“Sense8”, Season 2, Episode 12, Series Finale, “Amor Vincit Omnia”

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It’s time: the end is here.  And I’m almost ready for it. Almost.

Let’s get to it.



Amor Vincit Omnia

Written by Lana Wachowski, David Mitchell, and Aleksandar Hemon
Directed by Lana Wachowski



Wolfgang thinks of his mother, his thoughts of how they watched Eurosong 99 and how she loved his singing voice. How his father came and belittled them both. How she was beaten.

He is still at BPO and Kala is there, begging him to hang out.

Riley is asking Kala about Wolfgang. Kala says he’s hanging in there; Riley then physically walks into the room and says that’s good. (Personal Note: throughout much of the episode the sensates are often in two or more places at once, giving us a better understanding how they interact both mentally and physically with each other. This is just the first of a bunch of mind fucks that get played.) All the sensates begin a discussion about how they’re going to hand over Whispers and Jonas, speaking to each other from at least two different locations. Not only are the sensates there, but so are Amanita, Hernando, and Daniela. Bug isn’t there and it’s freaking the fuck outta Nomi, who wonders if he was caught; Neets spends that night trying to calm her, telling her about her dream to live in Paris—where they are now staying—and write a novel. Never fear, however, ‘cause Bug shows up the next day with high grade equipment for them to hack and slash: seems he was held up by a typhoon while spending one night in Bangkok.

Will gives Whispers his blocker shot and Nomi gives Jonas his pill. Whispers is still being an asshole and swears he’ll see to Riley’s death; Will fucks with him back and lets him know his wife filed for divorce. Since three weeks have passed since they nabbed Milt so much has gone down, including Sun being exonerated of her crimes, thanks to Decective Mun. She facetimes him on a burner and thanks him; he wants to know where she’s at, but she hangs up. However, someone else knows where they’re at, ‘cause Rajan picks that moment to appear in the apartment he bought in Paris. And wouldn’t you know it, he was contacted by some company named BPO—

Time to clear out, kids. They grab Jonas and head for the squat where Whispers is kept, but Amanita, Hernando, and Daniela were out getting breakfast and get taken by BPO goons. In the middle of this Jonas escapes, telling Will he’s on their side. The sensates come back and kick ass, leaving Rajan to wonder aloud what the hell is going on—

So Kala explains. He takes it as well as any guy who’s wife is fucking another dude in her head can.

The deal is exchanging Whispers for Wolfgang, but not everything is roses and cookies. The head of BPO, The Chairman, threatens to kill Wolfgang after an escape attempt where he finds dozens of drone zombies. Finding a secure location for a swap is difficult as none of the club owners want the heat and the cluster is worried BPO will try to screw them. They finally find a club where the exchange can go down, the Sans Jour, and get everything prepared, including a fake police van and a small van Nomi, Neets, and Bug are using as their hacking center. While coming back from the club Will and Riley are followed and it turns out to be Bohdi, who attacks Will before escaping through the subway, and leaves them both puzzled.

This isn’t the only strange shit going on. Mr. Hoy shows up and says The Purge is underway: BPO is after all the sensates now. He introduces her to River El-Sadawi, the daughter of the woman who founded BPO, and Yrsa is there acting as the link between River and Riley. River knows of one way to stop BPOs reign of terror: kill Milton Brandt, aka Whispers. Riley can’t do that: they need him alive to get Wolfgang back. Yrsa breaks the connection and Riley loses River. Hoy is hiding out, waiting for the end, but Aunt Kirsty tells him to take his blockers—which she’s known about for decades—and says everything will be alright. If anything, it’ll buy them a little time before BPO gets them. And with that, Riley’s connect to Hoy is terminated.

Wolfgang is taken by The Secretary to a BPO air field. He’s reunited with Lila, who is the only sensate linked to him and Whispers. So much fun.

The Cluster Gang checks out the Sans Jour. Kala and Rajan are dancing and looking for BPO people. Daniela hits on two guys who say they’re aren’t interested, but Lito’s and Hernando’s gaydar isn’t pinging, so they must be cops. Lila leads Wolfgang into the club cuffed; Will bring Whispers into the club on a leash. No one seems to notice, which tells you all you need to know about clubbing in Paris.

But if Lila’s involved you know someone’s getting fucked over and her cluster helps her get Whispers away from Will, though they manage to get Wolfgang. However, they had planed on following Whispers and they take off after him, accidentally leaving Sun behind. BPO corners her: luckily, though, Detective Mun had some leave coming and uses some government-owned satellite tracking technology he wasn’t supposed to use to trace her phone to Paris and jumps in to help save her ass and let her know, through kissing, that she means a lot to him—a message Nomi passes to the rest of the cluster.

