The Kettering Incident, Season 1, Episode 4, “The Mill”

Showcase's 'The Kettering Incident,' Season 1, Episode 4, The Mill. Chloe's arm, morgue shot

Showcase’s ‘The Kettering Incident,’ Season 1, Episode 4, The Mill. Chloe’s arm [Image via Showcase]

Welcome to my recap of Showcase’s The Kettering Incident. Here’s what went down in Episode 4 (entitled “The Mill”).

So, now that Chloe (Sianoa Smit-McPhee) has been located and there is now a definite Twin Peaks feel to the show, the search is on in earnest as to how she wound up dead at the mill. Forensics discovers she was killed by blunt force trauma to the back of the head she has forest debris on her person, so it’s likely she died in the forest and was moved to the mill. But why? Well, turns out Chloe’s dad, Max (Damien Garvey), has been holding out in regards to threatening letters that would probably be important. When he finally fesses up to Dutch (Matthew Le Nevez), the letters actually seem far more incriminating than they did originally on account of the threats to Max and his family. Although, as his son, Adam (Brad Kannegiesser), points out, the greenies will be very happy now work has stopped at the mill. So are the greenies actually capable of killing someone just to save a forest? Not sure yet. But, before we really go down that path, there are plenty of others who might be just as guilty.

CF:  I think it was at this point that I realized there was a ton of misdirection going on and, as you said, the Twin Peaks vibe hit.  Right about now you think it can be anyone, but no one stands out.

Showcase's 'The Kettering Incident,' Season 1, Episode 4, The Mill. Barb with Chloe's hairbrush

Showcase’s ‘The Kettering Incident,’ Season 1, Episode 4, The Mill. Barb with Chloe’s hairbrush [Image via Showcase]

After the cops speak to the Holloways, it is time for Barb (Sacha Horler) to not only lose her shit over the hair she finds in Chloe’s hairbrush, but to kick Eliza (Tilda Cobham-Hervey) out for overstaying her welcome. As she leaves she gets questioned by the police. This is where she reiterates her bullshit story about Chloe and Anna (Elizabeth Debicki) fighting on the night of Chloe’s disappearance. While the cops may believe her, the audience is really starting to think she may have killed her best friend out of spite that Chloe found a new, less needy, friend and now is trying to lay the foundations for blaming someone else. But, just when you are really starting to dislike Eliza, she tries to move in with her dad rather than return home to her alcoholic mother. Her dad, Craig Grayson (Ben Oxenbould), basically tells her to fuck off on account he would have to revoke his bachelor status, so Eliza has to go home to mummy anyway. Sharon (Genevieve Hegney) has gotten wind of the fact she is not the preferred parent and proves just why she isn’t mother of the year, by not letting her daughter inside. Eliza has to sleep in the car. In the middle of Tasmania. Where it is as cold as fuck.

CF:  As nutty as Eliza was beginning to come off you really feel for her at the end of this segment.  Not only does she have super shitty parents but, given you see her camping out in utes a lot after that, it seemed her only real friend is dead and she can’t turn to anyone else.  On reflection Tilda Cobham-Hervey really gives one of the best performances in this show, but you don’t recognize it as such because she’s lingering in the background a lot.

RT: Tilda is an absolute ripper in this part! You’re right though, she hides herself away a lot.

CF:  That’s the sign of a good actress to stay memorable without being in the spotlight.

 Showcase's 'The Kettering Incident,' Season 1, Episode 4, The Mill. Eliza and Sharon

Showcase’s ‘The Kettering Incident,’ Season 1, Episode 4, The Mill. Eliza and Sharon [Image via Showcase]

Anna is also doing her best to incriminate herself. During the official interview, she messes up the times she was out and about when Chloe went missing. But she can’t work out why Fergus (Henry Nixon) is shitty she lied. Come on, Anna, it’s not rocket science. She also mentions the tablets Chloe had and Dutch is starting to wriggle a bit in his seat, so changes the subject by asking about her and Gillian being half-sisters. Fergus calls bullshit, except he can’t because Anna and Gillian really are half-sisters and when he questions Dutch about it, Dutch admits he is holding a grudge against Roy because of “karma.” I’m pretty sure this means Roy knows about the drug peddling and has something over Dutch. Or, perhaps Dutch is pedaling drugs undercover in order to weed out Roy? Hmmm… maybe I think too much about this show…

CF: I’m still trying to figure out the drug trade here.  At times it really seems like it was tacked on to give Dutch more of a “bad cop” image.

