The Walking Dead, Season 6, Episode 12: “Not Tomorrow Yet”

Season 6 Episode 12 of AMC's The Walking Dead

[Screen capture via AMC]

Here’s what went down in Episode 12 (entitled “Not Tomorrow Yet”) of Season 6 of AMC’s The Walking Dead:

  • Carol’s (Melissa McBride) cooking – this could end badly. Now she’s collecting acorns and killing walkers and shit. Dammit, there’s another floral shirt ruined. Better have a shower and pick out another soccer mom outfit. Although, to be honest Carol, I don’t think the Alexandrians are falling for your disguise anymore. Especially not when you’re handing out homemade cookies. Is Alexandria the new Waco? Carol may have all intentions of feeding the masses, but even when people are as hungry as they are in Alexandria, they are still a bit hesitant to try her home cooking.

CF:  When I saw her coming out with the cookies the first thing that came to mine was, “They’re all gonna die!”  I mean, look at this face:

"Who wants cookies? You better say yes."

“Who wants cookies? You better say yes.”

But the thing that got to me right before the credits ran:  Sam got a cookie!  I mean, yeah, Carol probably has no idea how much she fucked that kid up, but to leave his grave marked with a cookie?  I don’t want to say Carol’s starting to break, but there are things happening in this episode that are driving her back to pre-murder mom Carol.

  • Rick (Andrew Lincoln) arrives back in Alexandria and calls a meeting in the church. Carol asks what’s going on. Rick says they have to fight. Carol pulls out her cookies. Maybe that’s the way to do it?

CF:  Kill them with kindness, I always say.  Or a big sword.

  • Then Morgan (Lennie James) arrives wanting to know why Carol didn’t tell everyone about what Morgan did. Carol told Rick’s group not to tell and Morgan says she doesn’t want everyone to know because it’s kind of like she did it too. Carol gets pissy and tells him to rack off. I’m pretty sure she has a cookie with his name on it.
  • At the church meeting, Rick tells everyone about Hilltop and how much food they can give Alexandria. Then goes on to talk about the Saviors and how they nearly killed Daryl (Norman Reedus), Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) and Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) earlier on. He explains that the Saviors will find them eventually anyway, so they may as well fight them now. This needs to be a group decision, but we all know it’s not really. Rick will be sending them all to war. Of course there is always one in every group, and in The Walking Dead it is Morgan wanting to know why they just can’t hug it out. Can someone kill Morgan already? Carol give the man a cookie! So Rick thinks it will be a mistake but asks the group who wants to talk to the Saviors first. Aaron won’t let Alexandria go down and no one else objects. Rick finishes with “We don’t all have to kill, but those who stay [in Alexandria] have to accept it.” Suck on that Morgan.

CF:  Rick was so channeling The Governor here.  This was really one of the things that made the episode seem kind of strange:  Rick has decided he’s gonna be the bad guy here and hire out Alexandria as mercs–though he justifies it by saying “We need to do this to survive,” which is a line right out of The Governor’s playbook.  He wants to show Carl the New World, and that world happens to have Rick leading people out on another one of his great plans.

RT: This is something I have loved about the show all along. The viewers see Rick’s group as the good guys, but they’re not really, they’re just coping as best they can. The only reason we see them as the good guys is because we know their backstory intimately and can therefore justify their behaviour.

CF:  Carol’s a classic example of that.  Look how she started out, then look where she went, and now where is she going?  And Rick has been slowly sliding over to the Dark Side for a while, so when they get into All Out War he’s going to be a bad ass with which to recon.

Carol's diary of death in Season 6 Episode 12 of AMC''s The Walking Dead

[Screen capture via AMC]

  • Carol is writing in her journal of the dead. Seems 18 is the magic number that is bringing her undone now. Really, she has only killed that many?

CF:  The number does seem low.  Maybe that’s all she remembers because the rest of the time she was like a blackout drunk during most of those.  But when you see the initials and start putting them to names, it does seem like she killed more, but hasn’t.  It’s more like who she’s killed and not how many.

  • Episode 12 of The Walking Dead foreshadows a lot of bad shit deals a lot with whether Maggie (Lauren Cohan) should go to war or not. Logical answer is “No”, so of course Maggie goes to war.

