SEASON RETURN: The Walking Dead Season 5 Recap – Episode 9: What Happened and What’s Going On

Tyreese (Chad Coleman) stars in Season 5 Episode 9 (What Happened and What's Going On) of AMC's The Walking Dead

So sorry this recap is a week late but I have been really busy with the release of my latest novel, Unremembered Things. But, anyway, here it is and it’s a short one because, while I completely loved the episode, there was really only one thing going down:

Tyreese (Chad Coleman).

Oh, and in honour of the way Episode 9 played out, I will be recapping randomly and all over the place too…

We start off the Season 5 return, Episode 9 (entitled What Happened and What’s Going On) with the assumption we are returning right in the midst of Beth (Emily Kinney) grief. There is plenty of angst and flashes of stuff relating to Beth as well as a funeral. But, as we are soon to discover, all is not as it seems in Walking-Deadland…

This episode is actually completely different to any other Walking Dead episode. The whole feel of it and the way it is shot brings something otherworldly to the table that has been missing previously. I really, REALLY like this AMC!

So there are images of a couple of twins – did Noah (Tyler James Williams) have a twin? And there are flashes of Woodbury and the Prison which makes me wonder if the group’s decision to honour Beth’s wishes and return Noah back to his home in Richmond, Virginia is such a good idea. Are they walking straight back into another Terminus? And if they are, it’s all starting to feel a little old already AMC.

So, to make a long story short, they get to Shirewilt which I first read as ‘Shitwire‘ and that is certainly a foreshadowing to the shit it has turned into! Comic fans would have been frothing at the mouth at the fact that Shirewilt is a play on the Wiltshire estate as well this little nugget which is a possible tip off to what is coming up in this season:

Michonne (Danai Gurira) stars in Season 5 Episode 9 (What Happened and What's Going On) of AMC's The Walking Dead

Glenn (Steven Yeun) picking up a baseball bat was also something to get worried about as well.

So in Shitwire they discover nothing but the shell of a gated community and poor Noah finds his family dead. While he is grieving about it, Tyreese checks out the rest of the house and is quickly bitten by a zombie child that escapes from behind a closed door and lets us know that Noah had younger twin siblings.

Tyreese’s screams bring Noah out of his grief and he then takes an awfully long time to find the rest of the gang. This gives Tyreese plenty of time to hallucinate:

Tyreese (Chad Coleman) hallucinates in Season 5 Episode 9 (What Happened and What's Going On) of AMC's The Walking Dead

Yeah, Lizzie Borden (Brighton Sharbino), the Governor (David Morrissey) and assorted others are back! And so it Beth, which is nice because we get to hear her sing again. As well as these ‘return characters you were never expecting‘ (totally lame AMC, I wanted the Morales family!), Tyreese keeps hearing news flashes on the radio. Now this is TOTALLY cool because these news flashes are from the time of the outbreak – you know, the bit we missed on account of Rick (Andrew Lincoln) being a coma? Yep, totally awesome stuff 🙂

Now, did I mention the half bodies yet? No, I didn’t. Rick’s gang finds a whole heap of body bottoms (from the hips down) on the outskirts of Shitwire – what the fuck is that about? Well, I’m not sure (other than to wonder if they had walked through the razor wire and topped themselves?) but when Rick crashes their car into another and the body tops spill out – still alive but ironically not technically walkers, I start to suspect all in not well in Noah’s homeland. I guess we’ll find out later on in Season 5 what sort of crazy that is all about…

So Tyreese is hallucinating and fighting with his conscience. Noah finally finds the gang and they return to hack off Tyreese’s arm. Something tells me it’s all too late for that, what with Tyreese arguing with long dead characters and all, but that’s okay, Rick’s gotta do what Rick’s gotta do…

Of course it’s not enough and we bear witness to Tyreese being put down finally before he rises from the dead.

And Beth gets to sing at his funeral – YAY!

Rick (Andrew Lincoln) says goodbye to Tyreese (Chad Coleman) in Season 5 Episode 9 (What Happened and What's Going On) of AMC's The Walking Dead

So, what did you think of the Season 5 return of AMC’s The Walking Dead? Let me know your thoughts by commenting below!

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