#SDCC17 ‘Vikings’: Season 5 Premiere Date Announced, Plus, Travis Fimmel Crashes The Panel Dressed As A Kangaroo

History Channel's Vikings,' Season 5 premiere, Alex Hogh as Ivar the Boneless

[Image via Jonathan Hession/History Channel]

San Diego Comic-Con is always reliable as far as premiere dates for upcoming seasons of TV shows — this year is no exception. Which means, we finally we have the premiere date for Season 5 of History Channel’s Vikings!

Without further ado, I can now announce there are only 130 days to go until the Season 5 premiere of Vikings. So, mark your calendar now for Wednesday, November 29 at 9 p.m.when the show returns.

But, potentially the more exciting news was the fact Travis Fimmel (who played main character, Ragnar Lothbrok, until he was killed off in Season 4 of Vikings) crashed the Q&A panel at SDCC17 when there had been no announcement of his participation. Many fans had been disappointed Fimmel would not attend the Vikings panel for the last time. However, History Channel kept things closely under wraps and fans were flabbergasted when a kangaroo turned up on stage. But, it was quickly revealed that this kangaroo was none other than Australian actor, Travis Fimmel.

Along with Travis turning up, History Channel also released a brand new trailer for Season 5 of Vikings.

The trailer features Heahmund and his religious army that will be be a threat to the Vikings in Season 5. More interestingly though, is the fact that Season 5 could see the Viking brothers, Ivar and Ubbe, pitted against each other as they seek to rule in Kattegat.

Ivar, obviously, is intent on killing Lagertha and taking over Kattegat. However, Lagertha is seen siding with Ubbe against Ivar. So, will this tentative alliance with Aslaug’s son cause the downfall of Lagertha? Only by tuning into Season 5 of Vikings will reveal the truth!

My prediction is that Ubbe will turn on her 😉 Not that the sagas reveal Lagertha’s fate, but that is what I can see happening to her.

You can view the new Season 5 trailer for Vikings below.

Are you excited about Season 5 of History Channel’s Vikings? Let us know by commenting below!

Vikings will return to History Channel with Season 5 on Wednesday, November 29 at 9/8c

[Featured image via History Channel]

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