“Sense8”, Season 2, Episode 8, “All I Want Right Now Is One More Bullet”

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It has to be done. After a year of not even being able to watch an episode, with Sense8 coming to an end it’s up to me to finish what I should have finished a year ago. So, depression and hurt feelings and the urge to cry put aside, let’s get into the last few episodes of Season 2 before we get to Friday’s series finale.


All I Want Right Now Is One More Bullet

Written by Lana Wachowski and J. Michael Straczynski
Directed by Dan Glass


Jonas (Naveen Andrews) is trying to explain why he’s not dead, even through the August 8 Cluster saw him—well, felt him—die. Riley (Tuppence Middleton) figures it out: he’s alive because of the Chairman of BPO. But why does he want Jonas? Nomi (Jamie Clayton) and Will (Brian J. Smith) figure that out: the Chairman needs Jonas because Jonas is linked to Whispers (Terrence Mann), and since the Chairman doesn’t trust that motherfucker, Jonas is the watcher who watches the watchman. And from what the Cluster sees, Jonas is being taken care of quite nicely.

[Image via Netflix]A helo arrives and BPO hustles Whispers and his family out of the house and into the craft, which takes off for parts unknown. This gives Wolfgang (Max Riemelt) all the reason to go snooping using Will as his body. He finds a safe, cracks it, and they discover fake passports and all kinds of cool shit inside.

With Riley in Chicago trying to get a line on The Assistant with the help of Diego (Ness Bautista) and the computers of the CPD, Will is laying low and staying high. He finds that there isn’t a shit load he can do except sit around and do jack shit, but he also finds himself tied into Whispers. He realizes that Whispers is now hiding just like him, only he’s got a wife and daughter with him and shit between those three ain’t all hearts and flowers. Will realizes that Whispers is just as trapped as he.

Life is over for Lito (Miguel Ángel Silvestre) and he spends the day walking around the condo in a blue onesie while Hernando (Alfonso Herrera) and Daniela (Eréndira Ibarra) do their best to keep him from getting too deep into the chocolate chip fudge ice cream. He also pours out his grief to Sun (Doona Bae) and Nomi, but mostly he wallows while watching From Here to Eternity, his mother’s favorite movie. Hernando whispers to Daniela that he believes the movie affects Lito deeply because he first realized the power that movies and acting have over other people, as well as him starting to understand that while he might understand the power the Burt Lancaster held over others, he would never have that same power as he was beginning to know of his sexuality. Lito gets up and turns off the movie, telling his friends that the movie represented his dreams—and now that dream is dead…

The election is heating up and the attack adds are coming, portraying Capheus (Toby Onwumere) as a hood who is going to shake down his people for “safety tax”, which is another way of saying he’s gonna make them bleed money. But while walking the neighborhood with Jela (Paul Ogola), he sees graffiti of him everywhere with his slogan, “Courage”. He’s also given some personal “security” which proves to be not worth a shit as someone comes for Capheus while he naps at home. It turns out to be Superpower (Lwanda Jawar) who tells Capheus he isn’t there on behalf of his “boss man” because if he were, Capheus would be dead. Turns out that while Superpower is pissed about being hit by a bus at the end of Season 1, the talk of it has become a tremendous tale, and he realizes he holds a somewhat legendary status because of Capheus. As he walks away he tells Capheus if he lives, he’ll get his vote.

Kala (Tina Desai) is coming to grips that she’s “different”, and speaks with Will about coming clean to Rajan (Purab Kohli). Will suspects it’s because she’s in love with Wolfgang and there’s no lie there, as she seems to think of him quite often. At the same time a whole lot of shit is going on with Rajan: he’s “tripped and fell” at one point, and late at night he’s screaming to someone on the phone, telling Kala it’s nothing, just a “disagreement” with an old customer in America. So, both members of this family are totally throwing out bullshit—

Sun is wandering the streets of Seoul, staying in a “love motel” while trying to deal with Lito’s crying shit. He lays on the bed while Sun just wants to kick back and relax and he tells her she doesn’t know what it’s like to lose everything, and you also suspect that if she could roundhouse kick his ass in person, she would. She finally lays down and head into dreamland—

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Only to be awoken by Nomi. Amanita (Freema Agyeman) and she have discovered that her brother is still holding his big galas and while they get her into it as a guest, they can get her in as one of the serving staff, who are not being vetted all that hard. Only thing is, can she bartend? Good think for them that a depressed Lito is over in the corner of the loft flair bartending, something he learn by spending six month working with the best bartenders in Mexico so he could get ready for a part.

