“Sense8”, Season 2, Episode 4, “Polyphony”

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The carryover from the last episode begins immediately, and without so much as a “Who’s Your Cluster”, we get right into the Sense8 action with someone other than Lana directing for the first time this season:



Written by Lana Wachowski and J. Michael Straczynski
Directed by James McTeigue



Amsterdam/Transition Moment:

All hell is breaking loose at Rembrandt Museum. Nomi (Jamie Clayton) figures out that the call was made to the police before the murder occurred in the entire building is on lockdown. Will (Brian J. Smith) senses a set up and heads for the exits with the cluster in tow except for Wolfgang (Max Riemelt). The encounter some resistance from the police, which Sun (Doona Bae) takes care of quickly, but it’s in the main atrium that Will will have the most problems getting out. Fortunately, Riley (Tuppence Middleton) and Lito (Miguel Ángel Silvestre) create a diversion, using Lito’s skills as an actor to draw the attention of a number of police while Will makes his way out of the building, quickly followed by Riley. They head down an alley and vanish.

Once safely away from the museum Wolfgang shows up and tells him of his encounter with Lila (Valeria Bilello). The sensates always figured there were other active clusters, and this is the first proof that they have of that fact. Wolfgang is warned to be careful around this woman, because if she is active, there’s always a possibility she’s working for BPO.



While Sun works out on the rooftop of the apartments, Kala (Tina Desai) and Rajan (Purab Kohli) go to an art gallery owned by one of his friends, Capheus (Toby Onwumere) is being interviewed once more by Zakia (Mumbi Maina) while Jela (Paul Ogola) watches, and Wolfgang and Felix (Max Mauff) are at the club. This goes on for a bit, showing a few this and states engaged in everyday activity while music plays.



Wolfgang decides to head for the bathroom just as Kala is heading to the bathroom as well, it wouldn’t you know it, those wacky kids meet each other once again in the bathroom, just as they did a long time ago in the cluster was first getting to know each other. Kala’s back into her “Why can’t we ever be together?” mode while Wolfgang is doing his “Because you deserve to be happy with someone else” mode. It’s about this time you hope one of the other cluster shows up and slaps the fuck outta both these two and tells them to get a room, but we have to settle for the next best thing: Lila sitting on the shitter enjoying the conversation. She can only hear one side of the conversation–she can’t see Kala—but she can tell from the way Wolfgang is acting that he speaking with someone with whom he cares.

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San Francisco:

During the moment at the Rembrandt Museum Nomi spent a lot of time talking to thin air, something that Bug (Michael Sommers) couldn’t help but notice. Given that this has been going on for a while Nomi and Amanita (Freema Agyeman) sit down and tell Bug what is going on with Nomi. To say he’s a bit freaked out is an understatement, but this is Bug and he is somehow able to interpret the news in his own strange way. Of course he’ll keep it secret, because that’s what Bug does, but both Nomi and Amanita are wondering if they did the right thing.

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Wolfgang is hanging out with Lila, who is on a stakeout of some kind. She’s talking about how she’s managed to stay off the BPO radar: some of it is done just by laying low, some of it is done with the same pills that Will has. Right now, however, she’s keeping an eye on Volker Bohm (Martin Wuttke), the crime boss whose party Wolfgang attended on New Year’s Eve, so there’s no time for small talk. As Bohm drives off, she follows, and Wolfgang returns to the club.


San Francisco:

Two of Nomi’s and Amanita’s authors are speaking at the later’s book store, with Amanita passing the discussion via wireless back to Nomi. They talk about how their writing has a somewhat polyphony feel to it (title callout!), as there are multiple plot lines proceeding forward at the same time—which is exactly what’s happening in this episode.



Sun is on the roof having a smoke when Min-Jung (Yuh Jung Youn) joins her. She tells Sun how she heard back at the prison that though she was a strong woman, she had “the heart of a bird”. Min-Jung is worried that whatever revenge Sun is going to extract on her brother, it is going to end up breaking her heart permanently. She asked her to be careful and she also asked her to give her brother an extra few hits for her.



Speaking of those threads working together… Capheus finds himself in the middle of a water riot, Kala finds herself near the center of riot at her old temple, and after leaving the bookstore Amanita finds herself being chased by rogue federal agent Bendix, who still has a hard on for Nomi due to all those warrants out on her ass.

Capheus manages to defuse the situation at the water riot by using a cool head and a lot of knowing looks to get people what they want. Kala is hustled out of the temple by security before she can get hurt. And Amanita leads Bendix in a merry chase through the streets of San Francisco as the night closes in…


San Francisco:

Just as Nomi is about ready to lose her last nerve, Amanita shows up, having given Bendix the slip. Nomi finally admits that staying and hiding on the boat is finally getting to her, and she’s not certain how much more she can take.



Riley heads to see an old friend who also happens to of been one of her main ecstasy suppliers. She has the psi blockers given to Will in hopes they can be analyzed so they can figure out how they work. With Kala present the cluster is able to determine that they do the exact opposite of ecstasy: they close off parts of the brain, sort of dumbing down its abilities. She asked the other chemist present, a guy by the name of Puck, if he can draw some her blood and doing comparative analysis of it against the psi blockers.

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While Puck is off getting the analysis started, Riley’s friend begins hitting on her, and it doesn’t take the rest of the cluster long to figure out that this was someone she likely had in her life before she became connected to them. When Puck returns he asked Riley if she’s going to DJ while in Amsterdam. She says she doesn’t know, as she’s still working out a few “legal problems”. It’s mentioned they could Periscope the show, but some in the cluster feel that could be too dangerous.



