“Sense8”, Season 2, Episode 11, “You Want a War?”

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Here we stand, penultimate time. The setup for tomorrow’s final episode.

I’m not about waiting: let’s go.


You Want a War?

Written by Lana Wachowski and J. Michael Straczynski
Directed by Lana Wachowski


The Cluster:
The Bak gala is on and Joong-Ki (Ki-Chan Lee) gets up and makes a speech that’s pretty much, “I could have given up after my dad died and my psycho sister went to prison, but I’m here, baby!” Sun’s (Doona Bae) had enough and after Wolfgang (Max Riemelt) tells her, “I would,” she picks up a knife and starts heading down to the floor. Lito (Miguel Ángel Silvestre) tries to convince her that wasn’t the plan, but then Will points out something no one expect: Detective Mun (Sukku Son) shows up with a whole lot of people from Securities and Exchange and some more cops, too. Joong-Ki says he’ll go quietly—and that’s when one of his bodyguards lets off a shot, Joong-Ki fakes seeing Sun, and Detective Mun takes a round right in the stomach. It’s just then that Sun pulls off her wig, her brother sees that she’s really there, and the place goes up in panic and gunfire.

With Nomi (Jamie Clayton), Amanita (Freema Agyeman), and Bug (Michael Sommers) running computer interference and Kala (Tina Desai) figuring out how to blow up a car non-Hollywood style, they get Joong-Ki alone in a Mercedes. Bug locks the gate on him and Nomi—using a headset mic—tells J-Bak they’ll let him out as soon as he confesses to his father’s murder and Sun’s framing. When he wants to know who he’s speaking to, Nomi and Lito tell him:

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J-Bak busts the gate as soon as he sees Sun coming with a gun. But Capheus (Toby Onwumere) gets her on a cycle and the chase is on through the streets of Seoul. She doesn’t stop, she doesn’t let up, she just keeps coming, and this has her brother in a bit of a panic:

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She’ll be back, asshole.

Wolfgang finally figures out that they need a weapon, and after J-Bak goes all Blues Brothers through a pedestrian food court, Son grabs a rebar iron and jams it in his steering wheel, which causes him to crash. She takes the iron and slowly—and I mean slowly, all the while doing the Walk of Flashbacks—approaches her brother, ready to run him through. But she can’t and the police cuff and toss her in a wagon while Joong-Ki gets a lift from a friendly politician.

Sun can’t go back to prison: Wolfgang is correct in stating that she’ll die there. After Will picks Sun’s cuffs, Nomi, Amanita, and Bug—who are still controlling Seoul through their laptops—“arrange” for a lorry to T-bone the police wagon. Sun gets out, beat and battered, but alive—but there’s no where to go. Riley (Tuppence Middleton) calls for someone to help them, and who shows up but Puck (Kick Gurry), who expected a call for help. With Sun on the back of his cycle, they head off into the night.


The crazy day is over and Nomi and Neets are in bed, ready to sleep. Nomi’s worried: she knows she’ll never be rid of the voices in her head, but this wasn’t something Neets signed up for, so why stick around? If there’s one thing Amanita learned when she first met Nomi, it was not to let the geeky girl go until you got her phone number—but now, Neets is thinking a little bigger. She gets a small box and tells Nomi she’s in it for the long run and propose. Nomi flips the fuck out—only because she pulls out a small box from under the bed and proposes as well. They both say yes, hell yes, fuck yeah! It’s this kind of shit that makes me weep and I do and I know all is gonna be good…


He wakes up to his mother’s cooking—and four sensates standing in the middle of his house. They tell him he’s either insane or after BPO, and any sensate who’d show up to his rally had to be crazy or on blockers… Either way they were there—and they heard…


She’s out on the deck rehearsing what she’s gonna say about these people in her head when Rajan (Purab Kohli) comes home—and he has something he needs to tell his wife. Of course he asks about the package on the coffee table and wants to know if it’s been x-rayed. This freaks Kala out as it’s only a statue from Ajan, but herein lay the rub: Rajan’s been working with the government on a corruption probe of people in power in India—and wouldn’t you know, one of those people is Ajay. This means Kala’s probably in danger—no shit—and Rajan’s sending her out of the country to Paris, where he purchased an apartment that no one knows about. This may be the end of their marriage, but hey, he’s gonna do the right thing. So pack your shit and head off to a city where no one know you live.

