‘The Walking Dead,’ Season 7, Episode 14: “The Other Side”

AMC's 'The Walking Dead,' Season 7, Episode 14, The Other Side, Sasha

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Plots thicken and sides are drawn in the latest episode of Season 7 of The Walking Dead.

Here’s what went down in Episode 14 (entitled “The Other Side”) of Season 7 of AMC’s The Walking Dead.

Viewers get a deeper look into Hilltop in Episode 14 of The Walking Dead. And, just like over at the Kingdom, shit is falling apart rapidly. Simon (Steven Ogg) turns up looking for Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus). This means Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Daryl have to hide in a cellar and hope for the best. It also means Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) and Rosita (Christian Serratos) have to make a run for it. Luckily, they are closer to the fake wood box and escape Hilltop altogether.

CF:  If there’s one thing The Walking Dead does well, is these silent cold openings, and this one was no exception.  There are times when showing and not telling is the best thing for The Walking Dead and with just a few scenes in the teaser we’re able to see that Hilltop is slowly transitioning from one leader, Gregory the Secluded, to another, Maggie the Warrior.  It really makes me wish they’d sometimes do their episodes more like this.

RT: I honestly love the start to most episodes of The Walking Dead for this reason. Everything before the opening credits seems to be more honest and a great set up. Everything after the credits though…

CF: I should point out that it was during the early conversation Maggie has with Jesus (Tom Payne) that we discover something about him that is known to the readers of the comic: he’s gay.  Comes up when he makes mention about not talking around potential boyfriends and Maggie tells him he should go for it, even if the relationships don’t last long.  I’ve been waiting for a while to see how they were going to bring this up.

RT: I was wondering when this would come up too. So glad it finally did because I was worrying they might turn him straight.

Maggie and Daryl have to hide and hope for the best. Enid (Katelyn Nacon) tries her hardest to distract the Savior but to no avail. She also gets her knife confiscated for her efforts. Even though she makes it pretty damn obvious she is trying to lure the guy away from the cellar, the stupid Savior doesn’t do a very thorough search and Daryl and Maggie avoid detection. Maggie also finally gets a chance to make Daryl realise she doesn’t blame him for Glenn’s (Steven Yeun) death.

CF:  First, and I hate to be going on and on about this, but don’t people realize that the moment The Saviors see you’re carrying a dangerous weapon they’re going to take it?  Yeah, we get it AMC: The Saviors are trying to eliminate all opposition by removing their ability to retaliate.  So why don’t you start having the potential retaliators stop acting like complete dumb asses and quit walking into situations with weapons they have to know The Saviors are going to confiscate?  Jesus, the shit is getting old.

RT: Considering how long everyone has been surviving the zom-poc using nothing but their street smarts, it makes no sense for them all to be parading around with their weapons in front of people they know will take them *shakes head*

CF:  And Enid should have known there was no way she was leaving that scene with that huge knife on her belt.  She’s likely far more savvy about living with zombies than any of The Saviors and she still screws up.

CF: The moment between Maggie and Daryl was, I thought, extremely touching.  I’ve always felt that Norman Reedus doesn’t do sorrow very well, and the scene back during the Woodbury days where he had to put down his brother before falling into some ugly crying was, I felt, almost comical.  But Norman has had a few years to get deeper into his character and this time one could see that Daryl truly hated himself for causing Glenn’s death.  It finishes the ark that his character has gone through this season, and I have a feeling from this point on Maggie will lean on Daryl to become her second-in-command.

RT: I agree here. Daryl will make a great second. I also agree about his acting here. For the first time since Glenn died, I felt like I could finally empathise with Daryl.

CF:  Looking back on this, I think Daryl wanted to die going after this guy so no one would find Maggie.  In his mind this would balance the books and he could rest knowing he’s helped right a wrong.  And I think Daryl will make a better XO for Maggie, ’cause Maggie won’t go all nuts on him like Rick is known to do and ignore everything he says.

RT: Oh, yes! I completely agree with this.

AMC's 'The Walking Dead,' Season 7, Episode 14, The Other Side, Daryl Dixon

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While all this is playing out, Gregory (Xander Berkeley) has allowed Simon to take their only doctor. The Doc doesn’t get a say in the matter either and is hauled back to the Sanctuary. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Eugene (Josh McDermitt) think he was safe now the Sanctuary’s doctor is dead? Hmmm… I wouldn’t get so comfortable in your position there Eugene.

Later on that day, Gregory and Jesus (Tom Payne) have a pretty interesting conversation that basically amounts to Gregory threatening to rat out Jesus and Maggie to Negan. For fans of the Walking Dead comics, it’s a pretty good indicator of what will happen soon in Hilltop. Let’s just say, Gregory better find a new room…

CF:  Oh, we’ve known Gregory has been living on borrowed time for some time now.  And really, if it wasn’t for the fact that they are playing out this plot from the comic, I would’ve expected Jesus to jump across the table and slapped the shit outta Gregory before calling in Maggie and getting the seat behind the desk adjusted for her.

RT: Now this I would have watched the shit out of! 😀

CF:  We would all love to see Gregory get the shit slapped out of him because he is such a weaselly little fuck.

AMC's 'The Walking Dead,' Season 7, Episode 14, The Other Side, Gregory ponders life

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On an unrelated note (for now) Daryl turns up and asks Jesus if he knows where Sasha and Rosita are. Jesus has a pretty good idea considering he helped draw a layout of the Sanctuary for Sasha.

CF:  And so begins Sasha’s and Rosita’s Excellent Adventure

Sasha and Rosita have a plan to take Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) out, but they can’t decide on the details. Rosita is as suicidal as fuck and wants to sneak in and take Negan out up close and personal. Sasha is more of a “sit back and sniper that bastard” kinda gal because, you know, she wouldn’t mind living a little bit longer.