There’s more fucking to happen, however, and it’s not the good kind. Lila kills The Chairman and shoves him in the trunk of a car: now he’s her prisoner. And the trail is cold: they have no idea where Whispers is when he can’t see where he’s at, something Whispers learned when trying to track Will.

The Cluster Gang leave Paris and retreat to a villa owned by a friend of Rajan’s. Capheus drives up with Kala and the later is confused: her husband is there, Wolfgang is there—what should she do? What are the rules? Capheus reminds her that where the sensates are concerned, there are no rules, so Kala greets both, and we see both physical and mental versions of Kala hugging the men she loves.

So the gang’s all together. What to do now they’re free and somewhere in France? Party! They throw a big dinner, toasting each other with what is probably top of the line champagne. They’re ready to live their lives—but Bohdi shows up and asks if they’re willing to share that life with Milton Brandt. All the sensates can see her, which shocks the fuck out of them, and she invites them to meet with Mother—

In that moment they’re before an old woman in the middle of a ruins. (Personal Note: this scene was filmed at Villers Abbey in Villers-la-Ville, Belgium.) She welcomes them to The Lacuna, something of a meeting place for sensates, and Mother comes across as a sort of matriarch to them. But she’s more than that: she’s Whisper’s mother and the woman who also birthed his cluster. We learn he’s the last member of that cluster, as he hunted them down and killed them all, and now his end is approaching and he’s not taking it well. Nomi then figures out why he’s so eager to keep his zombie drone project going: he’s figuring out how to “download” himself into all the drones, placing his conciseness in a kind of living distributed neural network and achieving immortality. There’s only way way to stop him: he has to be killed. Fortunately, Mother is still connected to him—

And the Cluster Gang head off to Naples, Italy, with the help of the perfect party tune:

Jonas appears to Will on a train, telling him not to go through with this plan: Will more or less tells him to fuck off. Wolfgang meets Felix, who has a trunk full of weapons courtesy of Sebastian Fuchs, who is pissed at Lila and wants her fucking dead. This includes a RPG, and you know how I feel when it comes to Chekhov’s Gun, right? Diego is waiting at the train station for Will and pretty much the whole gang is here. Which means Will and Wolfgang get a chance to meet up, in head space, of course, with Lila, who says she’s going to make Naples into her sensate city and no one better come her to fuck with her. Right, bitch, right.

So the Cluster Gang is in town and they have no idea where to start looking for Whispers. But wait! Is that Puck? Damn right, wearing a wig that looks like Sun’s hair, and it’s creepy as fuck. He takes them to meet with some sensates he knows, Alphonse and Sutra. They work on locating collaborates, and Lila’s cluster is the worst. They know of several locations they work out of, but Riley knows, through a quick connection through Will, that Whispers is being kept at The Forcella, a heavily guarded villa. A frontal assault will get them killed, but Hernando thinks what they really need is a Trojan Horse…

They dress up a van and the Cluster Gang pretends to be tourists in Naples, with Hernando acting as guide. As they approach the The Forcella he says this is where Virgil wrote part of The Aeneid, and that it was also here they he wrote Amor Vincit Omnia, which means love conquers all things (Title Callout!). (Personal Note: part of The Aeneid deals with The Trojan War, where the first Trojan Horse was used. Hence, Hernando’s comments more or less give away where he got the idea and how it relates back to the episode title.) They manage to bullshit their way into the courtyard and before they are killed, they blow up the van and kill all the guard. Kala and Rajan go one way, Sun and Mun go another, Wolfgang, Capheus, and Felix go a third, and Will, Riley, and Diego go other ways while Nomi, Neets, and Bug extract Lito and Friends and Puck and his friends go in and help out.

It’s bloody, with most of the death coming for the bad guys. Felix takes a bullet; Diego takes a round; Mun’s gunshot wound reopens. Rajan watches Kala dispatch bad guys with a gun and gets turned on, asking to be shown how to do the same, which pretty much amuses the fuck out of Wolfgang, whom she’s channeling. Kala finally gets eyes on Whispers—right about at the same time Lila is moving him. She goes to make a move and Lila shoots Kala in the stomach—

The whole cluster feels it. They go down in shock and pain. Wolfgang finds her and professes his love to her. Rajan arrives, too, and begins losing his shit and he professes his love to her as well. But Kala’s alive and she tells Wolfgang how to save her. Rajan can’t find her heartbeat—but wait! He remembers one of the bad guys having a taser and he uses that to get Kala’s heart going again—which is not how these things work, but fuck it, right?