RT: I must agree here. I am hoping there is somewhere this is all going beyond “bad cop.”

As for Fergus, he is starting to lose his shit. Not only is he promising Chloe’s family he will solve this mystery for them, but he is freaking out when Anna goes through his police stuff. It seems the poor simple cop is starting to work out the world is a scary place, even in the smallest of places. I’m pretty sure he didn’t sign up for this level of police work. To make matters worse, Anna stays with him on account of it being awkward at home with her dad right now, and works out Fergus and Sandra (Katie Robertson) are a secret item. Which means she can totally get Kade’s (Thomas Readman) address and check out those weird markings in person. Which she does, and discovers Kade is also prone to blackouts that put him at the old Sullivan’s house and out on the ridge. He also whispers to Anna that “they” are looking for her and the hairs on my arms raised when he said it. Who the fuck are “they”? Anna takes a blood sample of Kade and heads back to Kettering.

CF:  And Kade:  if there is a Season 2 we fucking better know more about him.  Twin Peaks here for sure.

RT: Amen! His character is awesome. Just the right blend of freak to get people intrigued, just the right amount of humanity to make you want to hug the poor little thing.

CF:  It also made me wonder how many people live like him and his mother.  I was trying to figure what they do to get by.

RT: Living in a caravan in the bush, it happens. She probably lives off welfare. Either she has claimed disability or she is on the dole, meaning, in a small town, with hardly any job prospects, she is a longtime dole collector. Alternatively, perhaps she has a job we just don’t know about yet? Or, she has an inheritance and has decided to live off the land. If you want ot get into conspiracy theories (and I know i do), she has been paid off by someone because of Kade 😉

CF:  That makes sense. And I like the possibility she’s being paid off.

Showcase's 'The Kettering Incident,' Season 1, Episode 4, The Mill. Kade being creepy

Showcase’s ‘The Kettering Incident,’ Season 1, Episode 4, The Mill. Kade being creepy [Image via Showcase]

Meanwhile, Adam is on the road and right about the time Anna starts to get another mayday message (this time via her radio), Adam sees the lights. Being distracted, he crashes his car. This is not the worst of it either. He has to chainsaw his car free from the downed tree he hit, in the process he gets a massive wood chip in his eye. This causes him to chop into his leg and lose a lot of blood.

CF:  A moment here about things.  First, the cars cutting out like they did due to something overhead is considered a Close Encounter of the Second Kind:  a sighting where physical effects are noted.  Also, the mayday on the radios:  those are the actual recordings made by Frederick Valentich to Melborne ATC as he was being followed by an unknown flying object, and the voice heard asking for assistance and help is Frederick’s.  I go into more detail on this in the recap of Episode 1.  It is a bit unnerving to hear the voice of someone who may have been taken by aliens popping up as part of the story…

RT: I just knew you’d clear this up for me! Thank you 🙂 It is very unnerving to know this is an actual recording *shivers*

CF:  You can hear how there’s just a touch of panic in his voice  Whatever he was seeing, it was real.

 Showcase's 'The Kettering Incident,' Season 1, Episode 4, The Mill. Adam Holloway

Showcase’s ‘The Kettering Incident,’ Season 1, Episode 4, The Mill. Adam Holloway [Image via Showcase]

Anna hears him scream and runs towards him because she has already gotten out of her car to have a look around. She must be some distance though because when she stops for breath, she finds weird water bubbling up out of the earth. Suddenly, I am 100% convinced Roy, Max and Craig buried radioactive shit up on Sullivan’s Ridge. But, no time to worry about that because Anna has to save Adam’s life.