CF:  This episodes was the master of foreshadowing.  Really, Walking Dead:  just do your thing, ’cause it’s starting to feel like bad fan fiction.

  • Carol and Tobin (Jason Douglas) are chatting and they are on like Donkey Kong. Tobin is impressed at the “terrifying” things Carol can do on account of the fact she is a mother. Uh-oh, I can smell mummy issues.

CF:  “You scare me, Mommy!”  “Be a good boy and you’ll get my special cookie.”  I wonder if Carol had Heath do a run to a local BDSM shop for some “gear”.  Oh, fuck, now that’s an image you’ll never get out of your head.

RT: Carol and Tobin sitting in a chair, B.D.S.M.I.N.G…

  • Abraham is packing and leaving Rosita (Christian Serratos) for good (not just because they have a Negan to kill). Abraham is not elaborating beyond, “Why are dingle-berries brown? That’s just the way shit is.” That Abraham, he should start up a greeting card company of the apocalypse.

“Roses are Red
Violets Are Blue
Walkers are dead
And so are you…
Just kidding. How about we make some pancakes instead?”

Rosita cracks the sads and the shits, but Abraham lets her know he thought she was the last woman on earth, but she’s not. Way to be an arsehole Abe! Just when you think break ups couldn’t suck any more, Eugene (Josh McDermitt) shows up all loved up on Carol’s cookies. Nice timing Eugene, good to see you still like to watch.

Josh McDermitt stars as Eugene in Season 6 Episode 12 of AMC's The Walking Dead

Carol cookies are moist, I tell ya… *insert inappropriate drooling*
[Screen capture via AMC]

CF:  Seriously, Abraham was being a complete dick to Rosita.  Man, does he not know she’s able to handle heavy weapons?  And then there’s Eugene with his “moist” cookie.  He’s lucky Rosita didn’t gut his ass.

  • Rick is getting one of the Hilltop guys, Andy (Jeremy Palko) to draw up the layouts of the Saviors place – both inside and out. A whole heap of guesstimating leads to Rick deciding they need to show up with Gregory’s (Xander Berkeley) head. Wait, what?! Does Rick mean literally? Or figuratively? If I know Rick, I am hoping literally.
  • Tara (Alanna Masterson) and Denise (Merritt Wever) are chatting about your standard zombie apocalypse problems like when is the right time to drop the L word. Turns out now is the right time as far as Denise is concerned but Tara needs confession with Father Gabriel for lying (except she wasn’t really, just covering up the fact she has been a badarse for a lot longer than Denise thinks).

CF:  I know we won’t see Tara for a while–some rumors are saying maybe never (Alanna left after this episode to have her baby, and I’ve read she may be done with the show), but I half expected her at some point to crack before leaving and express to Denise how bad an idea it was going after the Saviors.  I have a feeling we’ll see her again, but she won’t be . . . alive.

RT: Oh, good call! I would totally be okay with that.

  • Rick’s group finally head out into the Saviors’ territory, still being all cocky, honking their horns before getting out to travel on foot. They will meet back in a couple of hours to see what they have found, still thinking this will be a cake walk.

CF:  Seriously, what the fuck was with that?  I was scratching my head thinking, “Way to let any bad guys in the area know you’re there, Rick.”  More and more you start realizing a lot of Rick’s plans that work do so because of a whole lot of luck and the ability to scare the piss out of others.  I am a bit sad we never got to see him grab three or four people from Alexandria and threaten to slit their throats like he wanted to do to take over the place . . .

RT: Yep, it was totally like they forgot they were sneaking in *SMH* I think Rick will have to step up the crazy a notch or seven to make this plan work now.

CF:  He’ll have to, ’cause if you wanna run with Negan, you gotta bring your A Game.

  • Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) wants Rick to teach him the ways of being crazy Rick. I think I could grow to like this version of Father Gabe.
  • Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Heath (Corey Hawkins) are tasked with looking for a walker head that looks like Gregory. Not how I thought that would play out, but okay… Heath is convinced this little battle with the Saviors will be over tonight. LOL, what an amateur. Heath wants to know is Glenn is nervous about killing people. Glenn has a long winded explanation about how hungry they are. Killing has to be worse than hunger surely?
Which walker head will it be in Season 6 Episode 12 of AMC's The Walking Dead

Interesting to note is that one of these heads is actually Johnny Depp’s. And the one Rick punches is Greg Nicotero’s  [Screen capture via AMC]

  • Time to play the fucked up version of Celebrity Walker Heads. Jesus thinks the head is the wrong shape. Rick doesn’t care, just punches that dead again walker head in the face a couple of times, making Andy think Rick is scarier than the Saviors. He just might be right. I hope so anyway…

CF:  Crazy Rick is worthy of Negan, and they are both scary.  I do hope they play up the fact that there isn’t a lot of a lot of difference between the two, because there isn’t.  And the fact that the head punched was modeled on Nicotero’s is proof the producers are taking the piss on everything.  “Yeah, Andy, go ahead and punch my fucking face!”

  • Next we get our first look at the Saviors place. And so the plan begins. Andy gets out of the car with “Gregory’s” head in a bag, which the Saviors totally fall for. Savior guy #1 goes to get the hilltop guy. While he is gone, Daryl slits the throat of Savior guy #2 and the mission is a-go. They clean up and disappear with the body and Saviour 1  doesn’t even notice Saviour 2 is missing when he returns, which is okay because Michonne stabs him and they are now officially in the door. Personally, I’m thinking it’s an ambush at this stage but after Rick stabs a sleeping guy in the head, I am guessing it is probably not.

CF:  First off, it is sort of true that the Saviors are a bit rag-tag when they’re not around Negan, but if you walked out and saw the dude you’d left behind wasn’t there, wouldn’t you notice right away?  I think I would.

Now, a cool little goodie I discovered while waiting for stuff and things today . . . here is The Saviors’ location!  TWD Savior Location

This is a research site operated by Georgia Tech.  It was first opened in 1997 and used as part of SETI’s Project Phoenix; before that it was an AT&T receiver location.  Both antenna are 30 meters in diameter, but only the south dish–the one on the left in the picture–works.  Today it still does SETI work as backup conformation antennas, so this is an operational site.  The site is 40 kilometers/25 miles south of Senoia, but more importantly, it’s 8 kilometers/5 miles south of . . . here it comes . . . Woodbury!  Seriously, the town of Woodbury is real, and if you follow Cove Road and drive off the bottom of the picture, you’ll head right into the downtown area.  And, yes:  this was the town that was supposed to be The Governor’s home in the comic.  In fact, the actual name of this location is the Georgia Tech Woodbury Research Facility.

RT: This is the coolest info ever! Thank you for tracking this down 🙂

CF:  The moment this popped up last night I started thinking, “I gotta find this place.”

  • Heath and Glenn enter another room. More sleeping guys. Can Heath do it? Wait, can Glenn do it? Does Glenn’s Saviour look like Chris Hardwick? Not sure but Glenn kills him anyway and Heath’s guy because now he is a badarse killer just like Rick. Oh, look at those lovely pics on the walls of people these guys have blown the brains out of – or perhaps Lucille has pummeled?  Foreshadowing much that Glenn found the pics?

In the Saviours 2 compound in Season 6 Episode 12 of AMC's The Walking Dead

[Screen capture via AMC]

CF:  It killed me to see Glenn kill those people.  Steven played it fantastic, showing he hated every moment he was there, but trying to justify that it was necessary.  And, yes, those picture were of people beaten to death with Lucille.  WE GET IT, WALKING DEAD!  FORESHADOWING, BITCHES!  Ever since Terminus they’ve foreshadowed this to hell and gone.  If they don’t kill his ass, they’ll do themselves harm because no one will believe them when it comes time to kill someone.

RT: I think I am finally coming to terms with the fact Glenn is not long for this world *cries* If AMC DON’T kill him now I think I will be more like Crazy Rick, than, well, Crazy Rick.

CF:  I saw a few other recaps today, and people are opining all OVER the place that they now think it’s going to be Maggie to go under the bat–then other said Carol–then back to Glenn.  At this point it’s a matter of just waiting for the pain.  But with all this foreshadowing they have to do something to Glenn.

