‘The Walking Dead,’ Season 8, Episode 2: “The Damned”

AMC's 'The Walking Dead,' Season 8, Episode 2, The Damned, Rick and Morales

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So, for those of you who have wondered about the fate of a particular character who went AWOL in a previous season of The Walking Dead, their fate will be revealed into tonight’s episode. However, you will have to read on to find out who they are as I will not drop their name just yet 😉

In the meantime, here’s what went down in Episode 2 of Season 8 of AMC’s The Walking Dead.

All of Rick’s groups are descending on all the Savior’s outposts and taking them out like bosses. It’s a shame they couldn’t have done that with Negan in the premiere episode of The Walking Dead. *sigh* However, in saying that, I kind of wonder if maybe this is just a big set up by Negan to lull Rick’s group into a false sense of security. At any given moment I was expecting smarmy Negan to step out and start playing whack-a-mole with Rick’s group.

Basically, Episode 2 of The Walking Dead Season 8 is Rick (Andrew Lincoln) suddenly remembering his group can sniper people as they close in on Negan’s (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) outposts.

AMC's 'The Walking Dead,' Season 8, Episode 2, The Damned, Eric and Aaron

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The Gunfight

This fight is really just a distraction to keep the Saviors busy while members of Rick’s group sneak around the back and fuck shit up. Of course, the leader of the Saviors group doesn’t work that out until thinks are well and truly screwed. But, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a surprise waiting for Rick. But, more on that later…

Also, during the gunfight, Tara (Alanna Masterson), who has zero fucks to give is all for killing everyone. Jesus (Tom Payne), on the other hand, is happy to let people go when they have surrendered. This is even after a guy pisses his own pants in order to seem legit and taking Jesus hostage. It kind of feels like Morgan (Lennie James) all over again.

Just for the record, I am Team Tara all the way on this matter.

During the gunfight, Aaron (Ross Marquand) and his boyfriend, Eric (‎Jordan Woods-Robinson) get a lot of airtime, so it’s no surprise when Eric gets hit in the stomach with a bullet. Whether he survives or not is anyone’s guess at this point. Although, judging by the rule of thumb for happy gay people in TV series, I am guessing the worst.

AMC's 'The Walking Dead,' Season 8, Episode 2, The Damned, Morgan and Jesus

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Morgan’s Group

Speaking of Morgan, he is having all sorts of flashbacks thanks to his conscience while he is playing what is, essentially, a post-apocalyptic version of Quake. In between those shaky moments though, he manages to create a diversion at the walker moat around one outpost which draws out the Saviors there. They are shot discreetly with arrows and so begins the takeover of that compound.

At one point, it appears Morgan is down, but not for long. He jumps up once the dust has settled and Jesus and Tara have lead the group away (still arguing over ethics as they go). He then takes down everyone inside and joins Team Tara afterwards when the surrendering Saviors are rounded up.

AMC's 'The Walking Dead,' Season 8, Episode 2, The Damned, Carol and Ezekiel

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Carol and Ezekiel

I was pretty sure Carol (Melissa McBride) would take Ezekiel out at various points in Episode 2 of The Walking Dead. Unfortunately, she ignored those impulses and Ezekiel is still spouting his “certain victory” speeches that just smack of being replayed back to him when Negan catches up with him at some point in Season 8.

In the midst of all this, Carol’s group is tracking a member of the Saviors that escaped their clutches. They are hoping to catch up with the injured person before Negan finds out about them. Luckily, Shiva is on the case and downs the Savior before he returns. It soon becomes apparent, though, that Negan knows they are out there anyway. But, that’s okay because Ezekiel has a plan.

AMC's 'The Walking Dead,' Season 8, Episode 2, The Damned, Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon

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Rick and Daryl

Rick and Daryl (Norman Reedus) are searching a suspiciously quiet Saviors outpost during a lot of this episode of The Walking Dead. Mostly viewers are either waiting for it switch back to the gunfight or expecting Negan to jump out and yell, “Surprise.”

So, when Rick takes out a guy and then discovers he had been protecting his baby in the next room, the last thing fans expect is Morales (Juan Gabriel Pareja) to jump out take Rick hostage.

Remember Morales? He’s the head of the family who left for Birmingham back in Season 1 of The Walking Dead rather than travel with the group to the CDC.

At some point, over the years, Morales has gotten mixed up in Negan’s group and is now calling the Saviors back to fuck Rick up.

So, I guess a reunion is off the table then, Morales?

AMC's 'The Walking Dead,' Season 8, Episode 2, The Damned, Morales

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What did you think of Episode 2 of Season 8 of AMC’s The Walking Dead? Let us know by commenting below!

The Walking Dead will return to AMC with on Sunday, November 5, with Episode 3, titled “Monsters.” You can view the official synopsis and trailers for Episode 3 below.

“Conflict with the Saviors leads to unintended consequences for the Hilltop, the Kingdom, and Alexandria; morality proves tricky in wartime.”

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  1. Another of Rick’s plans goes awry when he suggests he and Daryl split up. The moment he said that I knew things would turn bad for him.
    Actually, I almost expected him to take the bay with him, but he left the poor thing there.
    Not as good as last week’s by a long shot.

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