‘Stranger Things 2’ Officially Confirmed by Netflix!

Netflix's Stranger Things has been officially renewed for Season 2

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Ever since Stranger Things dropped on Netflix in July, and viewers binged on the show, it has been expected a Season 2 would follow. While the Duffer brothers (who created Stranger Things for Netflix) kept talking like there would be a Stranger Things 2, no official announcement was made by Netflix.

Until now.

Here’s everything I could find out about Stranger Things 2.

  • Fans will get 9 episodes in Season 2 of Stranger Things instead of the 8 we saw in Season 1.
  • Season 2 will take place in 1984 and Hawkins, Indiana, mostly. The year is correct, however, the Duffer brothers did an interview with Entertainment Weekly that revealed Episode 1 of Stranger Things 2 will take place outside of Hawkins.
  • Four new characters will be introduced in Season 2 of Stranger Things. Absolutely nothing is known yet about these characters other than Patton Oswalt will NOT be one of them.





  • Barb will not be back in Stranger Things 2, however, her story will be expanded on.
  • Eleven might be back. Actually, who are we kidding here? My prediction is that the Duffer brothers are pulling a “Jon Snow is dead” with this. While they will not confirm she will show up in Season 2, how can she not? Especially considering Hopper is feeding her Eggos?
  • James Cameron will be a big influence for Season 2, because that man is about the only person that can make a sequel work!
  • And don’t worry, I will be back to recap the hell out of Season 2 of Stranger Things 😉

Are you excited to see Stranger Things renewed for Season 2? Let us know by commenting below!

[Image via Netflix]

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