Beside all the shit she’d doing with her cluster, Nomi is getting ready to stand up in her sister’s wedding. She’s nervous as shit and tottering about on heels: Neets says she’s acting all crazy ‘cause she has to give a speech at the reception and she’s scared to death of her parents. Again, no lie there, so it’s a good thing she’d distracted about that time…

The dude’s life is getting crazy. Felix (Max Mauff) wants to dump his club ‘cause he can’t stand being this much in charge. Sebastian Fuchs (Lars Eidinger) suspects Wolfgang is fucking around with Lila (Lila Facchini), and for her part Evil Cluster Girl is doing everything she can to wrap Wolfgang’s dick around her little finger. She knows through Wolfgang that Fuchs knows she’s talking to one of his competitors and she puts the bug in his ear that Wolfgang is trying to get said competitor to kill him. She sets up a meeting with him—

And he wanders down the dark streets of Berlin while members of his cluster not only feel him, but know he’s walking into some deep shit.

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Which brings about this gem of a conversation:

Kala: “If he knew it was a trap, why wouldn’t he ask for help?”
Riley: “Wolfgang?”
Sun: “Ask for help?”
Will: “Can’t picture it.”

Yeah, they know their clustermate so well…

They know he’s heading for a met with Lila at a restaurant, but Nomi trips on her heels as she rushes to her computer and knocks herself out. So when you need computer help, you get The Bug (Michael Sommers) to call Riley in Chicago, who is still at a CPD station and can tap into Interpol and look up info on Fuchs and Lila, which Neets and Bug use to figure out if there are any hitters in the room connected to Fuchs. There are and Bug pings their phones to make them stand out to the rest of the cluster.

The meet is simple. Lila wants to set up a safe city, one where homo sensorium can live in peace. She feels that if Wolfgang would make his moves, people there would get down on their knees for him. He sets her straight: this is Berlin, these are my people, and we kneel for no one. So take your fucking cluster and fuck off.

Lila says she’s gonna scrap Wolfgang off her shoe like dog shit and Kala says, “Bring it, bitch”. And it’s on—


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Personal Note: I’ve had that gif ready to go for over a year. It’s really a shame it took me so long to get it out, but hey: when one of your favorite shows is canceled and you suffer from intense depression, it hits you in the guts. I’m glad I finally got the opportunity to show it to you.

Wolfgang and Lila go full Matrix on each other, with guns a-blazing and bad guys buying it left and right, all of it thanks to the August 8 Cluster. When they run out of rounds Wolfgang says that all he wants right now is one more bullet (title callout!) and they and their clusters line up and start putting it to each other. (Personal Note: I loved how Dan Glass filmed this fight, showing how when one member of the cluster takes a blow, they all take the blow. You know this is all going on in their heads, but still, it’s wonderful to see it played out like this.) Wolfgang gets the better of Lila, but before he can finish her off the police arrive and he and the rest of the cluster get the fuck outta there—


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Tuppence Middleton — Riley Gunnarsdóttir, Chicago
Brian J. Smith — Will Gorski, London
Doona Bae — Sun Bak, Seoul
Toby Onwumere — Capheus, Nairobi
Max Riemelt — Wolfgang Bogdanow, Berlin
Tina Desai — Kala Dandekar, Mumbai
Miguel Ángel Silvestre — Lito Rodriguez, Mexico DF
Jamie Clayton — Nomi Marks, San Francisco


Freema Agyeman — Amanita
Purab Kohli — Rajan
Alfonso Herrera — Hernando
Eréndira Ibarra — Daniela
Ness Bautista — Diego
Michael Sommers — Bug
Lila Facchini — Lila
Lars Eidinger — Sebastian Fuchs
Max Mauff — Felix
Paul Ogola — Jela
Lwanda Jawar — Superpower

Terrence Mann — Whispers
Naveen Andrews — Jonas Maliki





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