Shit is now well off the hook and Lila escaped again with motherfucking Whispers. But where is he? Well, Nomi knows an emergency landing order has been given for a BPO chopper at a nearby landing pad, so… Will hops in a car and takes off.

Then Jonas shows up and he’s not looking good; in fact, he’s bleeding. It’s time for his end game. See, he know about the zombie project and what it was supposed to do, and the device that Whispers used to control them, well, he was the only one who could use it, but wouldn’t you know it, Angelica kept the prototype and it’s one that can be used by Jonas. And Angelica kept two people close to the project—you know, just in case. So one of them can kill people at the facility where the dozens of drones are kept, where one of them just might be the BPO chairman, and the other is controlled by Jonas—

And where is that person, you ask? Standing alongside The Chairman of BPO, who is finally showing his ugly, burnt face—courtesy of the the first Angelica drone—to Lila, which was his part of the bargain for getting Whispers back. Jonas has the dude shoot The Chairman in the head, which he does before her goes down. Lila sees this as a bad thing and gets to da choppa with Milton right on her ass.

Back at BPO Jonas says his goodbyes to Will and he prepares to level the place with a fuck-ton of explosives and moments before it all goes up Angelica returns to welcome Jonas back to her…

The connection broken, Will does some fancy ass stunt driving just in time to see the copter take off with Lila and Milton. However, the RPG is in the trunk and Wolfgang knows how to use it, which means Will knows how to use it, and a few seconds later Lila and Milton are dead and heading for the bottom of the Gulf of Naples with a whole lot of flaming helicopter wreckage following them down.

A few weeks pass and we’re back in Paris on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower. Everyone has recovered from their wounds, including Kala, who was treated by the same doctor that saved Rajan’s broke dick. BPO, now under the control of River El-Sadawi, as forged a treaty with the sensates and they have no need to hide any longer. Hoy is there and we discover he was saved by Aunt Kirsty. Nomi’s parents are that and her mother is immediately told by Teagan to knock off her transphobic shit, and they get to meet Amanita’s mother and three dads. The Green and Purple Fairies from San Fran are there with their pot brownies. Silas is there, Jela is there, Mom is there, and most importantly, Zakia is there. And why, you ask?

Nomi and Amanita are getting married there, overseen by their families, their friends, Dr. El-Sadawi, and the sensates. After Nomi is led to the alter by Bug they have a most wonderful wedding, with touching and heartfelt vows. The reception is even better. Everyone is feeling it and Nomi’s mom gets a lot of the pot brownies, which finally causes her to realize what a wonderful daughter she has in Nomi. Rajan says he’ll send the two honeymooners anywhere they want, but there’s only one place they want to go now—

Back to the apartment in Paris. And there, with all the bullshit behind them, they all fall into lovemaking: Nomi and Amanita, Riley and Will, Zakia and Capheus, Sun and Mun, Lito and Hernando with Daniela—and, yes, Kala and Rajan have Wolfgang join them, which leads Rajan to exclaim he didn’t think such things were possible.

It’s all about love.

And how, in the end, it conquers all.


Personal Note: I can’t write what I feel, so I hope this does it justice:


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Tuppence Middleton — Riley Gunnarsdóttir
Brian J. Smith — Will Gorski
Doona Bae — Sun Bak
Toby Onwumere — Capheus
Max Riemelt — Wolfgang Bogdanow
Tina Desai — Kala Dandekar
Miguel Ángel Silvestre — Lito Rodriguez
Jamie Clayton — Nomi Marks


Freema Agyeman — Amanita
Purab Kohli — Rajan
Alfonso Herrera — Hernando
Eréndira Ibarra — Daniela
Sukku Son — Detective Mun
Ness Bautista — Diego
Mumbi Maina — Zakia
Paul Ogola — Jela
Peter King Nzioki — Silas
Max Mauff — Felix
Kristján Kristjánsson — Gunnar
Sylvester McCoy — Old Man of Hoy
Lilja Thorisdottir — Yrsa
Amira Ghazalla — River El-Sadawi
Amanda Walker — Aunt Kirsty
Sarah Kants — Bohdi
Ursala Jones — Mother
Marco Cacciola — Alphonse
Soo Joo Park — Sutra

Valeria Bilello — Lila Facchini
Jason Thorpe — The Secretary
Stephen Boxer — The Chairman
Terrence Mann — Whispers
Naveen Andrews — Jonas Maliki
Daryl Hannah — Angelica Turing

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