on it!

See, there’s a problem: Rachel was serious about wanting her freedom so she sent Ferdinand off with nothing hoping he’d be killed while she gave everything else to Mrs. S, who in turn handed over to Delphine and Cosima. See, there was even a deeper game going on here: Dyad was planning on selling their genetic brilliance to the richest one percent in the world while at the same time allowing Dr. Cody (Kyra Harper) to unleash the Castor disease on the rest of the world, rendering everyone sterile in creating a Brave New World for all the beautiful people. Delphine and Cosima releases information to the world and finally feel as if they are free.

But were not completely out of the woods yet, because Mark (Ari Millen) has been in contact with Grace (Zoé de Grand’Maison), whose hanging with Helen. He asks his wife if Helena has been found and she says no, but Mark sniffs out the lie in the pass along the word to Detective Engers (Elyse Levesque) who, with her gang of goons, apprehend Helena. And for Grace’s troubles, Engers puts a bullet in the back of her head.


Art Show:

Felix is finally getting opportunity to show off his artwork, which mostly consist of his portraits of his sestras. There is a hitch, however: Allison, Cosima, and Sarah all want to show up. Since Felix only has one adoptive sister, this presents a bit of a problem. But Felix comes up with a solution—

He decides to parade each of the clones in one at a time, explaining to the patrons—and one major art dealer—that the person with him is the muse in his painting and that they act out in a way that would seem to confirm that they truly were the muse for the painting. He does this first with Allison, then Cosima, and finally with Sarah, who gets up in front of the crowd and gives them the English Fuck Off with both hands.

Sarah is a bit pissed off as she discovered from Adele that Mrs. S has been working with Ferdinand, the guy who killed M.K.. Mrs. S excuses it saying it was absolutely necessary in order to get the Rachel who had all the missing pieces they needed for their data to fuck Dyad. It doesn’t set well with Sarah, but there’s little she can do at this point. She does, however, meet up with Art (Kevin Hanchard) and they both reminisce before the painting of Beth.

Felix finally finds Sarah and explains to the crowd that she is his adoptive sister, the muse to all his work. Before the entire crowd, he also brings Adele and Mrs. S to join Sarah and he tells everyone that he is who he is due to this “magnificent galaxy of women” who have helped shape his life. This, of course, leads to a lot of hugging and tears—

Which a few moments later leads to Mrs. S getting a call that forces her to leave the showing.


Mother Hen:

The phone call was Rachel telling Mrs. S that Ferdinand made it out of the Dyad boardroom meeting alive. Mrs. S anticipated this could happen and she had straight home, assuming Ferdinand will be there waiting for her. Well, he did eventually go to her house, but only after he tried to kill Rachel and failed.

Mrs. S finds the place tossed—and she also finds Ferdinand pointing a gun at her. She talks him into lowering their pistols so they can converse like normal human beings, but the reality is neither of them are normal human beings. Mrs. S goes for a pistol she had hidden in a bookshelf: unfortunately, Ferdinand anticipated that move, found it, and uses it to shoot Mrs. S in the chest. She drops into a nearby chair, dying, and asks Ferdinand if he would hand her a picture of Sarah and Felix. Being a shithead he is, he takes the picture and drops at her feet, which is pretty much the distraction Mrs. S needed to pull another hidden pistol from between the cushion of the chair she was sitting in and shoot Ferdinand in the neck. The good news is Ferdinand bled out in front of her and died; the bad news is that as she clutches a picture of her children—her chicks as she calls them—Siobhan gazes upon the picture one last time and meets her own end…


Personal Note: You knew it was only a matter of time before another of the major characters died, but to be honest I never expected that Siobhan would be that person. We’ve seen her get out of tough scrapes before and she always carried about her in error of invulnerability, but in working with Ferdinand she was playing a dangerous game, because it seems unlikely she had ever had to work with a flat out psychopath before. And it was in dealing with him that she finally made one underestimation that killed her.

The artwork that precedes every episode is meant to offer clues to what is going to happen, and the artwork for this one laid out the dynamics between Sarah, Felix, and her adopted mother better than any words. They were, indeed, her chicks, and a mother hen will do anything to protect her chicks. That was Siobhan’s life and at the very end is doing exactly that, giving her life to protect not just the one chick who was an orphan that needed to be put into the black, but all of the chicks that sprang forth from that same egg.

[Image via BBCA]

Take care, Mrs. S. And look after the other chicks when you meet them.



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Sarah, Allison, Helena, Cosima, Rachel — Tatiana Maslany
Felix “Fee” Dawkins — Jordan Gavaris
Kira Manning — Skyler Wexler
Donnie Hendrix — Kristian Bruun
Arthur “Art” Bell — Kevin Hanchard
Siobhan Sadler “Mrs. S” — Maria Doyle Kennedy

Dr. Virginia Coady — Kyra Harper
Mark — Ari Millen
Scott — Josh Vokey
Hell Wizard — Calwyn Shurgold
Detective Engers — Elyse Levesque
Grace — Zoé de Grand’Maison

Ferdinand — James Frain
Adele — Lauren Hammersley
Delphine Cormier — Evelyne Brochu

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