Well, almost no one.


Sun and Riley are watching the news about Sun’s brother while Puck is trying to get Sun to fuck him. Neither of them are having a good at that shit, but they are interested in how many sensates are there with whom he has connections. Three hundred eighty seven, why? They wanna fight. He wants to split. That’s when one of his connections show up and tells him to get on blockers 24/7 now. He tells Sun, Riley, and Will they can kill him if they like, but he’s leaving. Why? He’s been quarantined.


‘Cause the Cannibal is hunting.


Both are packing: Kala’s bringing her closet and Wolfgang is bringing clean jeans, tee shirts, and guns. They talk and kiss and can’t wait to see each other, because even now Wolfgang is professing his love in ways that makes Kala believe he’s telling the truth—

And then that bitch Lila (Valeria Bilello) shows up and it all goes to fucking shit.

Still pissed she Wolfgang wouldn’t be her bitch, she turned him over to the Cannibal and we just know he’s Whispers (Terrence Mann), who shows up with BPO goons armed with tasers. Down goes Wolfgang, down goes Kala, and the moment Whispers looks into Wolfgang’s eyes we know another member of the August 8 Cluster is fucked and once again my heart is being Ripped The FUCK OUT.


Wolfgang arrives at a BPO location and Whispers sets about torturing the fuck out of Wolfgang—and all the cluster feels this. They’re all shaking, bleeding, screaming. In the process Whispers discovered Kala is part of the cluster and that’s now three-eights of the cluster that’s fucked hard. Will appeals to Jonas (Naveen Andrews); he wants to know how to stop this. There’s only one way: give in. Then again, Angel found another way…

The torture goes on. Angelica (Daryl Hannah) appears to Wolfgang and apologizes. Lila comes to gloat. After one session Lito is found covered in blood and Hernando (Alfonso Herrera) and Daniela (Eréndira Ibarra) want to get him to a hospital, but he wants to get to—London? So does Capheus. So does Sun. So does Nomi and Amanita.

Screw it: time for another end game.

Will appears to Whispers. He’ll give up if Riley is left alone. Whispers is all, “Ha, ha, ha, no fucking way, mine is an evil laugh, I’ll dance on your bitch’s grave!” Will listens with great intent and gives his reply:

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BOOM, Motherfucker!

Whispers loses his shit ‘cause there’s no way this can be happening. Oh, sorry Milt, but all that shit the Cluster found back at his house included all access passes to BPO and now Will owns his sorry ass. Whispers calls to Jonas for help. Will knocks Whispers and makes a call—

Jonas is on the phone to the Chairman of BPO, telling them there’s a problem at the Parliament facility in London. There’s a knock at the door. Jonas checks it out. It’s Sun, Nomi, Amanita, and Capheus, and “Fuck” is about all Jonas has time for—

Three BPO goons make their way to the loading dock with a body bag. They met some resistance but deal. They load the body in the back of a Biologic van and take off. Outside they encounter a police car, but it’s the members that snatched Jonas and they load up in the van while Capheus drives off. Inside, Will, Riley, and Lito get out of her goon gear while the van heads south across the Thames. The Cluster has both Whispers and Jonas. Will looks down at an unconscious Whispers and give the title callout:

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And that’s it. We’re all caught up. See you tomorrow for the grand finale.

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Tuppence Middleton — Riley Gunnarsdóttir, London
Brian J. Smith — Will Gorski, London
Doona Bae — Sun Bak, Seoul/London
Toby Onwumere — Capheus, Nairobi/London
Max Riemelt — Wolfgang Bogdanow, Berlin/London
Tina Desai — Kala Dandekar, Mumbai/London
Miguel Ángel Silvestre — Lito Rodriguez, Los Angeles/London
Jamie Clayton — Nomi Marks, San Francisco/London


Freema Agyeman — Amanita
Terrence Mann — Whispers/The Cannibal
Ki-Chan Lee — Bak Joong-Ki
Alfonso Herrera — Hernando
Eréndira Ibarra — Daniela
Michael Sommers — Bug
Purab Kohli — Rajan
Sukku Son — Detective Mun
Kick Gurry — Puck
Valeria Bilello — Lila Facchini
Naveen Andrews — Jonas Maliki
Daryl Hannah — Angelica Turing

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