The Walking Dead Season 4 Recap – Episode 12: Still

Beth (Emily Kinney) stars in Season 4, Episode 12 of AMC's The Walking Dead



So what did you think of the Daryl Dixon show Season 4, Episode 12 (entitled Still) ofAMC’s The Walking Dead? It turned out to be every Daryl Dixon fan’s dream come true: backstory on the redneck god himself!

Me, personally, had this song stuck in my head for most of the episode:

As a result I couldn’t write this recap without donning my Dolly Parton t shirt…

Seriously though, what did I think of this episode? I thought it was LOADS better than last week’s one. However, was it just me or did Daryl (Norman Reedus) spend the first half of the episode as an ape? Yeah, AMC, we get that Daryl has issues, we get that he’s a redneck, so we don’t need you to dumb him down to a cardboard cut-out just to prove a point.

As for Beth (Emily Kinney) – whoa! That girl finally got herself some lines! Who knew she could string together sentences and paragraphs that aren’t set to music? I’m so glad we finally got to see this side of her – but, realistically, does this mean she’s a goner soon? You know what happens when AMC delve into previously ‘filler’ characters…

In this episode we find Daryl and Beth still on the run from all the walkers – seriously, are they wearing some zombie-attracting scent that the rest of Rick’s crew just don’t know about? They spend the night in the back of a car boot (for Americans this should read: car trunk) just to get away from them and, to me, this was way more satisfactory in the scare department than all Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln) hiding under the bed in Episode 11. Once escaping this herd they are tired and hungry and on the verge of eating bugs. Although, it turns out they decide snake is more palatable.

Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) shows off his snake in Season 4, Episode 12 of AMC's The Walking Dead

Afterwards, they make their way to a golf club – but one where everyone decided to drink the Kool Aid. Beth dons some clean – if somewhat Stepford-wivey – clothes here. Needless to say these cloths stay clean for all of five minutes because the zombies are back and they have to defend themselves all over again. There are plenty of words exchanged between Beth and Daryl in relation to who is actually suffering the most (and therefore right) as well as plenty of talk on what the point of living on the run is if you can’t have any happiness.

Next they end up at a cabin in the woods – the one that made me think of the Dolly Parton song above. This is where Daryl comes into his own. Beth finally gets her hands on some moonshine (which she has spent the entire episode searching for) and they settle down for a drinking game. Of course Beth manages to offend Daryl by implying he’d been in jail (other than in Season 3 and 4) and it all gets rather heated after that.

Beth (Emily Kinney) and Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) shack up in Season 4, Episode 12 of AMC's The Walking Dead

Was anyone else disappointed that Daryl and Beth didn’t shack up together?

Yeah, me too. I really wish AMC would take a leaf out of HBO’s book sometimes…

Beth (Emily Kinney) stars in Season 4, EPisode 12 of AMC's The Walking Dead

Anyways, so Beth goes all crazy-eyes when Daryl spills his guts about his upbringing. As a result, Beth gets an idea and they burn that cabin to the ground! This leads to Daryl returning to his normal self and AMC give his fans an extra special tribute:

Beth (Emily Kinney) and Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) flips Daryl's past  the bird in Season 4, Episode 12 of AMC's The Walking Dead

So, what did you think of Season 4, Episode 12 of AMC’s The Walking Dead? Let me know in the comments below!

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