Capheus comes in to a local television station and, while Zakia looks on, he’s asked about the part he played in ending the water riot as well as the activism his father played in mining strikes in the 1990s. When he is asked why these issues arise with the poor and water, he has a simple answer: it’s the politicians that are doing the manipulating. It’s the politicians who are keeping the people in his neighborhood poor.

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Kala comes home and not only meets a new bodyguard, but someone who works for Indian state security. Apparently there have been a number of death threats against Rajan’s father, and someone tried sending a bomb to Rajan as well. Rajan is blowing this off, but Kala is having none of his bullshit. Besides having the stress of wondering when BPO is going to show up in a black helicopter outside her condo, now she has to worry about maniacs trying to blow her up. This is why she should have fucked Wolfgang when she had the chance and gotten the hell away from this guy.


Mexico DF:

Lito makes contact with the father of Raoul (Erik Hayser), who was a member of Angelica’s (Daryl Hannah) and Jonas’s (Naveen Andrews) cluster, as well as a reporter. And, as we soon find out, someone who not only interviewed Lito early in his career, but seduced him and became his first lover—something that Raoul’s father figures out rather quickly as he recognizes that Lito was “his son’s type”.

Lito knows that Raoul went to Chicago in search of a story, and that was when he disappeared. He says he doesn’t know if he can help find out what happened to his son, but he knows people who may be able to learn the truth. He’s taken into Raoul’s room where he sees numerous pictures of people from his cluster, and a large cabin in a forested area. He gets pictures to send Nomi before learning that Raoul had a videotape that he kept hidden in his room behind a poster from one of Lito’s early movies. As his father says, he must’ve trusted you well enough to keep his secrets.

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There’s a disturbance at Mrs. Chow’s (Young Lan Lee) house, and it happens to be two police officers. Prison uniforms were found in the trash nearby and a person who broke out of jail the night before was a known friend of Mrs. Chow’s. While she’s stalling at the door, Min-Jung and Sun are looking to hide. Eventually the cops come into her apartment and start looking around. One gets knocked out by Min-Jung, which distracts the other cop just long enough for Sun to make a run for it.

Only problem is the only place for her to go is up, and soon she finds herself trapped on the roof. As the cop tries to cuff her, however, she starts fighting and quickly discovers that this cop is able to handle himself pretty well—in fact, you might say it’s almost as if he knows the person he’s fighting against, because after one block he manages to find enough time to blurt out, “Who are you?” Who am I? I’m the bitch who’s gonna scorpion kick you in the fucking head before I knock your ass out. Which she does.

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It’s time to make a run for it, but Min-Jung is tired of running. She tells Sun to go on alone and to protect her bird-like heart. All three women hug before Sun runs away.


Mexico DF:

Lito and Raoul’s father watch the videotape he was sent. They see a young man strapped on a gurney and referred to by the name Todd—a name that Jonas mentioned as a member of their cluster who didn’t want to be a sensate. And, when should know it, to assholes her hard work trying to make certain that he isn’t one anymore: Whispers (Terrence Mann) and Professor Kolovi (John Judd). The videotape is proof of the first time Whispers makes a neural connection with another sensate, which Nomi recognizes as the beginning of Whispers’ zombie army. This is also documented proof that Kolovi is in deeper with BPO than they ever imagined.



As Will sleeps he begins getting flashes of an argument that occurred in the cabin between Angelica and Jonas—an argument to seemed to have something to do about going to Chicago. It’s not a dream: he’s actually seeing events that happened within that cluster, events that did happen between Angelica and Jonas. And that’s not all…

Will and Riley awake as Jonas is being wheeled into an operating theater. He tells Will that apparently he serves no for the use to BPO in his life is about to be terminated. With all the cluster awake they struggle to figure out if there’s a way they can stop this, they quickly realize there’s nothing they can do. Jonas looks up sees Angelica again; she tells him that she loves him as he tells her that he’s afraid.

The gas mask is placed on his face, but the surgeon in the theater begins cutting into his forehead before Jonas even has a chance to close his eyes…

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Personal Notes: It seems extraordinarily easy to say that it doesn’t feel as if there’s a lot going on in this episode. The first time I watched it that was exactly the feeling I had, that what I was seeing was either a bit of filler before getting into something important, or it was just an extension of the previous episode.

But this show is deceptive at times, and this is one of those deceptive episodes. While it does have montage moments, this episode is actually setting up a number of plot lines that are going to remain in place the rest of this season—remember, the episode title is Polyphony, which defines numerous lines or voices occurring simultaneously. So don’t be surprised when you see something that starts here become important though the remainder of the season.

Some of what is been seen may not seem important, but that’s only because you haven’t watched ahead three or four more episodes. In time, everything you see here will come to mean something important later.



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Tuppence Middleton — Riley Gunnarsdóttir, Amsterdam
Brian J. Smith — Will Gorski, Amsterdam
Doona Bae — Sun Bak, Seoul
Toby Onwumere — Capheus, Nairobi
Max Riemelt — Wolfgang Bogdanow, Berlin
Tina Desai — Kala Dandekar, Mumbai
Miguel Ángel Silvestre — Lito Rodriguez, Mexico DF
Jamie Clayton — Nomi Marks, San Francisco



Freema Agyeman — Amanita
Terrence Mann — “Whispers”
Purab Kohli — Rajan
Max Mauff — Felix
Paul Ogola — Jela
Mumbi Maina — Zakia
Michael Sommers — Bug
Valeria Bilello — Lila Facchini
Yuh Jung Youn — Min-Jung
Mrs. Chow — Young Lan Lee
Kick Gurry — Puck
Erik Hayser — Raoul
John Judd — Professor Kolovi
Martin Wuttke — Volker Bohm
Naveen Andrews — Jonas Maliki
Daryl Hannah — Angelica Turing

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