RT: At the moment, after Episode 12 opened with Carol, I think AMC will kill her. They have to keep Maggie, so long as she is pregnant, she represents hope. And, plus, I think Glenn will still get it further on down the track, so there still has to be a little bit of him left, especially after that convo he and Enid had a few episodes ago…

  • So inside the compound, the bring down is going pretty well, while some people are alerted to the fact Rick’s group is inside, the ensuing bloodbath mostly fixes that, even with some guy hitting the alarm. But outside, Andy is driving their released captive back to Hilltop and Carol and Maggie are just wandering around in the dark and arguing over whether to head in and help. Epic kill of the night has to go to Father Gabe though, who manages to go all Boondock Saints on a Saviour guy is in the grass.

CF:  I love how the scene was written, and how it played out.  Yeah, Gabe getting his murder on.  Looks good on ya, Padre.

  • Speaking of characters that have moral issues, turns out Morgan is getting all creative with a blowtorch back at Alexandria. Is he making a more secure prison this time?

The blowtorch guy in Episode 12 of Season 6 of AMC's The Walking Dead

[Screen capture via AMC]

CF:  I’m sure the lock on his will work.  Oh, and good use of limited resources, Morgan.  I mean, no one questioned him while he was taking this shit to his place?

  • Next thing we know it’s broad daylight again and it seems to be all looting time in the Saviors compound. That is until Michonne (Danai Gurira) asks which one of the arseholes they killed was Negan. So of course it all goes to hell in a hand basket after that with some random Savior driving out of the compound. While they manage to gun him down, a woman (speaking through the Savior’s walkie talkie) tells Rick to drop his weapon. Oh shit, there are more of them. And they can see Rick’s group from where ever they are. but wait, they have a little clanger to drop:

“We’ve got a Carol and a Maggie. I’m thinking that’s something you want to chat about.”

The look on Glenn's face when he realises Negan has Maggie in Season 6 Episode 12 of AMC's The Walking Dead

That awkward moment when Glenn realizes baseball bats may not be the worst thing ever. [Screen capture via AMC]

Double fucked up shit.

CF:  Yeah, let’s bring on the Damsel in Distress trope right now, because why not?  It’s not as if there’s material they could follow at this point.  This really pissed me off for a while, because of course Maggie and Carol are there to get nabbed, ’cause if they were supposed to be watching the perimeter they were doing a piss poor job.

RT: Well if they had stopped arguing for a minute, they might have noticed shit was up 😉

CF:  And that was totally out of character for both of them.  They’ve been pro as hell up to that point, then suddenly it’s , “We gotta go in and help.”  “No, we don’t.”  “Yes, we do!”  “No, bitch!”  “Yes, bitch!”  It was really something of a bad setup for them to get nabbed.

What did you think of Episode 12 of Season 6 of The Walking Dead? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below!

CF:  I was really torn with this episode.  It was great in terms of setting up the coming storm–which was more goddamn foreshadowing that started with Carol staring at rain clouds at the start of the show–and it won’t be long before we see Negan and get to deal with the hell he’ll bring.

But at the same time they changed the tone of the group.  Again one of Rick’s plans go straight to hell, and this time he’s stepped in it deep.  He’s not going to be able to keep all the shit he nabbed, and for all we know someone’s blown up his RV.  And all because he decided, pretty much unilaterally, that his people were gonna take out The Saviors.  And in the process he was gonna hold up The Hilltop to get what he wanted.  This is why Michonne has been acting so sketchy around him when they’re not bangin’ in the sheets:  she knows it’s not going to go as easy as Rick believes, but she doesn’t want to argue him out of it because that’s likely an impossible task.

But everyone loves Crazy Rick, and that’s a good thing . . . ’cause we’re gonna see a lot of him.

RT: Overall, I was good with this episode although I really would have loved to have watched it not knowing anything about Negan, Hilltop or the upcoming shitstorm. Image thinking Rick was just going to sort shit out?

CF:  He should have taken time to work out stuff . . . and thangs . . .

You can read the Episode 13 recap here.

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