The Walking Dead Season 3 Recap – Episode 8: Made to Suffer

Newcomers Tyreese (Chad Coleman) and Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) to AMC's The Walking Dead

Made to Suffer

Oh yeah baby, this episode ROCKS! Although, as I blogged yesterday – February?! We have to wait until February to find out what happens! That’s just sucky AMC! But as for this episode, let’s see what went down…

For starters, we are introduced to Tyreese (Chad Coleman) and his motley crew – one of which gets bitten in the first couple of minutes *sigh* Needless to say, after all the running through the forest and hacking up zombies, they are glad to see this:

The Prison in AMC's The Walking Dead

Although, all is not entirely safe they discover upon entry and it’s lucky Carl (Chandler Riggs) comes and saves the day for them. Not only are his shooting skills excellent, but he leads them to safety. It’s yet another moment when I am wondering just how long Carl’s sanity will hold out – he’s only 12 for Christ’s sake! Anyway, Carl looks them in a cell and lets them be – leaving the new group to wonder if maybe they have just jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire!

And that’s about all that happens in the prison for this episode.

Over at Woodbury is where the real action is taking place. We have Rick (Andrew Lincoln) being all ‘look at me I’m a cop and I know how to use a smoke bomb!’ Then there is Andrea (Laurie Holden) being all typically stupid and not realising she is sleeping with the enemy. Not to mention poor Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) who are awaiting their fate while Merle (Michael Rooker) also starts to realise that perhaps his position in the camp is in jeopardy thanks to knowingGlenn and the whole Ricktatorship crew.

So, let’s break it all down:

The Governor

Oh boy, is he a whack job! He’s basically holding a handful of leaky shit by trying to hide from Andrea the fact that he has some of her friends hostage and that the rest of them are actually attacking the camp (and nice work on calling them ‘terrorists’ – is that the ONLY way to emote a reaction from a crowd any more?)

Then he’s messing with Merle’s head while planning an attack on the Ricktarorship.

Oh, and did I forget to mention the terribly endearing moment between him and hismonster of a child? Well, needless to say, we actually start to feel a semblance of goodwill towards the Governor (David Morrissey), but more on that later…

The Dixon’s

Oh dear me, I just knew it was gonna be messy when these two got together. For a while there Daryl (Norman Reedus) doesn’t know what’s going down, and then he thinks his brother, Merle, is the Governor when they finally save Glenn and Maggie (and Glenn, nice work on de-boning that zombie *high five*). Finally, though, he gets with the program and pleads with Rick to let him find his brother.

Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) - The Walking Dead - Season 3, Episode 8 - Photo credit: Tina Rowden/AMC

Now, is it just me, or did it suddenly get awkward during this scene because you were finding it hard to differentiate Rick from the Governor – guess good and bad just depends which side of the prison you’re on…


While Michonne (Danai Gurira) manages to get the crew into Woodbury, she quickly does a disappearing act and this brings her alliance into the spotlight by theRicktatorship. Of course, we all know that she is just heading off to exact some sweet revenge on the Governor!

While she’s waiting patiently in the Governor’s house for him to return, she hears scuffling, checking out the next room, she finds his stash of floating zombie heads. Then she finds a poor sweet little thing trapped in a dark cage with a bag over her head. by this stage I am watching between my fingers and yelling at Michonne so loudly that my cat has freaked off out of the room. Yeah, Michonne, take the bag off the zombie-child’shead BEFORE you hug it *sigh*

The bigger *sigh* moment though is when Michonne is prevented from killing thezombie-spawn-cat by the Governor who is fretting and pleading with her to spare his child’s life.

Like Michonne falls for that shit.

Finally Michohh-my-god-smile-woman turns into Michohh-my-god-there’s-a-person-inside-that-zombie! A scuffle then breaks out and the poor Governor cops a glass shard to the eye. It still doesn’t stop him from weeping over the loss of his daughter though!

The Governor (David Morrissey) is made to suffer in AMC's The Walking Dead

So, outside, the battle is still being waged between the terrorists (AKA theRicktatorship) and Woodbury (AKA The Stepford Wives). In all the gunfirethough, only one guy manages to get himself killed – so say goodbye to Oscar (Vincent Ward). This will come as no surprise to the ‘Walking Dead can only have one black man at a time’ brigade though.

In the confusion, Daryl goes missing. This is the last know sighting of him during the battle:

Last known sighting of Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) in AMC's The Walking Dead

We are left with Rick getting all cranky with Michonne for disappearing, while everyone else waits for Daryl to return.

And that is all we see of the Ricktatorship crew for this episode.

Meanwhile, back in Camp Terrorists-Are-Attacking, the Governor is giving a heart felt speech. He’s starting to remind me of Hitler at this point. How on earth he manages to stand and be coherent after having a glass shard removed from his eye, I’ll never know. Maybe they have good drugs in Woodbury?

So, back to the speech. In the midst of it, he draws attention to the fact there is a traitorin the tribe! Say hello Merle – yup, the Governor is still trying to push shit uphill and save his la la land fantasy of him being supreme and benevolent ruler of the world. Although, why Merle doesn’t call the Governor out for being a liar is anyone’s guess.

Next, enter Daryl. Uh-oh. I started to feel all sick in the guts at this turn of events. So didAndrea apparently. At least she had the decency to look all shocked and horrified when the mob start shouting for zombie fight club!

'So Bro, what do you think of zombie fight club now?' Daryl (Norman Reedus) asks Merle (Michael Rooker) in AMC's The Walking Dead

Do you think Daryl will survive? And will Andrea finally grow a set and kick the Governor in his?

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