So, the pair argue and talk and manage to find a working car in the midst of it all.

CF:  When your entire plan consist of “Let’s kill Negan”, but you can’t decide on how that plan should be carried out, it’s known as “Not having a plan.”  This is another plot filler TWD has thrown on us for most of this half of the season, and I, for one, am completely sick of this lame shit.  In a way I was glad to see that they finally got off their asses and decided to do this, though at the same time I wanted to beat the shit out of both women for the amount of supplies they were taking with them for what was essentially a suicide mission.

RT: Urgh! I am so over Rosita being sappy and Sasha being moody.

CF:  I don’t think we’ll have to wait much longer before it’s over.

They make it to the Sanctuary and hide out in a nearby building. Sasha sees Eugene being all important and lets Rosita know. They then talk about knots and how Rosita managed to get all her survival skills (Spoiler alert: she had an awful lot of dimwitted survivalist boyfriends). Now, you know what happens when a Walking Dead character does a backstory dump, don’t you? Well — double spoiler alert — Rosita manages to somehow survive this episode. However, I am guessing she is not long for the Walking Dead universe now we know so much about her.

The pair also discuss Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) and they are both as shitty as hell that his death was meaningless. It becomes pretty obvious that both Sasha and Rosita will do whatever it takes to rectify Abraham’s pointless death — even if it means dying as a result.

CF:  I knew this whole scene was supposed to be their deep, poignant moment where they were justifying to each other why they were doing this and how they felt about Abraham, but after all the whingeing they’ve done for most of this half of the season, the scene wasn’t needed.  While these two were having their “girl power moment”, I completely checked out and was reading messages on my phone ’cause I pretty much had a good idea what they were going to say.  After all, they’ve already said it several fucking times.

RT: I think the only point of this scene was so it could set it up emotionally for what Sasha does at the end. Otherwise, yes, completely pointless.

CF: I said earlier in the recap that those silent openings are something The Walking Dead does well.  You know something they don’t do well?  This shit.  Whenever the characters are trying to have some deep moment that allows the viewer to see their motivations, a lot of times that shit falls completely flat.  And that’s what happened with this the scene.  It felt like posturing; it felt like something I wrote when I was in high school.  The only thing these two have in common is they were fucking the same guy and now they have to revenge him, because–it wasn’t his time to die?  He needed to die on his feet rather than on his knees?  Have you seen sort of fucking world you guys are living in?  Actually, as the episode moves on, we know exactly why these two are here

AMC's 'The Walking Dead,' Season 7, Episode 14, The Other Side, Sasha and Rosita

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While Rosita and Sasha are staking out the Sanctuary, Simon’s crew returns with the doctor from Hilltop. It means Negan comes out for a look-see but it doesn’t give the women a clear shot at him. Not long after this, Eugene is heard on the walkie-talkie saying he needs more walkers at the perimeter and I am pretty sure he is warning Sasha and Rosita to clear the fuck out of the building.

CF:  The Eugene speech was hilarious. It sounded exactly like something Eugene would say now that he is a big shit at The Sanctuary. See, if Rick had only stroked his ego a little bit Eugene would’ve had metal covered walkers along the fence at Alexandria.

Later, Eugene is walking around outside the walker pen, talking to some other guy. We don’t learn much about him, except that his brain matter splatters just like everyone else’s. Rosita says they are there to rescue him but Eugene is spineless or suffering from Stockholm syndrome or has a much better plan than Sasha and Rosita and tells them to rack off and leave him alone. Rosita is pissed. Sasha, on the other hand, after mulling over their earlier heart to heart realises that Rosita has many more skills than her and decides she is the one who has to sneak into the Sanctuary and take out Negan.

Rosita, who has all these mad skills, can’t manage to get back in the hole in the fence and runs off crying. Lucky for her, she bumps into Daryl. Oh, hang on, or is it Dwight? Only by tuning into Episode 15 will reveal the answer.

CF:  Now that Holly–oh, I’m sorry, I mean Sasha is inside The Sanctuary, I have a feeling this means Talking Dead is going to have to get in In Memoriam ready for not one, but two actresses!  If I were Tara, I’d have my post The Walking Dead options ready.  And if things play out like I think they’re going to play out, were going to see this happen in the last episode.

What did you think of Episode 14 of AMC’s The Walking Dead Season 7? Let us know by commenting below!

Episode 15, (entitled “Something They Need”) of Season 7 of AMC’s The Walking Dead returns on Sunday, March 26 at 9 PM ET. The official synopsis for Episode 15 is below.

“Alexandrians visit a distant community.”

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  3. I’m glad the Sashita thing has finally run its course and I’m secretly hoping that there might be a rescue attempt, but I fear not and instead will have to witness the wrath of Lucille in all her glory.
    Talking of Daryl, I’ve never thought he could act for shit. He just seems to go through the motions, look all moody or vengefully pensive. I actually prefer it when he doesn’t open his mouth and his best scenes are with Rick as they bounce off each other so well.He’s an action man and nothing more.
    By far the funniest character is Eugene, tosser that he is and that ragdoll or teddy he keeps in his pocket….all go aaaah.
    So the big cheeses will be Rick, Maggie and Morgan for the battle of the three armies against Negan it seems and Gregory would be well advised to make a sharp exit for safer pastures.
    You know, I used to care about this series, but it’s lost something. The intangible glue that holds it together is no longer there and I now watch each episode holding back the yawns.
    I realise that the plots need more than just walkers (talking of walkers, one of the producers, and there are many is a certain Jane Walker, but that’s by the by) but I{d like to see more struggle against the environment and the walkers themselves. Humans have pretty much ruined this series for me.

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