 Showcase's 'The Kettering Incident,' Season 1, Episode 4, The Mill. The hooded person

Showcase’s ‘The Kettering Incident,’ Season 1, Episode 4, The Mill. The hooded person [Image via Showcase]

While Adam is bleeding and yelling all over the place, he sees a hooded form look down at him. You can’t see the face, but then it is gone and Anna is there checking his vitals and performing first aid. Luckily, Jens (Damon Gameau) just happened to be in the area — was he the hooded figure — and can drive them to the hospital.

CF:  When I saw that “figure” the first thing I imagined was that Adam was being taken by aliens, as that pretty much the shape of a Gray’s head.  Then again

RT: My first thought was Anna. And I know that’s probably because I knew she was going to find him. But, at the same time, I guess this is probably the point where I really believed something is truly off about Anna.

And this is where Barb has to swallow her pride and not only fess up to Chloe’s nosebleeds but thank Anna for saving her son’s life.

While Anna is at the hospital, she figures she may as well visit her mum, who, we find out in Episode 4 of The Kettering Incident is mute and doesn’t move. Except now Anna has arrived and weird shit starts to happen. Just little things. First it sounds like someone is in the hall. Then it sounds like maybe her mum tried to say Anna’s name. Finally, a weird, child-like noise that has Anna looking out the window. Which means she totally misses her mum looking across and making eye contact with the audience and I am left wondering if I am now doomed for staring directly at her.

CF:  And right here I sat up and went, “What the fuck?”  Up to now there’s been creepy shit in show but this really turned it up to 11

RT: I still can’t make eye contact with this image.

CF:  You half expect something to jump out of that image.  They continue to ramp up the mystery in such tiny ways.

RT: And it is is the tiny ways that make this show for me. Not so much blood and gore, but plenty of creeptastic moments.

CF:  That’s how it is with me.  It’s all about being creepy.

Showcase's 'The Kettering Incident,' Season 1, Episode 4, The Mill. Anna's mum

Showcase’s ‘The Kettering Incident,’ Season 1, Episode 4, The Mill. Anna’s mum [Image via Showcase]

Weird Shit That Might Be Important Later

  • Chloe’s car still hasn’t been found. Where on earth do you hide something of that size? Around here, if a car is involved with criminal events, you would just roll it into the local lake. So, out here in rural Kettering, surely they would be searching all the dams about the place?
  • Fergus kayaking at the Candlesticks and things jumping out of the water. Someone needs to call in some divers and properly check this place out, I think.
  • Renae (Suzi Dougherty) helping her sister through these troubling times, offering worldly experience like it is something that Barb can grow from, when, really, as Barb points out, everything is just “shit.” Strange how two sisters can have such a similar experience. Although, as Barb points out, she always thought never knowing what happened to your child was the worst thing, but, no, finding out they are dead, is the worst thing. Sorry Renae, you do not have dibs on this grief!

CF:  I want to know where the hell Fergus kayaks to all the time.  Ever wonder about that?

RT: I do, but there was mention early on that his dad drowned near there. So I have two theories on that. Either his body was never found and Fergus is still looking. Or, he suspects something weird happened and is searching for clues. As I mentioned in my Episode 2 recap of The Kettering Incident, it is a 1.5 hour trip to the Candlesticks from Kettering, so he has a reason for sure.

What did you think of Episode 4 of Showcase’s The Kettering Incident? Let us know by commenting below!

The official synopsis for Episode 5 (entitled “The Forest”) of Showcase’s The Kettering Incident is below.

“When Anna finds out more about the young boy and the strange marks on his skin, she starts to figure out more of the deviousness in Kettering. Meanwhile, Dt. Dutch starts to get suspicious of Roy Macy.”

Season 1 of Foxtel’s The Kettering Incident is now available for purchase here.

[Images via Showcase and Father Son Holy Gore]

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