The Walking Dead Season 5 Mid Season Finale Recap – Episode 8: Coda

Emily Kinney stars as Beth Greene in Episode 8 entitled Coda of AMCs The Walking Dead Season 5

Well, here is it – the very last recap of AMC’s The Walking Dead for 2014! Here’s what went down in the Episode 8 (entitled Coda) mid season finale of Season 5:

So we start this episode with Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) playing bad cop against one of Dawn’s (Christine Woods) actual bad cops, Bob (Maximiliano Hernández). Long story short, it’s bye-bye Bob.

Now Rick seems to be walking the fine line again this episode and I wonder if he will be returning to Farmer Rick and all his whacked out visions in the second half of Season 5. But, for the mean time, he is playing hostage negotiator against the other kind of crazy that is Dawn.

Speaking of, Dawn spends this episode trying to convince Beth (Emily Kinney) that her version of the Dawn of the New Age is less about the sharing of emotional enlightenment and more about making sure your version of crazy doesn’t spill out enough for everyone to see and therefore having someone step up and do what Dawn had to do to the previous supreme ruler of Slabtown

So how is Beth? Well, she’s okay, she’s got her thug life on and is supplying Carol (Melissa McBride) with the magical medication she needs to heal internal injuries. Of course no one has noticed that Carol is still eating up medical resources because all the cops are too busy getting caught by Rick’s group or being typically stereo-cast. As a result, Beth has to push a cop down the lift well.

But enough about all that excitement, what about Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam)? Turns out he needs to know that what went down in church was the truth, so goes off in search of Bob’s (old Bob, nice Bob, played by Lawrence Gilliard, Jr.) BBQed leg.

In return for Rick’s group telling the truth and Gabriel discovering this, he returns to the church with a herd of walkers hot on his tail. Carl (Chandler Riggs) and Michonne (Danai Gurira) show the compassion that Gabriel never showed his parishioners and let Father Doubting Thomas in. Which means the church becomes overrun with walkers and they have nowhere to stay now…

…which is fine because Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) shows up just in the knick of time to save their arses. Michonne is all excited to tell Maggie (Lauren Cohan) that her sister is still alive: Remember Beth, Maggie? You know, the sister you haven’t really been worrying about while searching for Glenn (Steven Yeun)? Yeah, she’s okay. *insert sudden change of heart from Maggie here* Yeah, this is when I know who is gonna die…

Okay, so back at Slabtown, the negotiation is under way. Rick and Dawn are exchanging gifts and Carol is all of a sudden alive and well enough to sit up in a wheelchair – it’s a miracle! Right when you think all is good a rosy, Dawn goes full Lizzie (Brighton Sharbino) and demands Noah (Tyler James Williams) back, because, you know, he’s hers and not a person at all. Now, considering the swap has been made, there makes no sense for Rick to do anything else but walk away – and even Dawn’s crew seem to agree. But Dawn’s not having one piece of that pie  and Noah can see it so sacrifices himself by returning to Team Dawn.

This is when it all goes to hell in a handbasket made out of shit decisions crafted in the writer’s room when someone came up with the brilliant idea that it was time for someone to die…

Yeah, Beth goes all fucktarded and attacks Dawn with a pair of scissors. Not giant ‘I was made to cut shit up’ scissors but the kind of scissors you might find in a little old ladies handbag. And she doesn’t even manage to stab Dawn in a major artery. So Dawn is all wild at Beth and blows her MOTHERFUCKING brains out all over Rick’s group.

Yeah, Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) cries and every Reedus fan across the world cries along with him. And then Daryl carries poor Beth out of the hospital just in time for Maggie to show up and all those tears that you thought you’d just cried over this ridiculously senseless death renew themselves even though you’ve spent the entire Season wondering when Maggie would remember she had a sister.

TWD S05E08 Talking Dead 2

And then I made the mistake of watching Talking Dead and watched Emily Kinney cry during the entire show and I think, even four days later, I am still dehydrated.

Oh course, then I found this on Facebook:

Dont worry shes with me

So, yeah, pissy that AMC decided to kill Beth. Not because she is my fave character, but because they made it a senseless death for the sake of being ‘edgy’.

oh, and remember Morgan (Lennie James)? Yeah, he totally turned up after the party left all over again…

What did you think of the mid season finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead? Let me know your thoughts on Beth’s death by commenting below! And just remember, Season 5 returns on the 8th February 2015.

Season 5 return February promo poster

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